Bloody Fight 1989

Exploitation-action director Wilson Tong Wai Wai-yee spins this quickie revenge yarn about a world-weary killer. Chui (Norman Tsui Siu-keung) is a hired gun looking to quit the business. His boss, a psychotic mobster named Cho (Chor Yuen), has other ideas and orders Chui’s assassination. Though Chui survives the hit, the gangsters kill his family and his friend. Meanwhile, dedicated cop Fai (Gordon Lau Kar-fai) pours over the details of the hero’s last hit, learning that Chui is in fact Fai’s childhood friend. The two eventually meet up and the grieving killer soon falls for Fai’s comely sister. When Cho gets wind of this, he has the lass raped and murdered. This proves to be the last straw for Chui, who, along with Fai, prepare to exact their own brand of violent, bloody justice.

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Genre: Martial Arts Movies
Starring: Bolo Yeung
Year: 1989
Color/BW: Color
Movie Type: Public Domain Martial Arts Movies
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