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Christopher Columbus 1962

Operetta about the Italian-born mapmaker who proved that the world was round.After a seven-year quest, Columbus enlisted the aid of Queen Isabella of Spain. Believing the world to be round, he would sail west (rather than east) to reach the Indies, and bring back spices and other riches.Leaving with three small ships on August 3rd, 1492, a voyage of over two months into uncharted waters brought Columbus and his men not to the Orient, but to an island inhabited by unusual-looking people. Believing he was in India, Columbus named them “Indians.” After claiming his landing place, “San Salvador,” for Spain, Columbus explored other islands, still searching for a passage to India. Failing in this, he returned to Spain to great acclaim. Three more voyages followed, but Columbus never realized he’d discovered a whole new continent.

Genre: Cartoons Mellotoons
Starring: John Griggs, Gene Lowell, Leonard Stokes.
Year: 1962
Color/BW: Color
Director: Roger Corman
Movie Type: Public Domain Cartoons
Decade: 1960's
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