Driver's Education - Safety Belt for Susie 1962

A little girl named Nancy has a life-sized doll called Susie, that she treats like her own sister. One day Nancy’s parents are driving with Susie in backseat to pick up their daughter from her grandparents, when they involved in a crash. Thanks to their seat belts, the couple escapes with little injury, but Susie the doll is “injured”.

We than cut to a collision simulation using crash test dummies to represent adults and dolls that look like Susie to represent children and infants. The results from the tests, come to the conclusion of what happens when young children are not wearing seat belts or strapped in properly.

We cut back to Nancy and her parents and learn that her father has had installed seat belts in the backseat as a result of the crash. Susie has also been repaired and she and Nancy are properly strapped in as the car drives off on another journey.

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Genre: Educational Films
Starring: Pat Shields
Year: 1962
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Documentaries
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