Electrocuting an Elephant (excerpt) 1903

The execution of Topsy, a female elephant, in a publicity stunt advertising the opening of Luna Park on Coney Island. Topsy was originally owned by Forepaugh Circus where she killed a drunken spectator who burned the tip of her trunk with a cigar. She was sold to Sea Lion Park in 1902 which was then sold to new owners who turned it into Luna Park. After they decided they could no longer handle her, the owners of Luna Park announced they would hang Topsy, leading to an outcry by the ASPCA. The owners then decided they would electrocute the elephant, with a backup plan of feeding her cyanide-laced carrots and strangling her with a cable.

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Genre: Short Films Edison
Starring: Carl Goliath, Topsy
Year: 1903
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: Carl Goliath, Topsy
Decade: 1900's
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