Galaxina 1980

The crew of the police cruiser Infinity is finally heading home after a long stay in deep space. Just when they think they are about to get some much needed rest and relaxation, the crew is given a new mission – journey to the alien world Altar One to find the Blue Star, a mystical gem that holds unlimited power. Their journey to find the Blue Star leads them to an outer space brothel full of alien women and a gang that worships Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Can Galaxina and the crew find the Blue Star and save the world and will the ship’s pilot succumb to the beauty of the ship’s sexy robot Galaxina.

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Genre: Science Fiction Movies
Starring: Stephen Macht, Avery Schreiber, J.D. Hinton
Year: 1980
Color/BW: Color
Director: William Sachs
Movie Type: Public Domain Sci Fi Movies
Decade: 1980s
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