Public Domain Movies

Baby Be Good (1935)
Running Time: 0.325 Black & White

Betty's a dutiful mom who simply cannot get her baby to go to sleep. After the tyke squirts toothpaste over the housecat, Betty tells him a story that is sure to get this stubborn, naughty child in line- and keep him there!

Be Human (1936)
Running Time: 0.273611111111111 Black & White

When an old farmer abuses his animals too much, animal hospital nurse Betty calls upon Humane Society officer Grampy to arrest and teach the bullying farmer a lesson in learning to be Human to animals.

Betty Boop And Grampy (1935)
Running Time: 0.273611111111111 Black & White

Betty Boop is off to see Grampy and she picks up some friends on the way.

Betty Boop And Little Jimmy (1936)
Running Time: 0.227777777777778 Black & White

Betty does exercises and sings, "Keep Your Girlish Figure." When she gets caught in the exercise machine, the little boy Jimmy goes to find an electrician, but becomes hopelessly confused (optician? magician? politician? beautician?). Betty ends up extremely skinny, then she and Jimmy become grotesquely obese.

Betty Boop And The Little King (1936)
Running Time: 0.25625 Black & White

The Little King attends the opera with his wife, but is bored silly and sneaks out. He ends up in a vaudeville theater, where Betty Boop is doing a trick riding act. The King gets into the act, which leads into a jumprope exhibition that features Betty, The King and the horse. The Queen eventually arrives to drag the monarch away... but he takes his new cowgirl pal along with him.

Betty Boop With Henry (1935)
Running Time: 0.275 Black & White

Betty runs a pet shop where Henry wants to buy a puppy. Betty sings, "Everybody Oughta Have a Pet." Henry, the bald little boy of comic strip fame, agrees and takes care of the shop in hopes of getting a cute little dog. He battles a boisterous monkey, dances Russian-style with the dog and accidently frees a flock of birds. Betty is upset, but when Henry captures the birds (they eat seeds off his head), she rewards him with the doggie.

Betty Boops Crazy Inventions )
Running Time: 0.275694444444444 Black & White

Betty Boops Ker-Choo )
Running Time: 0.259027777777778 Black & White

Betty Boops Rise To Fame )
Running Time: 0.3625 Black & White

Betty In Blunderland (1934)
Running Time: 0.273611111111111 Black & White

Betty Boop falls asleep while working an "Alice in Wonderland" jigsaw puzzle. The White Rabbit in the puzzle comes to life, and Betty follows him through the mirror (a.k.a looking glass) into Blunderland, which is just like Wonderland except that it has subway stations. After all the inhabitants of Blunderland emerge from the Mad Hatter's hat, Betty greets them in song ("How Do You Do") while they engage in various spot gags. The monstrous Jabberwock appears and carries Betty off; the Blunderlandians give chase in an attempt to rescue her. After the entire company gets pitched over a cliff, Betty wakes up. She catches the White Rabbit and puts him back in the puzzle where he belongs.

Candid Candidate, The (1937)
Running Time: 0.240277777777778 Black & White

Grampy's running for mayor, and Betty's his most vocal supporter. The old boy is elected, and must prove to be his ever-resourceful self as he deals with a host of citizen complaints.

Ding Dong Doggie (1937)
Running Time: 0.266666666666667 Black & White

Pudgy wants to become a firedog.

Grampy's Indoor Outing (1936)
Running Time: 0.250694444444444 Black & White

Unable to take her nephew to the amusement park because of the incliment weather, Betty calls on Grampy for help. Grampy puts on his thinking cap and comes up with the brilliant idea of turning his apartment and the entire apartment building into an indoor amusement center.

Happy You And Merry Me (1936)
Running Time: 0.272222222222222 Black & White

Myron the kitten wanders into Betty Boop's house and becomes thoroughly ill after eating an entire box of candy. Betty sends her puppy, Pudgy, to the drugstore for a box of catnip, but the box falls open on the way back, and soon the whole town is crawling with pixillated cats.

House Cleaning Blues (1937)
Running Time: 0.254861111111111 Black & White

Betty can't go for a drive with Grampy because she needs to finish cleaning her home. Grampy solves the problems by using his simple gadgets to clean the house and then take his favorite granddaughter out for a drive, replete with ice cream sodas from his car's ice cream-making machine.

Impractical Joker, The (1937)
Running Time: 0.256944444444444 Black & White

Betty is minding her own business, trying to bake a cake, but her practical joking friend Irving won't leave her alone. In disgust, Betty turns the problem over to Grampy, the genius who lives upstairs. Betty has Irving take a cake upstairs for Grampy. As predicted, he tries out some of his gags on the old man, but quickly meets his match: Grampy has apparently turned his entire room into a practical-joke gauntlet for just such an occasion.

Is My Palm Read (1933)
Running Time: 0.215277777777778 Black & White

Bimbo the fortune-teller tries to score with Betty Boop by conjuring up a "fortune" in which he rescues the shipwrecked Betty from a haunted jungle island. "My hero!" squeaks Betty...but Bimbo turns out to be a better prophet than he thought, as ghosts boil out of the crystal ball and chase Betty and Bimbo through a jungle that appears out of nowhere. The pair finally evade their pursuers through one of the earliest uses of the old "hollow log over the cliff" trick (these apparently being the world's least buoyant ghosts).

Judge For A Day (1935)
Running Time: 0.305555555555556 Black & White

Betty takes a bus ride to work at the courthouse, where she imagines she's judge for a day. Betty's the cleaning lady at the local courthouse. On the way to work, she's beset by "pests."Donning the (absent) judge's robe and specs, Betty imagines what she'd do and soon dozes off. She dreams of various punishments for the pests (spectators are invited to view them for free). Among them: an early recognition of the displeasures of second-hand smoke, and just desserts for the offender! Also, a habitual impersonator is "rewarded" by having his ears blasted with imitations of Tarzan, The Shadow and other radio characters.Betty wakes up to find a cheering crowd proclaiming her election as the local judge.

Language All My Own, A (1935)
Running Time: 0.23125 Black & White

Betty Boop flies off to Japan to do a show,and sings the "Boop oop a doop" song in English first,and then dons some oriental clothes and sings it again in Japanese. The Japanese go wild over her!

Little Nobody (1935)
Running Time: 0.2625 Black & White

Betty's adorable little dog, Pudgy, is spurned by the pampered pooch of a snobbish rich lady. A sympathetic Betty sings "Every Little Nobody is Somebody to Someone," which Pudgy proves when he rescues the other dog from plunging over a waterfall.

Little Soap And Water, A (1935)
Running Time: 0.229861111111111 Black & White

Betty gives her very reluctant puppy Pudgy a bubble bath.

Making Friends (1936)
Running Time: 0.282638888888889 Black & White

Betty decides that a lonely Pudgy needs some "recreation." Betty's sunny optimism is never more apparent.

Making Stars (1935)
Running Time: 0.275694444444444 Black & White

Betty Boop introduces you to the stars of the future. Betty is a headliner herself, garbed in top hat and tails.

More Pep (1936)
Running Time: 0.224305555555556 Black & White

After coming out of Max Fleischer's inkwell, Pudgy is tired and can't perform for the movie audiences. Betty remedies this by creating a device with gives her little dog more Pep. But The machine also speeds up everyone and everything in the city? until everything is running at triple speed.

Musical Mountaineers (1939)
Running Time: 0.254166666666667 Black & White

After running out of gas in hillbilly country, Betty Boop seeks help from the locals, but ends up being held at gunpoint. She proves her identity as a dancer by putting on a demonstration; the hillbillies join in with their genuine bluegrass stylings. Won over, the rustics give Betty a jug of good ol' sour mash to fuel her car.

My Friend The Monkey (1939)
Running Time: 0.264583333333333 Black & White

While the organ grinder is away, Pudgy is assigned by Betty to watch the organ grinder's monkey. The monkey creates a lot of problems for poor Pudgy. Finally, Pudgy chases the trouble-making simian out the house. Pudgy's joy is soon turned to gloom when he finds out that Betty has bought the monkey from the organ grinder and the monkey is her second house pet.

No No A 1000 Time No (1930s)
Running Time: 0.254861111111111 Black & White

Two hours of this animated series of the '30s produced by RKO Pathe and Van Buren In which animals dress like humans, speak seldom, and do a lot of singing.

Not Now (1936)
Running Time: 0.259722222222222 Black & White

A cat's serenade keeps Betty and Pudgy awake. Pudgy runs him off, only to return with a cacophony of cats.

On With The New (1938)
Running Time: 0.254861111111111 Black & White

Betty Boop is working the dishwasher, short-order cook job at a local coffee show. She thinks the job is the pits until she tries another job at an automated day care center. The kids just driver her crazy with water jets and rough play.

Poor Cinderella (1934)
Running Time: 0.409722222222222 Black & White

Betty Boop plays Cinderella in this retelling of the classic tale. Cinderella lives with her mean stepsisters, who treat her miserably. They refuse to allow her to attend the prince's ball. Cinderella cries until her fairy Godmother (a caricature of Mae West) tells the girl to get a pumpkin, some mice and two toads together. With a wave of her wand, these items turn into a coach, a footman, doorman and horses. Cinderella's rags turn into a resplendent white evening gown complete with glass slippers. The fairy Godmother warns Cinderella to be home by midnight or the magic will end and she will be in rags once more. At the ball, Cinderella's appearance enchants everyone, especially the prince. He is smitten with this lovely young woman. They both dance until the clock strikes 12, when Cinderella runs from the Palace. In her haste, she leaves one of her glass slippers behind. The Prince searches his kingdom for the woman the slipper fits. All the girls in the realm try on the glass slipper, to no avail. Cinderella is given a chance, and it fits. She becomes the Prince's bride, much to the displeasure of the two stepsisters. The two continue to argue at the gates of the Prince's Palace as the final credits roll.?OVE a

Pudgy Takes A Bow-Wow (1937)
Running Time: 0.261805555555556 Black & White

Betty Boop is doing her best to entertain while Pudgy goes crazy chasing after a cat. One might think this would ruin the show - but no - it makes the show great. And Pudgy takes a bow-wow.

Rhythm On The Reservation (1939)
Running Time: 0.251388888888889 Black & White

Betty Boop takes an adventure to meet some real life cartoon Indians and they erupt in an orgy of song and dance. Betty is a one-woman swing band. A highlight is the clever manner in which the characters create music and "swing."

Scared Crows, The (1939)
Running Time: 0.240972222222222 Black & White

Betty Boop is trying to make a garden but the crows are spoiling everything- so she makes herself a scarecrow and shoos off the birds. Betty becomes a softie when one of the birds is hurt.

Song A Day, A (1936)
Running Time: 0.285416666666667 Black & White

Betty Boop is a nurse at her own animal hospital. Betty tends to sick giraffes, hippos and billygoats. Her friend Grampy, who comes to her assistance, is a lovable old buzzard.

Stop That Noise (1935)
Running Time: 0.243055555555556 Black & White

Driven crazy by urban noises, Betty flees to the country. Betty Boop just wants a little peace and quiet but nature is making too much of a ruckus - with bees, mosquitos and spiders. All the honking (and burping) ducks, buzzing bees and pesty mosquitoes, pigs and cows send her back to the good old city.

Swat The Fly (1935)
Running Time: 0.225694444444444 Black & White

Betty Boop just wants to make a little cake for her and Pudgy, but the kitchen has an obnoxious fly determined to ruin the day. The pesky fly makes for classic pie-throwing antics.

Training Pigeons (1936)
Running Time: 0.267361111111111 Black & White

Betty Boop and Pudgy make friends with some pigeons. Then Pudgy starts acting like a dog and starts chasing them. Pudgy sets out to retrieve one of Betty's homing pigeons, a mischievous bird.

We Did It (1936)
Running Time: 0.245138888888889 Black & White

Three mischievous kittens drive Pudgy to distraction as they turn a room upside-down. When Pudgy tries to clean up their mess, Betty thinks it was his fault until the kittens sing, "We did, we did it -- but we won't do it again."

Whoops! I'M A Cowboy (1937)
Running Time: 0.265277777777778 Black & White

Wiffle Piffle proposes marriage to Betty and then heads off to a dude ranch after she tells him she desires a "bronco-bustin" cowboy as a boyfriend. Betty Boop sends Wiffle Piffle on his way and he's off to the dude ranch to learn how to become a real life cowboy.

You're Not Built That Way (1936)
Running Time: 0.282638888888889 Black & White

Pudgy is having trouble adjusting to his small stature. So he starts acting like a big tough bully, without much success. But Betty explains, You're not built that way and Pudgy learns to accept his fate as little yiping dog.

You're Not Built That Way )
Running Time: 0.282638888888889 Black & White