Public Domain Movies

Boo Moon )

Friendly Ghost, The (1945)
Running Time: 0.388888888888889 Color

Casper runs away from home and the other ghosts there to explore the world and make friends. After unintentionally scaring away several different animals, he decides to end it all by laying on the railroad tracks in front of a speeding locomotive. Failing that, two children, Bonnie and Johnny, find him crying on the tracks and befriend him.

Haunting We Will Go, A (1949)
Running Time: 0.345833333333333 Color

Casper is a dunce in school because he won't scare anyone. He hatches a duck egg and calls the baby duck, Dudley.

Little Christmas Burro, The (1979)
Running Time: 25 mins Color
Starring: Narrated by: Lorne Greene, Bonnie Brooks, Paul Soles
Little Burro goes on a miraculous adventure and witnesses the birth of Christ.

Little lost scent )
Running Time: 10 mins Black & White

Gregory, that rugged little "stinker," gives mama the slip. In a bold escade, he uses his secret weapon on fellow creatures and humans alike with highly amusing consequences

Spooking About Africa (1957)
Running Time: 0.259027777777778 Color

Casper the Friendly Ghost helps Wheezy the elephant get rid of his bad sneeze.

There's Good Boos Tonite )
Running Time: 0.365277777777778 Color

A collection of seldom seen cartoons including Amos 'n Andy, Little Black Sambo, Jungle Jitters and more.