Public Domain Movies

Bout With A Trout, A (1947)
Running Time: 0.322222222222222 Color

To go to school or not? Lulu hears the arguments from both sides -- a "devil" and "angel," each with Lulu's face. Lulu decides to listen to the "devil," skip school and go fishing. Then she bumps her head and has a terrible nightmare, complete with "Swinging On A Star" -- or would you rather be a fish?

Cad And Caddy (1947)
Running Time: 0.307638888888889 Color

Lulu offers to caddy for a lollipop from a frustrated golfer. The poor guy has a terrible round and welches on the lollipop offer.

Chick And Double Chick (1946)
Running Time: 0.273611111111111 Color

Little Lulu and her dog are supposed to stand guard over some incubating chicken eggs.

Dog Show Off )
Running Time: 0.269444444444444 Color