Public Domain Movies

Along Came A Duck (1934)
Running Time: 0.354166666666667 Black & White

A little boy (in live action) chases a poor white duck. He runs into a croaking, singing animated frog. Pretty soon, the duck is animated, too, as the frog tells the story of how he met the duck

Andy's Apple )
Black & White

Andy Panda gives into his evil side to steal apples, but learns his lesson at the end. This cartoon has an excellent music score and includes the song "Up Jumped the Devil in the White Night Gown."

Cap N' Cub )
Running Time: 0.386805555555556 Black & White

Case Of The Screaming Bishop, The (1944)
Running Time: 0.291666666666667 Black & White

Coach For Cinderella, A (1936)
Running Time: 0.367361111111111 Color

The parts and features of a Chevrolet automobile are broken down into units that can be understood in terms of plant and animal life: caterpillars roll into circles and become automobile tires; in the "visible V-6," fireflies equal spark plugs and mice provide motive power. Naturally, tells part of the Cinderella story, too.

Crazytown )
Running Time: 0.254861111111111 Color

Discontented Canary, The (1934)
Running Time: 0.2875 Color

A canary, unhappy with his life in a cage, manages to escape. He flies happily through the outdoors. However, he finds the outside world too dangerous for his liking and returns to the safety of captivity.

Dolls Of Many Lands )
Running Time: 0.378472222222222 Color

Figurehead )
Running Time: 0.308333333333333 Color

Fresh Lobster, The Live Mix )
Running Time: 0.280555555555556 Black & White

In A Cartoon Studio )
Running Time: 0.319444444444444 Black & White

Koko The Clown )
Black & White

Moonbird )
Running Time: 0.458333333333333 Color

Once Upon A Time )
Running Time: 0.376388888888889 Color

Painter and Pointer (1944)
Black & White

Andy Panda tries to paint a picture of his dog, Butch. Too keep the dog still, Andy rigs Butch with a gun, so if he moves, "BOOM! No more doggie!" Meanwhile, two dopey spiders see Butch as a seven course meal.

Pest Pupil )
Running Time: 0.259722222222222 Color

Quack A Doodle Doo )
Running Time: 0.284027777777778 Color

Seapreme Court, The )
Running Time: 0.280555555555556 Color

Thousand Smile Check Up (1960)

Heckle & Jeckle's 'Last Chance Service Station' is in jeopardy when a tough bulldog opens up another gas station opens up across the road.

To Spring (1936)
Running Time: 0.404166666666667 Color

A group of elves is in charge of adding color back to the landscape for Spring! Old Man Winter fights back, pushing the lever to turn the "Spring machine" off!

Winky The Watchman )
Running Time: 0.409027777777778 Color

Wizard Of Oz, The )
Running Time: 0.320833333333333 Color

Bimbos Auto )
Running Time: 0.269444444444444 Color

Circus Capers (1930)
Running Time: 0.384722222222222 Black & White

Grandfathers Clock )
Running Time: 0.385416666666667 Black & White

not found on bcdb

In The Museum )
Running Time: 0.224305555555556 Black & White

Jingles )
Running Time: 0.245833333333333 Black & White

Red Hot Rails (1926)
Running Time: 0.2125 Black & White

Good guys and bad guys meet in a battle of wits and silliness

Returnable Bottle )
Running Time: 0.494444444444444 Color

Slick Sleuths (1926)
Running Time: 0.306944444444444 Color

Story Of Time, The )
Running Time: 0.291666666666667 Black & White

Suddenly It's Spring (1944)
Running Time: 0.415972222222222 Color

"I'm sorry, there's not much more that I can do for Nancy", says a doctor. The doctor suggests that the best doctor for Nancy would be the sun

The Life Of Jesus )
Running Time: 30 Mins Each Color

Westward Whoa (1926)
Running Time: 0.33125 Color

Ranch hands Mutt and Jeff encounter great difficulty while attempting to brand some highly reluctant cattle.

Wolf Wolf )
Running Time: 0.256944444444444 Color