Public Domain Movies

Best Of Aesop's Fables (1935)
Running Time: 9 mins Black & White
Starring: Mickey and Minnie Mouse
One of at least two 1930 Aesop's Fables cartoons that featured a male-and-female couple of mice. The duo's resemblance to Walt Disney's Mickey and Minnie Mouse was too close for comfort, which prompted Disney to take legal action against the Van Beuren Studio.

Bold King Cole (1936)
Running Time: 0.304861111111111 Black & White

Forced to spend the night at Old King Cole's castle, Felix and King Cole are threatened by the ghosts of Cole's ancestors. The ghosts can't stand Cole's constant bragging. So the ghosts take the living spirit out of the king and haunt him with his own tall tales. Felix finally destroys the ghosts with bolts of lightning and saves Old King Cole.

Cats Canary, The (1932)
Running Time: 6 mins Black & White
Starring: Mannie Davis
This pre-code entry in Van-Buren's "Aesop's Sound Fables" series finds a Brooklyn-cat in a bowler hat, hanging out in the New Jersey meadow-lands (or somewhere in the wild),who traps a canary and then eats it. Actually, he swallows it and it is flying around in his ribcage. Now, instead of meowing, visual musical notes emerge every time he opens his mouth. He consults a doctor---Shultz, by name---who gives him an early-day x-ray after failing to get a good diagnosis via reading the cat's tongue. The good doctor tries a few violent ways of dislodging the bird but the cat takes his departure when he notes a saw is among the doc's instruments of choice. He goes to his neighborhood---which looks like a future glimpse into the burned-out Bronx three decades later---and joins his fellow alley-cats in a bit of fence-serenading skat-singing which goes not meet the approval of the animal-occupants in a wavering high-rise, especially after the bass cat hits some very low notes. The woodland

Croon Crazy (1933)
Running Time: 0.250694444444444 Black & White

When all the high budget guests have ditched the show, it's up to Cubby Bear to deliver today's live radio broadcast.

Cupid Gets His Man (1959-1963)
Running Time: 0.290972222222222 Color

Voices of Bill Scott as Bullwinkle J. Moose and Mr. Peabody. June Foray as Rocket J. Squirrel, Natasha Fatale and Nell Fenwick; Paul Frees as Boris Badenov and Inspector Fenwick. Walter Tetley as Sherman, Charles Ruggles as Aesop, Daws Butler as Aesop, Jr. Hans Conried as Snidley Whiplash. William Conrad narrates.

Frisky Froliks (1932)
Running Time: 7 mins Black & White
Starring: Mannie Davis
Animals gather by a frozen lake for winter fun. A monkey serenades his hippo girlfriend. Others ice skate. A team of mice challenge a rhinoceros to a game of hockey.

Frozen Frolics (1930)
Running Time: 0.346527777777778 Black & White

In the Far North, two explorers ride a dogsled toward the North Pole. The weary canines eventually leave the explorers to trudge on by foot.

Gay Gaucho (1933)
Running Time: 0.300694444444444 Black & White

Cubby is again featured as a friendly gaucho who apes Valentino while romancing a pretty senorita. She's desired by a tough varmint named Pedro -- who's at least four times Cubby's size.

Hunting Season, The (1935)
Running Time: 0.284027777777778 Color

There is peace in the forest and among all of the animals there, including a pair of ducks who befriend Molly Moo Cow. A pair of hunters come on the scene, go hunting and hurt the ducks, so it's Molly to the rescue

It's A Greek Life (1936)
Running Time: 0.281944444444444 Color

A bumbling centaur is charged with fixing Mercury's winged sandals. When Mercury returns, he finds his sandals are ruined! The angry God grabs the centaur and begins to beat him up in a wrestling match. But Mercury's sandals kick Mercury out of the shoe shop and take up permanent resident with the centaur.

It's A Greek Life (1936)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Dan Gordon
Mercury, the winged messenger, drops his sandals off with a centaur to be repaired. The centaur, who has coveted wings to the extent that he's used a couple ducks to help him fly, takes the sandals for a spin, and fails to finish the repair job on time. Mercury returns; in a panic, the centaur strips the wings from a couple birds and nails them to some plain sandals, but Mercury is not fooled. He turns the centaur into a pretzel.

Little Bird Told Me, A (1934)
Running Time: 0.345833333333333 Black & White

How did everyone learn that a real-life boy had his hands in the jam? A little bird told the story! More precisely, a forest full of cartoon bird reporters and photographers led by "Walter Finchell," who published the story in their newspaper (printed on leaves).

Magic Mummy (1933)
Running Time: 0.283333333333333 Black & White

This Tom and Jerry are not the same characters from the popular MGM Tom and Jerry series. This Tom and Jerry were the first original characters developed by Van Beuren Studios. They're a Mutt and Jeff-ish pair: one is tall and skinny, the other short and plump.

Makin' Em' Move (1931)
Running Time: 0.310416666666667 Black & White

A sassy cat visits a cartoon studio and learns the mysteries of animation. These lessons should not be taken too literally: there's a walking camera here, as well as a mouse who doubles as a pencil sharpener and other surprises.

Merry Kittens (1935)
Running Time: 5 mins Color
Starring: Shamus Culhane
This has got to be one of the worst Van Beuren cartoons I have seen--and that's saying a lot. It consists of three ultra-cutesy kittens annoying a dog. Considering how cutesy the cats were and how annoying they were and that they sang, I really wanted to see the dog rip them to pieces (and don't email me--I own dogs AND cats and love my cats...but not these annoyingly saccharine ones in the cartoon). Most of the time the cats just prance about acting cute until ultimately they get squirted with seltzer. Crap like this is exactly why most folks today have never heard of Van Beuren and why television stations never show these shorts. Poorly written and not the least bit entertaining from start to finish.

Molly Moo Cow & Robinson Crusoe (1936)
Running Time: 0.305555555555556 Color

Lost at sea, Molly Moo Cow lands on Robinson Crusoe's island. Despite her kind nature the misanthropic recluse refuses to allow Molly to stay on his island and chases her back to sea. Crusoe is happy, alone again. Shortly, group of cannibals capture him. Molly returns to the island and saves the day by grabbing Crusoe's muskets and firing them all at once at the cannibals. Grateful, Robinson Crusoe allows Molly Moo Cow to stay on his island as his faithful servant Friday.

Molly Moo-Cow & The Butterflies (1935)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Molly
Molly rescues a bunch of butterflies after they are captured by a butterfly collector.

Molly Moo-Cow And The Indians (1935)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Conestoga
A Conestoga Wagon leads Molly Moo-Cow and some ducks through the hills. The ducks stop for a swim by a tepee and go to explore the settlement. Molly misses her friends and goes to look for them; when she finds them she discovers they're behaving like Native Americans, and she joins in. Meanwhile, a Native woman downstream loses her baby in the stream and chases after her. Seeing the baby's in trouble, Molly pursues it as well, and eventually retrieves it. She returns it to its mother, but while she's gone a hunter captures the ducks and absconds with them. While preparing them for his meal Molly discovers what's going on and comes to the rescue, pleading with the man to release the ducks. A fight ensues, and the hunter is on the verge of winning when the Native woman joins in the fight and scares him away. Molly and the ducks return to the wagon and all is well.

Nursery Scandal (1932)
Running Time: 5 mins Black & White
Starring: Mickey and Minnie Mouse
It's nighttime in the forest. The man in the moon whistles, and gnomes emerge from a hole in the bottom of a tree. The gnomes dance. Three of them find a book placed open and upside down on the ground. It's the Mother Goose fairy tales. A gnome whistles, and Mother Goose emerges with her pet. The goose flies her to a secluded spot to meet with a scarecrow. The old woman and the loose-limbed straw man are having a secret affair. The animals of the forest, still wearing their night caps, look out from their nests and tree stumps to see the strange couple making love. They're scandalized. Meanwhile, the gnomes sing, as all the Mother Goose characters fly out of the book's pages and dance.

Opening Night (1933)
Running Time: 0.303472222222222 Black & White

It's opening night at the Roxy, and Cubby Bear is trying to get in. Eventually he sneaks in and ends up conducting the orchestra!

Parrotville Old Folks (1935)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Matron Birdkins
Some elderly parrots are washing and cleaning up around the house, when one of them is phoned by Matron Birdkins, who invites them over to the Old Folks Home to play some tunes. They're hindered by a snowstorm, but make it none the worse for wear, warming themselves by a fire they help stoke. They play and sing some songs, and then a chaotic dinner ensues. This is followed by more singing and dancing, and a good time is had by all.

Parrotville Post Office (1935)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Burt Gillett
A mother and her two rowdy children come into the Parrotville Post Office. The postmaster is annoyed by the children at first. Later, the children come in handy. A notorious mail thief sneaks into the post office, and the kids and postmaster apprehend him. They put the thief in a mail sack and send him to prison via the next mail delivery.

Picnic Panic (1935)
Running Time: 6 mins Color
Starring: Bob Wickersham
A young Indian boy, his girl, and his mule go on a picnic, and are having a good time when they come upon a temperamental volcano and, then, almost anything can happen and almost does.

Scottie Finds A Home (1935)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Burt Gillett
A young anthropomorphic kitten wants a pet. He happens to find a puppy with no owner and takes him in. When the Scotty tracks mud into the house, Grandma says that her grandson cannot keep him. A transient bulldog is walking by as Grandma puts a pie in the windowsill to cool. He barges into the house and terrorizes the family, demanding they feed him. Scotty rushes back to the house and saves the family, causing Grandma to decide that they can keep him after all.

Spinning Mice (1935)
Running Time: 7 mins Color
Starring: Margie Hines
A girl is sewing in her playroom when a boy sneaks in and lets loose a horde of mice into her doll house. She discovers them and is fascinated by them, one in particular who can speak. They chat for a while, and the mouse tells them a story of a wizard friend who tried one day to make a potion that would render all things beautiful. He turns lizards into doves and a toad into a squirrel successfully, but when his back is turned another bottle accidentally opens up and spills into the Beauty Elixer. When he tries it on a batch of caged mice, they turn into little devils that chase him around his shop. They wreak havoc and eventually turn him into a giant rabbit, but he's then saved by the doves, who mix a potion that reverts him to his human form and the devils back into mice.

Sultan Pepper (Little King) (1934)
Running Time: 0.300694444444444 Black & White

The Little King- a squat, childish, roly-poly monarch- attempts to teach his dog some tricks to perform in honor of a visiting sultan and his harem, who are arriving at the castle for an evening of merriment and surprises.

Summertime (1900)
Running Time: 0.333333333333333 Color

Private Snafu becomes a superhero soldier.

Sunshine Makers, The (1935)
Running Time: 0.320833333333333 Color

This is the story of a community of happy, identical little gnomes who have the ability to distill sunshine into a bottled elixir. Anyone consuming this liquid immediately begins singing and capering about in perfect happiness (despite the obviously radioactive nature of the stuff; it causes an x-ray effect on anyone who drinks it or bathes in it).

Toonerville Picnic (1936)
Running Time: 0.286111111111111 Color

At the direction of his doctor, Mr. Bang takes a holiday to the beach. Also on his trip on the Toonerville Trolley is the conductor Skipper, his wife Katrinka and her family and an obnoxious dog. Mr. Bang's holiday is anything but a day at the beach, who returns to his doctor, even more mean and grouchy than before.

Toonerville Trolley (1936)
Running Time: 0.291666666666667 Color

Skipper is racing to meet the passengers from the main train line on time. But along the way, he is slowed down by a bull, quicksand and by Molly Moo Cow.

Toyland Caper/The Farmerette (1932)
Running Time: 7 mins Black & White
Starring: Margie Hines
A single farmer, who tends to his property on his own, is advertising for a wife, a "farmerette". A young flapper from the city sees the advertisement posted on his property. He wants someone who can help his sluggish farm get on its feet. It is sluggish because all the animals on the farm are lazy, preferring to sleep than anything else. The flapper is confident her big city sensibilities will be able to get the animals on their feet.

Trolley Ahoy (1936)
Running Time: 0.311805555555556 Color

Mr. Bang makes a bet with Skipper that the Toonerville Trolley can't get him to main train line on time for $10,000 dollars. Skipper takes the bet, not realizing that the two men are traveling right into a Tornado. Katrinka saves her husband, Mr. Bang and the Trolley from the deadly furies of Mother Nature

Waifs Welcome, A (1936)
Running Time: 6 mins Color
Starring: Tom Palmer
Troublemaking kid not happy with new adopted brother.