Public Domain Movies

Boy Meets Dog (1938)
Running Time: 0.384722222222222 Color

A strict father, who wont let his son eat sundaes, go fishing or keep a stray dog, dreams of being taken to a forest and put on trial by various elves, pixies and other creatures. The unwanted doggie is the star witness and the dad is sentenced to a "youth machine," which brutally turns him into a baby. Upon awakening, he reforms and takes all the boys fishing. Dont miss eight bars of the hottest organ solo you're ever likely to hear!

Cold Penguin (1955)
Running Time: 0.254861111111111 Color

Chilly Willy tries to get to a furnace guarded by a dog.

Pantry Panic (1941)
Running Time: 0.284722222222222 Color

A ground hog, who is a weatherman, predicts a terrible cold front. Everybody leaves but Woody who stays behind and faces starvation. Along comes a hungry cat and Woody and the cat try to eat each other for supper.

Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat )
Running Time: 0.281944444444444 Color

Swiss Miss-Fit (1957)
Running Time: 0.256944444444444 Color

In the Swiss Alps, a St. Bernard dog tries to "save" Chilly Willy, so he can keep his job.