Public Domain Movies

Black Cobra (1987)
Starring: Fred Williamson
A lone cop struggles to protect a female photographer from a gang of psychopathic bikers.

Black Fist (1976)
Running Time: 104 mins Color
Starring: Richard Lawson, Philip Michael Thomas, Dabney Coleman
A streetfighter trained by the mob sets out on his own. Two hitmen get a contract to kill him but the plan goes awry and his wife and child are killed. He sets out on a personal vendetta to get the hitmen.

Black Fist (1976)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Richard Lawson, Philip Michael Thomas, Dabney Coleman, Robert Burr
Black Fist, a tedious "blaxploitation" film made in 1976, concerns a young man ? Leroy Fist (Richard Lawson) ? who becomes involved in the mob. When he attempts to change his life, the mobsters kills his wife and Leroy goes out to seek his bloody revenge.

Black Gestapo (1975)
Starring: Rod Perry, Charles P. Robinson
An interesting (if extremely violent) twist on the standard blaxploitation formula, this crime film deals with a black militant-group, led by Charles P. Robinson, whose members decide to clean up their Watts neighborhood by ridding it of white gangsters. Extreme mayhem follows, with slimy Caucasian hoodlums being castrated, shot, and flung from windows, but the black heroes begin overstepping their authority. Soon, they are no better than the mobsters and are even goose-stepping and chanting Nazi slogans, leading the community to revolt. Rod Perry stars, and cult pin-up queen Uschi Digart can be seen as a prostitute.

Black Godfather, The (1974)
Starring: Rod Perry, Damu King, Jimmy Witherspoon
A socially conscious hero (Rod Perry) tries to uproot evil in the neighborhood (i.e. drugs) through violent tactics and (of course) runs up against corrupt cops and the mob who (of course) are far more nasty than they are competent.

Black Six (1974)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Gene Washington, Carl Eller
A sextet of African-American vets don black leather jackets, mount their roaring hogs and set off Westward down the long, dusty road in this biker movie that is among the first to feature all black leads. During their journey, they get entangled with the white biker gang who killed one of their brothers.

Brotherhood Of Death (1976)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Roy Jefferson, Le Tari, Haskell V. Anderson III
A group of black Vietnam vets go up against the Ku Klux Klan.

Children Of The Night (1985)
Starring: Mario Van Peebles, Kathleen Quinlan
This drama chronicles the good deeds of a sociology student who after doing research into feminine crimes begins taking in teen-age hookers. It is based on a true story.

Death Of A Prophet (1981)
Running Time: 60 mins Color
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Yolanda King
After breaking ties with the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X became a man marked for death...and it was just a matter of time before his enemies closed in. Despite death threats and intimidation, Malcolm marched on - continuing to spread the word of equality and brotherhood right up until the moment of his brutal and untimely assassination. Highlighted by newsreel footage and interviews, this is the story of the last twenty-four hours of Malcolm X. Featuring the music of jazz percussionist Max Roach.

Final Comedown (1972)
Starring: Billy Dee Williams
When an underqualified white man is given the job that Johnny Johnson (Billy Dee Williams) is infinitely more qualified for, the young black man becomes involved in a violent, radical movement to rise up against the perpetrators of racism.

Get Christie Love (1974)
Running Time: 100 mins Color
Starring: Teresa Graves
That '70s blaxploitation show! An undercover police detective (Graves, who was the black woman in a bikini on Laugh-In) sheds her double-knit togs along with her identity to break a drug ring. Later became a TV series.

Good Guy From Harlem (1970)
Running Time: 89 mins Color

A Black detective investigates crime on the streets of Harlem.

One Way Out (1987)
Running Time: 84 mins Color
Starring: Ivan Rogers
Ivan Rogers stars in this action feature as the black cop who seeks revenge against the crooks who raped and stabbed his wife. He goes after the members of the drug ring in hopes of eliminating those responsible for the crimes.

South Bronx Heroes (1985)
Running Time: 85 mins Color
Starring: Mario Van Peebles
A young man just released from prison and living with his sister crosses paths with two children, also brother and sister, who are on the run from their child pornographer foster parents.

TNT Jackson (1974)
Running Time: 73 mins Color
Starring: Jeanne Bell
Statuesque former playmate Jeanne Bell is a karate expert searching for her missing brother and kicking the hell out of anyone who gets in her way. A blaxploitation favorite, no doubt for the curious way Bell's shirts get torn off in the fight scenes.

Velvet Smooth (1976)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Johnnie Hill
The female head of a detective agency is hired by a crime lord to figure out who's taking his action.