Public Domain Movies

ABC's Of Love, The )
Black & White

Skits, strips and comic rips abound in this feature burlesque show that'll have you ogling and laughing in equal doses. Gilda, the Golden Girl, is "burlesque's sexiest blonde"; Blaza Glory is "The Sweater Girl"; Bettlepuss Lewis is a comic's comic. Check out the opening song, too! Hubba-hubba!

Beauties Preparing For Stage Show )
Black & White

Woman preparing for a show a nude stage show, dressing and undressing in, silent with music.

Bedroom Fantasy - Love Moods (1953)
Starring: Lili St. Cyr
The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Lily St. Cyr stars in then two very rare color short subjects. She does two of her most famous Sunset Strip stage acts which celebrate the art of taking a bubble bath.

Burlesque In Harlem (1954)
Black & White

All-black burlesque feature starting the great Pigmeat Markham and a bevy of stripper, dancers and music from the great old days of Harlem.

Early Girlie Films 1 (1940s)
Running Time: 19 mins Black & White
Collection of short films considered risque in the 1940s. Come As You Are, A Spicy Dessert, A Bed For Sandy, Lady is A Tramp, Screwdriver

Early Girlie Films 2 (1940s)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Collection of short films considered risque in the 1940s. Jug of Tease, Only a Girl, Hong Konga, Glamorous Stars, Bedroom Battle, Artist's Paradise, Hold A Husband, A Hunting We Go, Kalanan Firedance, Untitled, Girl Frath's Fan Dance, Girls Weekend. Sound for: Hitch Hiker, Sunbather, Sadie Fann's Tan Cheeks, Southern Exposure, Manana Strip Sue.

Hollywood Burlesque (1949)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: Hillary Dawn, Jenne, Joy Damon
Singers, dancers, comics, and striptease artists take the stage of San Diego's Hollywood Theatre for an actual filmed performance.

Hollywood Peepshow )
Black & White

More delights from the world of the strip show. All the famous ladies in this reel take it off just for you!

Hollywood Revels (1946)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Kalantan, Harry Arne, Peggy Bond
A filmed performance of a burlesque show at the Follies Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Mademoiselle Striptease aka The Nude Set (1957)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White

A Paris schoolgirl unwittingly ignites hellfire in the minds of men from Seine to Sorbonne. Gorgeous Brigette Bardot enters an amateur striptease contest. An utterly shameless girly show.

Night At The Follies, A (1956)
Black & White

World famous hubba-hubba girl Evelyn West wiggles and wows you in this burlesque feature from the world famous Follies Theatre in Los Angeles. She's joined by a host of comics, dancers and other woo-woo gals in this sinuous show.

Pin Down Girl )

Skid Row )

Square Up Reel (1945)
Black & White

Two Women Take Turns revealing themselves in front of a stage curtain, one in coat, stripping to full nudity and posing in dramatic artistic poses, another in lingeries. Silent With Music. Then both pose each other as in fine art poses.

Stars of Burlesque )
Black & White

Dixie Barton,Lorraine Lee with big feather waving props,Judy Carroll

Strip-O-Rama (1953)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Bettie Page, Georgia Sothern, Lili St. Cyr, Rosita Royce, Jeanne Carmen, Mandy Kay, Nola Lee, Vicki Lynn, Doris MacKenzi, Anne Slaton, Betty Tunnel
These ecdysiasts are consummate artists, and Lili St.Cyr is at her loveliest, in this loving tribute to burlesque. This film is a real time capsule of a "lost" art form. Betty Page has only a small marginal role in this one and she is no where near the class act of the other "professionals"Be sure to watch Rosita Royce and her amazing birds!

Striptease College Girls (1948)
Black & White

Highjinks at Striptease College, a special girl's school that teaches the young things not etiquette but the art of taking off clothes!

Striptease Girl (1952)
Black & White
Starring: Tempest Storm
Follow the exploits of stripper Tempest Storm as she leaves the confines of her small town environment and heads for the big city and the world of stripping.

Striptease Murder Case (1950)
Black & White

Its in your hands. A murder has been committed in Burly Town, home of sin and sleaze, but why not watch a few beautiful dames strut their stuff while you solve it?

Striptease Revealed 1 )
Starring: Lili St. Cyr
Lili St Cyr. Hot short-haired blonde Stripping and bellydancing in an exotic genie or mideastern costume down to sparkly skimpy two piece garment. Then she takes it all off and gets inside a see through tub with bubbles floating in the air, gets out, and goes behind a transparent curtain. Stage setting with audience applause at end.

Striptease Revealed 2 )
Starring: Tempest Storm
Red-head Tempest Storm in exotic formal pink long dress with maching long gloves. Dancing with lots of twirls, she wiggles out of the dress down to a harem costume. Then down to very skimpy stuff. Silent with Music

Teaserama (1955)
Running Time: 69 mins
Starring: Bettie Page, Tempest Storm, Cherrie Knight, Trudy Wayne, Twinnie Wallen, Vickie Lynn
This is a compilation of several 1950s burlesque acts. Strippers, some stand-up comics of the take-my-wife-please variety and cult favorite Betty Page who introduces the acts and frames the film by strutting her stuff.

Too Hot To Handle )
Black & White

Some spicy strippers from the golden age of striptease. These babes go all the way and are really hot stuff.

Uncover Girls (1940s-50s)
Black & White

The best of the 40's and 50's dancing girls films. Beautiful women in tanalizing apparel performing alluring dances.

Varietease (1954)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: Bettie Page, Lili St. Cyr,Monica Lane, Christine Nelson, Twinnie Wallen,Vicki Lynn,
This is like the whole weirdo 1950's in one loving Valentine for film lovers! Firstly, we get to see the lovely, leggy legend Bettie Page (the world's first supermodel?) and her cronies (Lili St. Cyr is pretty fine too) doing exotic and bizarre striptease acts. We also have a hyperactive Emcee, some amazing comedy schtick straight out of a '30s vaudeville show, musical numbers that have to be seen to be believed, a goofy drag queen number that seems avant-garde for the sterile mid-'50s, and some fake behind-the-scenes fluff that is priceless. A comedienne laments she's "always a bridesmaid, never a bride." A hacky stand-up actually has the nerve to steal Henny Youngman's trademark line: "Take my wife, please!" There's a novelty dance act that mocks domestic violence! And don't forget those lovely ladies! Plus, the stoned emcee tries to sing, twice! This is an omnibus of rare borscht-belt nightclub acts, a reeling, precious cultural time capsule, and one of the great party films of all time. Every time you watch it, the weirder it gets, and you wonder, this was only 50 years ago? At the picture's start, the out-of-control emcee gushes, "We got 6 of the hottest dolls from Paris! Paris, FRANCE!!!" Later he reduces the number to 3, and then to 2! Classic camp that is out of its mind!

We Still Don't Believe It )
Black & White

Lay with flower in hair in a revealing garment selects a sword. She swallows it as part of her garment comes off to reveal her bra. She selects another, swallows it, and the bottom of her dress comes off. Silent with music.

Your Pin Up Girl )
Black & White

Ladies on Stage dancing to music. Then onto the single act with a closeup of beauty with elegant white dress twirling and spinning. She strips to a glittery skimpy garment, then takes offer her top, twirls some more.