Public Domain Movies

Another Day, Another Man (1966)
Black & White

Dir. Doris Wishman. .

Assault of the Rebel Girls aka Cuban Rebel Girls )

Beat Girl -Aka- Wild For Kicks (1962)
Running Time: 79 mins Black & White
Starring: Noel Adam
A bad girl wants to be a stripper as her sexy step-mother was!Sixteen-year old beatnik art student rebels when her "square" middle-aged dad brings home a "French poodle" 24-year-old stepmom. She and her beatnik pals discover that her blonde bombshell step-mommy was once a Parisian stipper! But as she makes inquiries, she is also being seduced by Christopher Lee, who owns a seedy strip joint. Fun movie proves that even British film makers could do a trashy juvenile delinquent film - with added bonus of cool, jazzy, rock'n'roll sound track. Dir. Edmond T. Gr?ville.

Caged Women (1953)
Black & White
Starring: Inga Tidblad
An apartment building with apartments for single women is the setting for Faustman's drama about a group of women struggling with life and love, in particular with Eva, mistress to a man whose wife Anna also lives in the building.

Clan of Amazons (1978)
Running Time: 88 mins Color
Starring: Tony Liu, Hua Yueh, Yun Ling
A detective hunts a bandit who steals from the wealthy, then blinds them with embroidery needles.

Curse Of A Teenage Nazi (a.k.a. Women In The Night) (1948)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Tala Birell, William Henry, Richard Loo
As World War II nears its end, beautiful women forced to serve as sex slaves in a German officer's club, do what they can to destroy the plans of a cosmic death ray.

Daughter of Darkness )

Escape from Women's Prison (1975)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Jennifer Billings
Suspense and horror abound in this story of escape from Island Prison.

Fugitive Girls (aka Five Loose Women) (1974)
Starring: Jabie Abercrombe
Five inmates break out of a women's prison. Four of them are hardened convicts, but one is a girl who was convicted for a crime she didn't commit. As the authorities chase them down, the cons terrorize or kill anyone who gets in their way.

Girl Gang (1954)
Black & White
Starring: Joanne Arnold
A sleazy gangster has a gang of young girls commit robberies and prostitution for him by getting them hooked on drugs.

Graveyard Tramps (1973)
Running Time: 85 mins Color
Starring: Victoria Vetri, William Smith, Anita Ford, Cliff Osmond, Wright King, Ben Hammer
A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually. AKA Invasion of the Bee Girls.

Island Warriors )
Starring: Linda Young
An island inhabited by female warriors fights to keep men away.

Malibu High (1979)
Running Time: 92 mins Color
Starring: Jill Lansing, Stuart Taylor, Katie Johnson
When a high school senior is dumped by her boyfriend, her grades fall avoid failing, she begins seducing her male teachers. Thus begins her downward spiral into drug addiction and prostitution, and ultimately assassinations for a kingpin mob boss.

Mesa Of Lost Women (1953)
Running Time: 69 mins Black & White
Starring: Jackie Coogan
A mad scientist named Arana is creating giant spiders anddwarves in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico. He wants tocreate a master race of superwomen by injecting his femalesubjects with spider venom.

Prehistoric Women (1950)
Running Time: 74 mins Color
Starring: Laurette Luez, Joan Shawlee, Mara Lynn, Kerry Vaughn, David Vaile.
Camp classic about a group of Amazon women who hunt for their mates...literally. Dir. Gregg C. Tallas

Queen Of Amazons (1946)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Patricia Morison, Robert Lowery, John Miljan, J. Edward Bromberg, Amira Moustafa.
Woman's husband disappears on a jungle expedition, so she sets out after him, discovering that he has been captured by a savage tribe of Amazons. Produced by Edward F. Finney. Dir. Edward F. Finney

Queen Of The Amazons (1947)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Lowery Patricia Morison
A woman's husband has disappeared on an expedition into the jungle. She hires a guide to take her into the jungle to find him. However, they discover that he has been captured by a savage female tribe.

Revenge of the Virgins (1966)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Jewell Morgan, Charles Veltman, Jodean Russo, Stanton Pritchard
It's as if Ed Wood had made a western! Now, you'd believe a bunch of gold prospectors out to swindle themselves a fortune, wouldn't you? Well, would you believe a savage tribe of TOPLESS Indian princesses?

She-Mob (1968)
Starring: Marni Castle
A gang of four lesbian inmates escapes from prison and kidnaps the boyfriend of a wealthy woman. She hires a tough private eye to find her boyfriend and rescue him.

Sorority Sinners )

Superchick (1973)
Starring: Joyce Jillson
Tara B. True is a flight attendant who makes a weekly swing through New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. In each city, she has a man: Edward, older and wealthy; Johnny, a beach bum with gambling debts; and, Davey, a rock musician on the cusp of success. Tara is a free spirit, faithful to each man in her own way, and so stunning that she dresses in a wig and ill-fitting uniform while she's working so men won't harass her constantly. The low-life whom Johnny is in debt to figures out a way to use Tara to help him execute a daring in-flight robbery. But will Tara stand by helplessly, or is superchick ready for action?

Sweet Sugar (1972)
Starring: Phyllis Davis
Prostitute Sugar is set up by a corrupt politician. She is convinced of the futility of appealing her case in the courts and signs on to a chain gang run by the notorious Dr. John who performs cruel medical experiments on the people who work for him.

Truck Stop Women (1974)
Starring: Claudia Jennings
A mother and daughter who run a brothel for truckers fight back when the Mafia tries to take over their operation.

Violent Years, The (1956)
Black & White
Starring: Glenn Corbet, Jean Morehead
A newspaper publisher's daughter suffers from neglect by her parents. She and her friends turn to crime by dressing up like men, holding up gas stations, raping young men at gunpoint, and having makeout parties when her parents are away. Their "fence" gets them to trash the school on request of sinister un-American clients, and they run afoul of the law, apple pie, and God himself.

Wayward Mistress )

Women of Devil's Island (1961)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: Guy Madison, Michele Mercier
The women prisoners on Devil?s island are all beautiful and young and their clothes are in tatters. The mean Commandant makes them pan for gold in shallow water where they must hike up their skirts and bend over a lot. They don?t like it there?poor things.

Women of Devil's Island (1962)
Starring: Guy Madison
This film combines cheesecake with women in peril bits for a story that's just as titillating as it is unnerving.

Wonder Women (1973)
Starring: Nancy Kwan, Ross Hagen
An insurance investigator battles Dr. Tsu and her sexy all-girl army.