Public Domain Movies

Across The Plains (1939)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Randall, Frank Yaconelli, Joyce Bryant, Hal Price
Two young brothers are separated when their wagon train is attacked and their parents killed. One brother Cherokee is raised by Indians and the other, the Kansas Kid, by the outlaw gang leader Buff. Twenty years later they unknowingly meet again when the Kid goes after wagons being guided by Cherokee.

Adventures Of The Masked Phantom (1939)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Monte Rawlins, Betty Burgess, Art Davis
Barton's mine foreman is receiving gold bullion from gangsters in the East, putting it through the mine's smelter, and then shipping it out. When Barton finds out, Murdocks men make him a prisoner. Arriving at the same time, Alamo hears the story of the Masked Phantom and then becomes that Phantom fighting Murdock and his men and attempting to find Barton.

Alias The Bad Man (1931)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Eddie Dean, Flash, Roscoe Ates
Eddie and his sidekicks have been called in to help get a new telegraph line through. Dawson and his men along with his stooge Judge are out to stop them. When Eddie and the boys catch three of Dawson's men destroying telegraph equipment, the Judge releases them and this leads to the showdown between the two sides.

Ambush Valley (1936)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Custer, Victoria Vinton, Vane Calvert, Eddie Phillips
When Clay Morgan kills Joel Potter, Marshal Manning has to arrest the brother of the girl he plans to marry. When the Morgans effect Clay's escape, the Potters take Ann Morgan as a hostage. Manning is now caught in the middle and the two sides are about to fight it out.

Arizona Gangbusters (1940)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Pauline Haddon, Lou Fulton, Forrest Taylor
Schmidt is the head of a group of spies building an arsenal along the border. Tim from the American side and Gringo from the Mexican side have been sent to investigate. But when they arrive they find the men they were to meet murdered and themselves arrested for the murders.

Arizona Raiders (1936)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Raymond Hatton, Marsha Hunt
After saving himself from hanging, Laramie Nelson saves Tracks Williams from the same fate. They then travel to Lindsay's ranch where they get jobs. There they run into Adams who they learn is planning to rustle Lindsay's horses.

Bar 20 (1943)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, George Reeves, Dustine Farnum
Mark Jackson has a scheme to get Adams' land. His gang robs Adams' fiancé of her jewels, robs Hoppy of his cattle money, and then gives that money to Adams to buy back the jewels in exchange for a deed to his land. But Lin recognizes the bills and Hoppy and his pals go after the robbers.

Bar 20 Justice (1938)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Russell Hayden, Gwen Gaze
Hoppy's friend Dennis owns a rich gold mine. Frazier who owns the adjoining mine and wants the Dennis mine, has Dennis killed. Hoppy steps in to take over running the Dennis mine and learns Frazier's men sneak into and work the Dennis mine at night. Hoppy captures one of Frazier's men only to be captured in return by Frazier and left to die in a burning building.

Bar Z Badmen (1937)
Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown

Battling Marshall (1950)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Sunset Carson, Cactus Jr
Sunset comes to the aid of a family in trouble. A vein of gold has been found on their land and the bad guys are out to take it over. This time they use a fake Doctor who claims there is an epidemic of smallpox and he tries to apply a poisonous injection. When Sunset breaks that up, the henchmen are brought in for the attack.

Between Men (1935)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Beth Marion, William Farnum, Earl Dwire
When his young son is shot, John Wellington kills the culprit and flees. But his son Johnny recovers and is raised by Sir George. Some twenty years later Johnny sets out to find Sir George's missing granddaughter. He finds her and also finds Rand, but neither of the two men realize they are father and son.

Billy The Kid's Gun Justice (1940)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Al St. John, Louise Currie
The third in the series of six PRC westerns starring Bob Steele as Billy the Kid (Bob Steele, finds Billy and his pals, Jeff Blanchard (Carleton Young) and Fuzzy Jones (Al St. John) ambushed in a cabin and, as they are making their getaway, Jeff is wounded. They go to Little Bend Valley where Jim Blanchard, Jeff's uncle, has a ranch. On their way, there see Ed Baker (Charles King0 and Buck Mason (Rex Lease) stop the wagon driven by Ann Roberts (Louise Currie). Billy stops the two henchmen from throwing the supplies from the wagon. Ann tells Billy that she and her father, Tom Roberts (Forrest Taylor), have bought a ranch but that someone is trying to run them out of the valley. They ride with Ann and Jeff is surprised to see that the Roberts' are living on what was formerly his uncle's ranch. The Roberts had only been there a short time, had never met Jim Blanchard, and after buying the ranch from Cobb Allen (Al Ferguson) learned they had no water rights. Billy also learns that other ranchers such as Dave Barlow (Edward Peil Sr.) had also bought ranches from Cobb, but that Cobb had diverted the stream that ran through the ranches and was now trying to force them to buy water from him. Billy and Jeff go to the barricade Cobb has around the water and after a fight with Allen-henchmen Bragg (Kenne Duncan), Mason and Baker, the water is turned back into its original channel.

Billy The Kid's Range War (1940)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Al St
Williams is out to stop Ellen Goreham from completing her road that is under construction and is using a man to impersonate Billy the Kid. When Billy sees the wanted posters and learns of the murders he supposedly committed, he sets out to find the imposter. His sidekick Fuzzy is there to help him but his friend Jeff, now a Marshal, is also after him.

Blazing Frontier (1941)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Marjorie Manners
In the 19th and last of the PRC "Billy the Kid" series (first six with Bob Steele and last 13 with Buster Crabbe), a feud develops between the settlers and the railroad detectives in Red Rock Valley. Clem Barstow sends for Billy the Kid and Fuzzy Jones to help. Buster suspects that Ward Tragg, chief of the railroad detectives, and Luther Sharp, land agent for the Western Railroad Company, are defrauding the settlers without the knowledge or sanction of the company. Billy and the settlers rustle off cattle, which have been illegally confiscated by Tragg and his men, in order to raise money for Barstow to bid on a ranch which Sharp is illegally auctioning off. Billy discovers that the purchase price on the deed has been altered and Barstow writes the company to send a man to investigate. When Tragg learns about this, he makes plans to kidnap the railroad official.

Bold Caballero, The (Zorro) (1936)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Livingston, Heather Angel, Sig Ruman, Ian Wolfe
Don Diego is fighting for the peons against the Commandante. Shortly after the Governor and his daughter Isabella arrive, the Governor is killed and marked with a Z. When Don Diego's identity as Zorro is revealed to Isabella, she has the Commandante arrest him as the killer. But he convinces her the Commandante was the killer as the Z was backwards.

Boot Hill Bandits (1942)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Eddie Dean, Flash, Roscoe Ates
"The Tioga Kid" is a remake of 1946's "Driftin' Kid" with only slight plot changes - hero Eddie Dean now has an identical twin brother working with the outlaws of stock from the original, all of the songs are recycled, most of the character names are the same, and the main difference is Jennifer Holt is now playing the role that Shirley Patterson had in "Driftin' River" as "Jenny Morgan," while most of the original cast - Dennis Moore, William Fawcett, Lee Bennett - are also here using the same character role names and, in some instances, the same footage. Eddie Dean and sidekick Soapy Jones return some stolen cattle (instead of horses) to Jenny Morgan, and Eddie runs off ranch hand Tucson Brown, who is working with the outlaws, led by Joe Morino, that includes Eddie's (unknown to him) twin Clint Mason/The Tioga Kid. After Jenny sees a wanted poster that makes her think Eddie is the Tioga Kid, Eddie has a hard time before bringing the gang to justice, aided by the change-of-heart Tioga Kid. Dean has more shirt changes than usual because of the dual role and stock footage from "Driftin' River."

Border Bandits (1945)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Riley Hill, Rosa Del Rosario
Shortly after Nogales (

Border Caballero (1936)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Lois January, Ralph Byrd
Tim Ross, formerly an agent for the Justice Department, is traveling with the Doc Shaw medicine show as a sharpshooter. He runs into an old friend, Tex Weaver, who is working undercover to roundup a bank-robbing band. Later, while Tex is holding a coin for Tim to shoot out of his hand at a show exhibition, another shot is fired from the outer circle of spectators at the same time as Tim fires. Tex falls dead. Everybody, but Tim and saloon girl Goldie Harris, Tex's girlfriend, is convinced that Tim misfired and hit his friend. Goldie has picked up the coin Tex was holding and knows Tim did not miss his intended target. Tim rejoins the federal service and swears vengeance on the real killer, Runniyon, a member of the gang. Disguised as a Mexican caballero (with an added mustache and a large sombrero and a larger accent),Tim goes to Clearwater, where he meets Goldie, who sees through his disguise and agrees to help him find the killer of her lover. Tim's investigations convince him that ... Written by Les Adams

Border Patrol (1943)
Running Time: 99 mins Black & White
Starring: Leslie Nielsen, Pernell Roberts
A U.S. marshal sets out to bring in a Mexican bandit accused of killing his girlfriend's father, but it turns out that there's more to the story than there first appears to be.

Branded Men (1931)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Tarzan, June Clyde, Irving Bacon
When Rod, Ramrod, and Half-A-Rod ride into Steep Gulch, they immediately become Sheriffs. The previous Sheriffs have been killed by Mace and his gang who don't wait long before they make an attempt on the new trio.

Broadway To Cheyenne (1932)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Rex Bell, Marceline Day, Matthew Betz
When Owens' gang shoots it out in a New York nightclub, detective Breezy Kildare is wounded. After he recovers he takes a vacation at his father's ranch in Wyoming. Here he meets Owens again and finds him running a protection racket. When Breezy tries to stop him, Owens makes plans to eliminate Breezy. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Buffalo Bill In Tomahawk Territory (1952)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Clayton Moore, Slim Andrews, Charles Harvey, Rodd Redwing
Made during the period when Clayton Moore had been replaced on the Lone Ranger television series by John Hart, but actually appears to have been made during the dawn of the sound era because of the excessive amounts of stock footage culled from earlier westerns made by producer Edward Finney, who never let much film from his productions be used only once, which accounts for some Monogram stock with Tex Ritter and Tris Coffin. Story concerns the efforts of Buffalo Bill to protect the Indian's land from a gang who want to get the gold buried there. The outlaws disguise themselves as Indians and raid and plunder the settlers in order to blame the tribe.

Bullets & Saddles (1943)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Ray Corrigan, Dennis Moore, Max Terhune, Julie Duncan
Hammond is after the Craig ranch and has framed Charlie Craig for murder. Mother Craig brings in the Range Busters. They capture one of Hammond's men and Alibi plans to trick him into a confession as to who the real murderer is. Meanwhile, Denny has overheard Hammond's plans for his next move and he and Crash set out to round up the gang.

Cavalry (1936)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Frances Grant, Karl Hackett, Hal Price
Just after the Civil War, Captain Thorn is sent west to help protect the new telegraph line that is under construction. Leeds is out to establish an independent nation in the west and tries stop its construction and also incoming wagon trains by inciting the Indians to attack both of them.

Cheyenne Rides Alone (1937)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Lucile Browne, Lon Chaney Jr.
A lawman poses as an outlaw, steals $10,000 from a cattle thief, then promises to return the money if he can join the gang--while finding a way to expose them.

Colorado Kid (1938)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Black King, Edmund Cobb, Edna Aslin
Deacon Merrill (Ned Norton), a reformed bank robber, owns a dude ranch in Arizona. He was left in charge of the loot from a robbery in which the rest of the gang was caught and jailed. Two members of the old gang, Slim Griffith (Edward Biby) and Jimmy 'Gabby' Boggs (Eddie Davis), show up to claim the money. Slim kills Merrill and the blame is placed on ranch foreman Steve Madison (Edmund Cobb), fiancee of Merrill's daughter June (Edna Aslin). Gang leader Butch (Jack Cheatham) and his moll, Trixie (Lois Glaze), also show up as ranch guests. Slim kidnaps June and heads for the border, followed by Steve on "Black King", (the Horse With the Human Brain), followed by a posse after him.

Colorado Serenade (1946)
Running Time: 68 mins Black & White
Starring: Eddie Dean, Roscoe Ates, David Sharpe, Mary Kenyon
Eddie Dean and Soapy Jones foil an attempted stagecoach holdup designed to murder Circuit Judge Hilton, bound for Rawhide to restore law and order. The Judge and the other passenger, Parson Trimble, decide to put up at the ranch owned by Sherry Lynn, Eddie's sweetheart, and her mother Ma Lynn. They are waylaid again, but the outlaws are driven off, and Nevada, an undercover man for the Judge, allows one of captured men to escape so he can follow him to the gang hideout. The Judge also deputizes Eddie. Nevada gets in with the gang, led by Duke and Dad Dillon, and is given the assignment to kill the Judge, whose first act in Rawhide was to close Duke's saloon and fire the city manager, Colonel Blake, a hireling of the Dillons. Eddie, Nevada and Soapy find evidence at the Dillon mine that they have been stealing government gold shipments. Colonel Blake is preparing to skip town and reveals to Sherry and saloon-girl Lola, Duke's girlfriend, that Duke is really the son of Judge Hilton, ...

Colorado Sundown (1952)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: Rex Allen, Koko, Mary Ellen Kay, Slim Pickens
The Hurley's own a lumber mill and want to harvest all the timber in the valley. They kill the Forester and substitute their brother Dusty in his place. Dusty then says all the trees are infected and must be cut down. But Rex Allen is suspicious and writes to the Forestry Department.

Colt Comrades (1943)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jay Kirby
While oil drilling, Hoppy and California discover an underground well - a potential threat to Jebb Hardin's monopoly on water in the region.

Come On Cowboys! (1937)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Maxine Doyle
Harris and Rigby own a circus. Rigby is a counterfeiter and frames his partner. The Mesquiteers learn Rigby is the culprit and get a confession from one of his men only to lose the case when the man is murdered in jail. The Mesquiteers try again and send Lullaby to try and win some of the fake bills in a card game.

Courageous Avenger (1936)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Helen Ericson, Warner Richmond, Eddie Parker
Kirk Baxter has been sent to investigate murder and robbery involving gold shipments. Identifying a gang member by his bullets, he uses that man's horse to locate and join the gang. He learns the gang is tipped off to the shipments by a mine employee using carrier pigeons. But the next message reveals his true identity and he is made a prisoner.

Coyote Trail (1935)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Ben Corbett, Alice Dahl
Tom Riley and sidekick Windy arrive at the Baker ranch where horses are being rustled. It appears the culprit is a wild horse, but Tom catches and rides the horse which leads to trouble with the real rustlers.

Crashing Broadway (1933)
Running Time: 20 mins Black & White
Starring: Ruth Etting, John Hamilton, Roy Atwell

Cyclone Ranger (1935)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Cody, Nina Quartero, Eddie Gribbon, Soledad Jiménez
As the Pecos Kid and pals Pancho and Juan flee from the Sheriff, Juan is killed. Juan was returning home after a long absence and when the other two arrive, Juan's blind mother mistakes the Kid for her son. Unable to tell her the truth they stay on. But there is trouble when the Kid's former partner arrives and threatens to expose him unless he is allowed to rustle the old lady's cattle.

Deadwood Pass (1933)
Running Time: 96 mins Black & White
Starring: George Kennedy, Art Hindle
The Everetts, two brothers and a cousin are trying to make a go of their ranch in Kansas, but Deke Turner, someone who wants to see them fail, is doing everything he can to see that happen. The younger brother's hero is Billy the Kid, and while during an argument with someone who works for Turner, he kills him in self-defense, but Turner makes it appear that he killed an unarmed man. He is then urged by his brother to run. When he is caught and is about to be brought back to Kansas to be hanged, his brother and cousin break him out, and now pegged as outlaws, they decide to get back at Turner by robbing him.

Demon For Trouble, A (1934)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Don Alvarado, Gloria Shea, Nick Stuart
Dyer is buying ranches and then retrieving his check by having his gang kill the owner. Bob Worth arrives just as Buck Morton is killed and gets blamed for the murder. Fleeing from the Sheriff, Bob teams up with the Mexican outlaw Golinda. Having seen Dyer pay off his men, he has a plan to trap him and Golinda is just the man he needs to make it work.

Down Texas Way (1942)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton
The sixth film of Monogram's eight-film series, "The Rough Riders", has U. S. Marshals Buck Roberts (Buck Jones) and Tim McCall (Tim McCoy) coming to a Texas town to visit their friend, U. S. Marshal Sandy Hopkins (Raymond Hatton), only to learn that he has disappeared, and is suspected of the murder of John Dodge (Jack Daley), owner of practically the whole town, except the hotel Sandy owns and runs when he isn't on an assignment as a Marshal. The murder has been committed by the henchmen of Bart Logan (Harry Woods), who intends to take over the dead man's property and whose men are holding Sandy prisoner to make it appear that he fled after arguing with and killing Dodge. Just before the murder, Logan sent a letter to Dodge with the news that the latter's long-missing wife is returning, and in a short while, Stella (Lois Austin), a Logan accomplice, arrives posing as the missing Ann Dodge, thus establishing her right to the Dodge property. Sandy, allowed to escape, returns ... Written by Les Adams

Drifter, The (1944)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Patricia Knox
While Fuzzy is waiting for his mail order bride, McCallister frames him for murder. McCallister then advises Matilda to marry Fuzzy so she will get the money when he is hung. But Billy breaks up the wedding and goes after the real killer.

Driftin' Kid, The (1941)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Keene, Betty Miles, Frank Yaconelli, Glenn Strange
Jim Vernon (

Dude Bandit, The (1933)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Hoot Gibson, Gloria Shea, Hooper Atchley, Skeeter Bill Robbins
Al Burton, an unscrupulous money lender, not only endeavors to have his funds returned, but also plans to gain control over the properties on which he has advanced finances by having his henchmen see to it that the debtor cannot meet the note.When he kills "Dad" Mason, father of Betty Mason, Burton is brought face to face with a mysterious avenger, known as the Dude Cowboy, but never gets close enough to put him out of the way.Burton also finds his plans continually upset by a lummox cowhand, Tod "Ace" Carter, who has the faculty of being in the wrong place at the right time. Burton is prodded into reckless action by the actions of the Dude Bandit, "Ace" in disguise.

Dynamite Ranch (1932)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Ruth Hall, Alan Roscoe, Martha Mattox
Howell breaks up a train robbery only to find that it's a fake. However the money is missing and he is blamed. He escapes and sets out to find the real thieves. He must also avoid being caught visiting the Collins ranch to see Doris.

Everyman's Law (1936)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Beth Marion, Frank Campeau, Roger Gray
Jim Morgan, in cahoots with the Sheriff, hires three wanted gunmen Dog Town Kid, Gibbs, and Pike and makes them Deputies. He wants them to kick the homesteaders off their land. The Kid then arrests the outlaw Lobo Joe. When the three fail him, Morgan turns to Lobo Joe with disastrous results.

False Colors (1943)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd
To obtain water rights, bad guy Mark Foster murders the heir to a cattle ranch and puts an imposter in his place.

Far Frontier, The (1948)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler
When Crenshaw kills a bushwhacker he takes his letter of introduction. This letter saves him from hanging when Stanton thinks he is the outlaw he has hired. But Crenshaw is in more trouble when Denton arrives and exposes him as a fake.

Fargo Express (1932)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Helen Mack, Roy Stewart
Our hero, Ken (played by Ken Maynard), takes in a misguided Mort Clark (played by Paul Fix) who's heart is in the right place but his judgement is a little off. Mort turns out to be the brother of Helen Clark (played by the beautiful Helen Mack), whom Ken had met (and became infatuated with) while on a trip back East. Mort can't face his sister because of his shameful past and allows Ken to help him turn his life around. Mort gets his head on straight only to get duped into playing a fixed card game - and losing not only his dignity but all of Ken's money. In an attempt to right a wrong, Mort gets himself deeper into trouble. As if things can't get worse, Helen shows up the same time that Mort is brought into town in handcuffs for armed robbery. Ken must quickly swing into action to restore Mort's name and to catch the real criminals. Written by Daryl Curtis

Feud Maker (1938)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Marion Weldon, Karl Hackett, Frank Ball
When Tex is brought in to fight in a range war between the cowmen and the nesters, he meets his old outlaw boss Lassiter. He learns Lassiter is behind the feud when Lassiter asks him to join up with his gang. Tex refuses and instead sets out to stop the feud but no one will believe him that Lassiter is responsible.

Feud Of The Trail (1938)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Harley Wood, Milburn Morante
The basic plot is the standard lawman-hero-poses-as-dead-lookalike-outlaw in order to help dead-outlaw's father and sister from losing their ranch to neighboring outlaws, but lots of weird things (even more than usual in a Sam Katzman production)happen along the way, beginning with the cast order as shown on the film; the 4th and 5th billed Jim Corey (misspelled as Correy) and Dick Alexander (known by and billed as such more times than he was as Richard)play a couple of brothers as part of a family gang obviously inspired by Ma Barker and her sons, and only have a couple of lines of dialogue in the whole film, while Roger Williams (as Lance, the only Holcomb brother with a given name) is billed below his two non-talking brothers. Lafe McKee, a major character who talks all the time, goes uncredited, as does director Bob Hill (the name he used on more films than he did Robert F. Hill), who plays the Protective Association Chief, but Hill, while appearing in many of the films he ... Written by Les Adams

Feud Of The West (1937)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Hoot Gibson, Buzz Barton, Bob Kortman
A rodeo rider agrees to help an old rancher who's been stealing his horses and murdered his nephew, so he goes undercover to expose the gang.

Fighting Champ (1933)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Arletta Duncan, Kit Guard, George Chesebro
Manager Nifty Harmon brings his fighter Spike Sullivan to town for the big fight. When Brick Loring knocks down Spike's opponent in a street fight, the townsmen get Brick to replace him. When Brick refuses to throw the fight, Jock drugs his coffee. After Brick loses, Jock robs Nifty of the prize money and flees. Recovered from the drug, Brick takes out after him.

Fighting Hero (1934)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Renee Borden, Edward Hearn
Tyler abducts a young Mexican girl to save her from a lynching when she is accused of the murder of a VIP whom she killed in self defense. They soon fall in love, but Tyler discovers she may actually be in cahoots with a gang of robbers.

Fighting Mustang (1948)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Sunset Carson
Sunset has two problems. Rustlers and the disertion of the Kid he helped make a Ranger. The rustlers reside in an area not as yet part of the state and out of the Rangers jurisdiction. When the rustlers are informed as to the location of the ballot box that will mean annexation of their territory to the state, the Kid learns of their intentions and to redeem himself, rides off to alert Sunset.

Fighting Through (1930)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard
Cattlemen Protective Agent Reb Russell arrives to try and stop the cattle rustling. He gains a friend when he saves Jack Thorn from Lenahan and his men. They hire on at the Lund ranch and when her cattle are rustled and she is kidnaped they follow the trail, It's Lenahan and his gang and Reb soon finds himself a prisoner.

Forlorn River (1937)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, June Martel, Harvey Stephens, John Patterson
"Nevada" (

Forty-Niners, The (1932) (1932)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Betty Mack, Al Bridge, Fern Emmett
"Tennessee" Matthews is a trader dealing in buffalo hides at his post situated on the North Platte River at Fort Laramie, Wyoming. There Jed Hawkins and his daughter Virginia are waiting for an escort for their wagon trail headed for California. "Widow" Melindy Spriggs is also with the train and has intentions of trapping Hawkins as her next husband, although his disposition to drink is very trying to her 'dry' ways. "Squaw" O'Hara, called such because he has a habit of taking up with Indian women (which may well be very politically incorrect now, but writer F. McGrew Willis did not name his villain such with an eye on the PC world of the future, and revisionist film history will not intrude here) is hired as the train's scout. O'Hara is one bad character indeed and his real vocation is misguiding wagon trains into traps so they can be looted. At the present time, O'Hara has taken up with a beautiful Indian girl named Lola who lives in a hut where O'Hara makes frequent visits and ...

Frontier Agent (1948)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown
This one begins after the Civil War when the Overland Telegraph Company is persuaded by rancher Jim Kerrigan to allow his own men to extend the line to Baxter Springs, guaranteeing to pay for the construction himself if it isn't finished at the end of two months. Land promoter Burton Wheelock will lose money if the line is completed and gets ex-rustler Larry Foster, fiancée of Sandra Kerrigan, to sabotage the work. Telegraph company trouble-shooter Johnny Mack, investigating the sabotage, saves Kerrigan's men Joe Farr and Cappy from masked outlaws. Henchman Mugsy is captured by Johnny, while Larry, Slim and the other henchmen escape after shooting telegraph patrolman Nevada. Larry kills Mugsy before he can identify the gang leader. Henchman Straker is captured by Johnny and jailed. Slim steals Johnny's identification card from his saddle bag, and it is found near the jail when Wheelock's men help Straker break jail and kill a deputy sheriff. Because of the card, the Marshal arrests Johnny, but Joe comes to his rescue. An attempt to fire the Kerrigan ranch is foiled, and Larry's hat is found, which proves to Sandra her fiancée's crookness. Larry is trailed to Wheelock's office, and both are killed in a shootout with Johnny, Cappy and Joe.

Frontier Days (1934)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Cody, Ada Ince, Wheeler Oakman
Henry Jethrow is after the Wilson ranch. He has George Wilson unknowningly sign a note for the ranch, has him killed, and then presents the note. The Pinto Kid, investigating cattle rustlers, accidentally drops his glove at the murder scene and now has a price on his head. He has Beth Wilson turn him and use the reward money to reclaim the note. Now he has to escape jail and find the real killers.

Frontier Justice (1935)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Hoot Gibson, Jane Barnes, Richard Cramer
When Brent Halston returns he finds his father in an insane asylum and Wilton about to foreclose on their ranch and bring sheep onto the cattle range. When Wilton kills a rancher, Brent is blamed and jailed. Escaping jail he gets Ware to confess that he payed to have Halston committed. He then gets unexpected help from Ethel Gordon when Wilton tries to foreclose. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Frontier Outlaws (1944)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Frances Gladwin
Wolf Valley is in the throes of a land-grab engineered by Barlow and Taylor. The fight against them is led by Billy Carson, who is framed on a murder charge which the outlaws believe will drive him out of the territory. But instead of running, Billy surrenders and stands trial before Judge Ryan, a square shooter. After weighing the evidence, Ryan finds Bill not guilty but sentences Billy to jail for 30 days for disturbing the peace because the Judge thinks that is the only way to save Billy from the vengeance of Barlow and Taylor. But, without Billy's leadership, the settlers are helpless and ranches are burned, cattle rustled, the town is shot up, the bank robbed and the mining claim owned by Billy and Fuzzy Jones is confiscated. Ryan releases Billy who puts on a fake mustache, gets a sombrero and poses as a Mexican cattle-buyer in order to work his way into the gang. Written by Les Adams

Frontiersman, The (1938)
Black & White
Starring: William Boyd

Fugitive Of The Plains (1943)
Running Time: 38 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St
Billy the Kid learns that someone in Red Rock is impersonating him, causing a warrant to be issued for his arrest. On the way there he and Fuzzy Jones witness a hold-up by a gang of outlaws led by Kate Shelly and Billy decides to join the gang in order to clear his name. Kate sends Billy to rob the stagecoach and then has the sheriff tipped off so that Billy will be caught. Billy captures two of Kate's gang and learns about the tip-off, and tells Kate he couldn't pull off the robbery because the sheriff had been informed. Kate gives Billy the assignment of helping her rob the Red Rock Bank and,this time, Billy tells the Sheriff but he also warns Kate not to go through with the robbery because he knows she will be caught. But Kate, suspicious of Billy, has him imprisoned and rides on over to Red Rock to rob the bank. Kate is wounded in the hold-up and flees with the Sheriff in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Billy has escaped and arrives in time to save Kate from falling from her horse. He ...

Gallant Fool (1933)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Constance Bergen, Charles K. French
A man comes to town to claim the estate of his father, who was shot by a masked killer. He sets out to find who did it.

Gangsters Of The Frontier (1944)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson
Tex put the Kern gang away once but they have returned with reinforcements and have take over the town of Red Rock capturing the townsmen and forcing them to work for them in the gold mines. Dave and Tex then organize the ranchers into the Territorial Rangers. After blowing up the mines to keep the gang from getting the gold, they are ready for the showdown between the two sides.

Ghost Patrol (1941)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Claudia Dell, Walter Miller, Wheeler Oakman
A Professor has an invention that will bring down planes causing them to crash and Dawson is forcing him to use it on those carrying money. When Tim arrives to investigate he is mistaken for a noted outlaw. So he assumes that identity to force Dawson to make him a partner. But just as a plane bringing Tim help is arriving, his true identity is revealed and while he is a prisoner, Dawson forces the Professor to start his machine.

Gun Code (1940)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Inna Gest, Lou Fulton, Stephen Chase
An extortion gang, headed by Banker J. M. Bradley, controls the cowtown of Miller's Flats and saloon owner McClure aids Bradley in operating a so-called "business protectice organization". Garrett, reform editor of the newspaper is murdered, and Marshal Tim Hammond arrives to find his father, Parson Hammond, has also been killed. Garrett's young son, Jerry, takes Tim to his sister Betty, who is now editing the paper. Slim Doyle, collector for the gang, is beaten up by Tim as he tries to collect money from Betty. Under the name of Hays, Tim opens up a blacksmith shop. Bradley discovers Tim's true identity and orders him eliminated. With the aid of Sheriff Kramer, Tim has Slim arrested on a trumped-up charge of murder, and then incites the townspeople to stage a "fake" attack on the jail to lynch Slim, who breaks down and offers to confess. Betty is informed by telephone that the gang has kidnapped Jerry and he will only be released in exchange for Slim. The sheriff and Tim fake a fight...

Gunlords Of Stirrup Basin (1937)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Louise Stanley, Karl Hackett, Ernie Adams
Lawyer Bowdre has started a war between the ranchers and the homesteaders planning to take over the homesteaders land when they are wiped out. Rancher Dan Stockton, having just married homesteader Gail Dawson, is caught in the middle. He suspects Bowdre is behind the war and it's not long before he gets a chance to prove it.

Gunman From Brodie (1941)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton, Christine McIntyre
The Rough Riders are after a gang of rustlers. Marshal Roberts is posing as a wanted outlaw, McCall is the Marshal supposedly after him, and Sandy is on hand as a cook. Roberts hopes his joining the gang will help bring them in.

Gunsmoke Ranch (1937)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, Kenneth Harlan
During the Great Depression, when natural catastrophes including floods destroy the homes of thousands,.crooked, con man Phineas Flagg buys up all the ranches in Arizona's Gunsmoke Valley at the bargain price of $2 per acre. The displaced families are only too happy to buy what Flagg misrepresents as 40 acres of prime farmland per family at the bargain price of $50 an acre. What he doesn't tell the migrants is that the entire area has been condemned under the law of eminent domain and will soon be flooded for the construction of a new dam. The group's leader, Judge Warren, initially disregards the Mesquiteers' warnings that they're being conned,, but Stony' romances his beautiful granddaughter Marion,, and the settlers accept the Mesquiteers' help,, but is it too late?

Harmony Trail (1944)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Eddie Dean, Gene Alsace
Sent to investigate a payroll robbery, Marshall Rocky meets his old friends Ken, Eddie, and Max. He has the serial numbers and when Pop puts on his medicine show they get one of the bills. This enables Ken to see through Sorrell's scheme that threw the blame on an innocent rancher and he sets out to prove it. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Held For Ransom (1938)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Blanche Mehaffey, Grant Withers, Bruce Warren
The kidnappers of Herbert Scott have been paid the demanded ransom but have not returned Scott. The police chief suspects Larry Scott, the spendthrift nephew, but an opposing view is held by Morrison, federal operator in charge of the case. He assigns Betty Mason, his best woman operative, to the case. Written by Les Adams

Hell Fire Austin (1932)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Ivy Merton, Nat Pendleton, Alan Roscoe
At the end of World War I, Bouncer, from the Bronx, follows his buddy Ken "Hell-Fire" Austin west, who boasts his name means something in the Great West, where life will be easy and trouble-free for them. Bouncer soon finds that the only person in the West who knows his buddy is himself and Austin. THey get tossed on the chain-gang for sixty days, for non-payment of their café bill, where Ken spots and becomes friends with a stallion, Tarzan, on the open range. The horse belongs to rancher Judy Brooks who hopes to race him in the Cactusville Sweepstakes in order to pay off a note held on her ranch by Mark Edmunds. Edmunds gets Ken freed from the two-man chain gang to train and ride his horse in the race but Ken learns that Edmunds has a scheme going to beat Judy out of her horse and the ranch. He quits Edmunds and takes on the task of riding Tarzan in the race, but has to keep himself and the horse hidden from the Sheriff and Edmund's henchmen.

Heritage Of The Desert (1939)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Donald Woods, Evelyn Venable, Russell Hayden
John Abbott returns to the desert land he owns, and after being wounded by hired gunman Chick Chance, he is befriended by rancher Andrew Naab and his son, Marvin. Naab's daughter, Marian, falls in love with John but is about to marry Snap Thornton to keep a promise made by her father. She runs away on her wedding day but is captured and held hostage by outlaw Henry Holderness. John, the Naabs and fellow ranchers rush to her rescue. Written by Les Adams

Hidden Valley (1932)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele
A cowboy is hired by an archaeologist to help find "Hidden Valley", where an Indian gold treasure is supposed to be buried. Just when he finds it, the archaeologist is killed, and the cowboy his charged with his murder.

Hoppy Serves A Writ (1943)
Running Time: 67 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jay Kirby, Victor Jory
Posing as a cattle buyer, Hoppy crosses over into Oklahoma where the Jordan brother's and their outlaw gang operate outside the law. After receiving an unfriendly reception when he finds them, he, California, and Johnny rustle their cattle and drive across the river into Texas. He hopes they will cross over to retrieve their cattle and then he can arrest them.

In Old Colorado (1941)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde, Margaret Hayes
Joe Weller has instigated a conflict over water rights between two ranchers. The idea is to have the ranchers do each other in then move in and take over. Hoppy and the good guys won't let this happen.

In Old Montana (1939)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Fred Scott, Jean Carmen, John Merton, Wheeler Oakman
The Colonel sends Fred Dawson and Doc Flanders to investigate a cattleman sheepman war. Posing as a two man medicine show, they quickly become involved. When Fred tries to bring the two sides together, Joe Allison is shot and Fred blamed. With Fred in jail and a lynch mob on the way, Doc tries to break his friend out.

King Of The Stallions (1942)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Dave O'Brien, Chief Thundercloud, Sally Cairns, Rick Vallin
In this western, set in the Western wilderness, a wily and dangerous wild stallion, the leader of a pack of wild horses, threatens all that enter his domain including humans. Both Indians and cowboys are after the stallion Only brave Chief Ha-Ha-Wi can tame him.

Land Of The Hunted Men (1940)
Black & White
Starring: Bob Livingston

Law & Lead (1936)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Rex Bell, Hal Taliaferro, Harley Wood
In a nearly-instant of a remake of 'Cowboy Holiday', Rex Bell plays Jimmy Sawyer, a Cattleman's Association operative, and goes on the trail of his friend Pancho Gonzales,known as the Juarez Kid. The Kid has been charged with being responsible for an outbreak of lawlessness in the border area. Sawyer is unconvinced of the Kid''s guilt, as he had given his word, three years earlier, to Sawyer that he would go straight. Jimmy is convinced that somebody is posing as The Juarez Kid, and he begins the search at the Hawley ranch. Written by Les Adams

Law Men (1944)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Jan Wiley, Kirby Grant
Marshals Nevada and Sandy are sent to investigate a series of bank robberies. Nevada joins the outlaw gang while Sandy becomes the town cobbler. Nevada learns that Slade is the boss of the gang but that there is someone on the inside tipping them off.

Law Of The North (1932)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Cody, Andy Shuford, Nadine Dore
Hanley shoots a man and then frames Bill Roberts. Being the Judge he then holds court planning to hang Bill but Bill's friends effect his escape. Andy tries to lead Hanley astray by misleading him as to Bill's location. But Bill changes plans and Hanley catches up with him and this leads to the showdown. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Light Of The Western Stars (1940)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Telly Savalas, Robert Shaw, Martin Landau
A group of Mexican revolutionaries murders a town priest and a number of his christian followers. Ten years later, a widow arrives in town intent to take revenge from her husband's killers.

Lightnin' Crandall (1937)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Lois January, Charles King, Earl Dwire
Gunfighter Lightnin' Crandall puts away his gun and heads west posing as a tenderfoot. But he quickly gets in the middle of a range war between the Shannon's and Blaine. He sides with the Shannon's only to find that his old friend and mentor Parson Durkin is Blaine's hired gunman.

Lightning Bill Carson (1936)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Lois January, Rex Lease
When Stone's men rob the stage, Deputy Bates catches Breed Hawkins only to be killed by him. Stone makes a drunken Pecos Kid think he did it. Bill Carson gets a confession that Breed was the killer but it comes too late as the Sheriff and his posse had already hung the Kid. When the Kid's brother takes revenge by killing the posse and the Sheriff, Bill heads out to face him. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Lightning Raiders (1946)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St
Hayden is after the rancher's land. He lends them money and then to stop repayment, he has his henchmen rob the stage of the anxiously awaited money. But Billy and Fuzzy recover the letters before they are burned, and Billy, reading the letters, comes to believe the towns leading citizen Hayden is the culprit.

Lion's Den, The (1936)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Joan Woodbury, Don Barclay
Merwin hires Barton to fight Welsh, but when Barton arrives in town, Welsh mistakes him for the hired killer Single-Shot Smith. Figuring he can help Merwin by being part of Welsh's gang he hires on as Single-Shot. But soon the real Single-Shot appears.

Lone Avenger, The (1937)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Muriel Gordon, James A. Marcus
Cal Weston, after an absence of many years (in a remake of his 1930 Universal film "The Fighting Legion"), rides into Mesa to visit his father, co-partner of the town bank with Jud Winters. Cal discovers the sheriff and the coroner, Doctor Crandall in his father's office examining his body with Crandall rendering a verdict of suicide. Cal knows it wasn't suicide as the gun is in his right hand and John Weston was left handed, and he cautions Winters, the only person in town who knows his true identity, not to reveal it. Cal then begins his quest to find the killer and the motive, a quest hampered when the bank's crooked bookkeeper Martin Carter has his henchman Burl Adams and two accomplices ambush and shoot the examiner from the country seat, and then has a fake examiner declare that the bank has been looted by John Weston, and Carter declares that Cal, whose true identity has been learned, knows where the money is. Maynard, as usual, gets tied up in order his give his horse "Tarzan"... Written by Les Adams

Lone Bandit, The (1933)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Lane Chandler, Doris Brook, Hal Taliaferro, Slim Whitaker
Lane Cartwright arrives and is immediately arrested for being the mysterious Phantom Bandit. Cleared by the Sheriff he later finds a dead man and is arrested again. This time they are sure they have the Phantom but at his hearing the real Phantom strikes and Lane heads out after him.

Man From Texas, The (1939)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Tex Ritter, Charles B
Hall is after Dennison's land. The Marshal sends Tex to help Dennison while Hall hires the Shooting Kid to finish off Dennison. But the Kid has been helped by Tex in the past and changes sides. He, Tex, and the other hands then try to get Dennison's cattle past Hall's barricade and on to market.

Man's Land, A (1932)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: Hoot Gibson, Marion Shilling, Robert Ellis, Ethel Wales
Tex Mason and Peggy Turner each inherit one half of the Triple X Ranch. Thomas wants the ranch and he has Triple X hand Joe let his men rustle their cattle. Tex not only has to fight the rustlers, he must also contend with Easterner Peggy's idea of what a ranch should be.

Marked For Murder (1945)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Tex Ritter, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson, Marilyn McConnell
Rangers Dave and Panhandle arrive and are joined by Lawyer Tex to try and stop the range war between the ranchers and the sheep men. After they jail the ranchers for attacking the sheep men, they are lead away from town by a decoy as the real culprits head for town to kill the ranchers and blame the sheep men.

Mason Of The Mounted (1932)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Cody, Andy Shuford, Nancy Drexel
Canadian Mountie Mason is sent south of the border to look for a horse thief with only a watch chain for evidence. He befriends young Andy and when Calhoun hits Andy, Mason and Calhoun fight. In the scuffle Calhoun's watch with the missing chain is dislodged. Mason then sets out to bring in Calhoun and his gang. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Mystery Ranch (1934)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Keene, Warner Richmond, Eleanor Stewart
Tom Allen comes to Rawhide to open a law office. But he becomes the Sheriff instead and goes after Wilson and his outlaw gang hoping his brother Billy is not one of them.

Near The Rainbow's End (1930)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Louise Lorraine, Alfred Hewston, Al Ferguson
Despite past friendliness, cattle ranchers Tom and Jim Bledsoe, father and son, fence off their range to prevent its use by neighboring sheep ranchers Tug Wilson and Buck Rankin, suggesting that they hope to end their recent loss of cattle. Rankin (not Rankins) shoots Tug, who is unaware of Rankin's lawless activities, in an argument and Jim is accused of murder and also stampeding the sheep. Believing Jim is guilty, Tug's daughter, Ruth, aids Buck in capturing Jim, but he escapes. Ruth gets help from Sheriff Hank Bosley, and a sheepherder, Sanchez, reveals Rankin's responsibility for both the rustling of Bledsoe's cattle and the killing of Wilson.

Night Rider (1932)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Harry Carey, Gabby Hayes
Officer John Brown is after the outlaw known as the Night Rider. Posing as Jim Blake he takes a job on the Rogers ranch. He finds the secret passage from the Rogers mine to the Rogers house used by the Night Rider and also a note written by the Night Rider to his henchmen. Practicing his hand writing, he has a plan to trap him.

Northwest Trail (1947)
Running Time: 66 mins Color
Starring: Bob Steele, Joan Woodbury, John Litel, Raymond Hatton
Mountie Matt O'Brien is assigned to escort Miss Owens to a remote outpost. But when he finds an illegal mining operation there that is smuggling gold across the border, his superior Sgt. Means orders him to leave.

Oklahoma Cyclone (1930)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele
A cowboy looking for his missing father, poses as an outlaw and joins the gang he thinks is responsible.

Outlaw Deputy, The (1935)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Smith Ballew, Lou Gehrig
Baseball superstar Gehrig is one of several ranchers being coerced by a bunch of bandits. His sister and her lawyer/lover organize the ranchers.

Outlaw Tamer (1933)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Lane Chandler, Blanche Mehaffey, J
Fleeing from the law, a wounded Tex Broderick is taken in by Jean Bennett. Later she has him deliver a large amount of money. When saloon owner Bowie and his men attack and take the money, the Sheriff jails Tex for that and his previous crime. Jean lets him out and he captures Bowie and the money. But the arriving posse still thinks he's a wanted man and he is shot.

Outlaws Of The Desert (1941)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Brad King, Duncan Renaldo
Hoppy and his pals accompany the Grants to Saudi Arabia to buy horses. When the Karitga's have El Kader kidnap Charles Grant for ransom, Hoppy engineers his rescue. When they return to the Sheik's camp, El Kader and his men attack.

Outlaws Of The Range (1936)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Cody, Marie Burton, William McCall
When Steve Harper chases down some rustlers, he loses his gun in the ensuing fistfight. After Wilson is killed, Steve's gun is found nearby and he as arrested. Jimmy Wilson breaks him out of jail and he heads after the real killer.

Paroled To Die (1938)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele
Meline is taking money from his own bank to drill an oil well. When he finds Doug Redfern's bandana, he has his gang rob his bank and uses the bandana to frame Doug. When Doug is convicted but immediately paroled, Meline has another plan that he thinks will put him away permanently.

Phantom Rancher (1940)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Dorothy Short, Harry Harvey, Ted Adams
Ken Mitchell arrives to take possession of a ranch left to him by his Uncle Jim. He meets and falls in love with Ann Markham, whose father has been killed by gunmen of rancher Collins, who schemes to gain possession of all the surrounding ranches by foreclosing on their mortgages. Ken is distrusted as his Uncle was unpopular with the local ranchers. Knowing who killed Markham, Ken disguises himself as a masked rider and interrupts Collins' plots continually. As himself, he pretends to go along with the Collins plot to drive a herd of cattle over certain lands, ruining the pastures and, as the masked rider, he visits the ranchers to give them the money needed to pay of their mortgages

Phantom Ranger (1938)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Suzanne Kaaren, Karl Hackett
Sharpe has kidnaped an engraver and is flooding the country with counterfeit bills. The FBI spots a town in miniature on a bill and sends in Tim Hayes. Tim starts out by robbing Sharpe's men of the phony bills. Then he enters as a friend proposing to get rid of the money for Sharpe but instead planning to bring in his men to round them up. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Pirates On Horseback (1941)
Running Time: 69 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde
When miner Ben Pendleton strikes it rich, Ace Gibson has him killed but his men are unable to locate his mine. When California learns his cousin Ben has been murdered he gets Hoppy and Lucky to help investigate. Hoppy finds the clue left by Ben and finally solves the riddle and locates the mine. But just as they find the gold, Gibson's men arrive and make them prisoners. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Prairie Badmen (1946)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St
Medicine show proprietor Doc Lattimer has in his possession a map showing the location of a cache of stolen gold. His son Don favors keeping the gold rather than returning it to the express company to which it rightfully belongs, and steals the map, only to find himself menaced by outlaw leader Cal and his gang.

Raiders Of The Border (1944)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton, Craig Woods, Ellen Hall
Working undercover, Marshals Nevada and Sandy are looking for jewel smugglers along the border. Posing as a nearly deaf man, Sandy gets a job as the wagon driver that picks up pottery. When he breaks a piece of pottery the jewels hidden inside are revealed.

Range Defenders (1937)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Livingston, Ray Corrigan
Stony's brother George has been accused of murder and the Mesquiteers have returned to prove his innocence. But they find that Harvey rules the town along with his stooge Sheriff Gray and that George won't get a fair trial.

Range Law (1931)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Frances Dade, Frank Mayo, Aileen Manning
Hap Connors, not Conners(Ken Maynard)is an escaped convict looking for the man who framed him into a prison sentence.He runs into a prison companion, known as "Old" Frisco(Lafe McKee)who broke out a few days earlier than Hap. They hear some shots, reckon it is only some deer hunters, but it is a stage holdup engineered by Jim Blount(Frank Mayo) and staged by his chief henchmen "Bull" Legal(Charles King.)A worried Blount has heard about Hap's escape and tells Legal and his other henchmen that he will double the state's reward offer to the man who brings Hap to him---dead. Hap picks up a pair of slippers on the trail and at the next ranch meets the girl to whom they belong; Ruth Warren(Frances Dade),the ranch owner who gives him a job.At a town dance, Hap meets Ruth again and she tells him she is to be married the next day to Blount. Blount confronts Hap, calls him an escaped convict and Hap draws his guns and makes an exit through a window.Outside, Legal has been planted to shoot Hap ...

Rawhide (1938)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler
Tom Hilton and Stub Macey are heading to the Jergenson ranch to buy his cattle. But Jeckyl and Sheriff Slater control the cattle market forcing the ranchers to buy at their price and they intend to keep the newcomers out.

Red River Valley (1936)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Gene Autry
Gene and Frog set out to find out who has been causing the accidents at a dam construction site.

Ride 'em Cowgirl (1939)
Running Time: 53 mins Black & White
Starring: Dorothy Page, Vince Barnett, Milton Frome, Lynn Mayberry
Sandy Doyle, gambler and political chief of a small border town, seeks to gain control of the Bar-X Ranch, owned by Rufe Rickson, to further some undercover activities of his own. He counts on Rickson's inability to stay away from gambling as the means to his ultimate success. Government investigator Oliver Shea and his assistant, Dan Haggerty, start a fight in Doyle's place when they see Rickson being cheated and are invited to the Bar-X where Oliver and Helen Rickson, Rufe's daughter, discover interest in each other and Dan finds himself pursued by Bell, the ranch cook. Sheriff Larson brings the prize money for the $5,000 race of the Rodeo Association, and that night it is stolen from her safe. The next day, Doyle says it was paid to him by Rickson for a gambling debt. Realizing that she must be free in order to prove her father's innocence, and that now her horse, Snowy, must win the race, Helen confesses to the theft and makes good her escape. Her sleuthing establishes that Doyle ...

Rider Of The Law (1935)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Gertrude Messinger, Si Jenks, Lloyd Ingraham
Bob Marlow is sent undercover to an Arizona town where an outlaw gang, comprised of the six Tolliver brothers, have taken over the town and terrorizing the citizens. He comes to town, posing as an Eastern dude, and, through a series of incidents manages to get rid of three of the brothers, mostly through their own ineptness. The remaining brothers decide to get-while-the-gettin'-is good, rob the bank and head for the Mexican border. But Bob isn't far behind.

Riders Of The Deadline (1943)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, Frances Woodward
With writer Bennett Cohen recycling the same script he had used at Republic in 1941 for Don Barry's "Desert Bandit", this 50th entry in the "Hopalong Cassidy" series finds Ranger Hopalong Cassidy falling into disrepute and leaving the service, because of the death of his pal and young protégé Tim Mason, who had lost his good standing through the suspicion that he was implicated with a band of smugglers, who had been using his ranch as a hideout. With the aid of his pals, California Carlson and Jimmy Rogers, Cassidy tracks down the outlaw gang, invades their hideout, and captures or kills the leaders, and regains both his and Tim's good names, while revealing his discharge from the Rangers was a plot hatched by him and Ranger Captain Jennings.

Riders Of The Timberline (1941)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Brad King
Yates has hired Petrie and his men to stop logger Kerrigan from fulfilling his contract. When Petrie's man Slade gets the loggers to quit, Kerrigan's daughter arrives with a new crew. When they destroy the flume, Hoppy builds an overhead line to transport the logs. Now desperate, Petrie sets out to blow up the dam and Hoppy takes to the overhead line in an attempt to get there in time to stop him. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Riders of the Whistling Skull (1937)
Black & White
Starring: Robert Livingston,Ray Corrigan
After a member of an archeological expedition is murdered, Stony convinces the other two reluctant Mesquiteers to accompany them. After another member is killed it becomes apparent that Rutledge and the Indian Otah are the culprits, but they are now in Indian territory without food and water.

Ridin' Fool (1931)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Frances Morris, Florence Turner, Ted Adams
Remade by Trem Carr and Paul Malvern's "Lone Star Productions" in 1935 as "Desert Trail" starring John Wayne.Cowhand Steve Kendall(Bob Steele) and slick eastern confidence man "Boston" Harry Manners(Ted Adams)become friends but are rivals for the hand of fair Juanita(Josephine Velez), a girl whose hands are influenced by whoever deposited the last trinket in them. Nikkos(Al Bridge) deposits a trinket from a robbery/murder committed by he and Bud Warren(Eddie Fetherston), but Juanita, when pressed, points the finger at Boston Harry, as it is hard for a girl such as Juanita who gets many trinkets to keep up with just who, among the general population, added to her trinket collection and when.The locals are about to string Harry up but he is saved by Steve and they light out for friendlier surroundings in another town. There, they meet storekeeper Ma Warren(Florence Turner) and her pretty daughter Sally(Frances Morris) and Steve and Harry start vieing for her attentions, with Steve in ...

Ridin' On (1936)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler
The Hawk has broken out of prison and the Sheriff and Sorrenson have a plan to have Whitlock pose as the Hawk, infiltrate the gang, and recover the stolen bonds. All goes well until The Chief who knows the real Hawk arrives.

Ridin' The Lone Trail (1937)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Claire Rochelle, Charles King
Trains are being robbed by a gang led by an outlaw on a beautiful white horse. The marshal sent to investigate finds out the horse beings to the girl he's in love with.

Ridin' Thru (1935)
Black & White

Rio Grande Raiders (1946)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Sunset Carson, Linda Stirling, Bob Steele, Tom London
Sunset Carson, ace driver for the Harding Stagecoach Line, persuades his boss Frank Harding (Edmund Cobb) to hire his brother, Jeff (Bob Steele), recently released from the penitentiary. Sunset isn't aware that Jeff owes his release to Marc Redmond (Tristram Coffin), owner of the rival line, and that Redmond is forcing Jeff to give him advance information when the Harding stages are carrying valuable shipments, so that his henchmen can rob the stage and force Harding out of business.

Rio Rattler (1935)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele
When Hines kills the Colonel for his money, the Colorado Kid is arrested and then found guilt of the murder. Bibben beaks him out of jail and later identifies some of the bills spent by Hines to have been part of the money stolen from the Colonel. The Kid now knows he is the one he is after and heads out to get a confession.

Roaring Six Guns (1937)
Black & White
Starring: Kermit Maynard

Rogue Of The Range (1936)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Lois January, Stephen Chase, Phyllis Hume
U.S. Marshal Dan Doran (

Roll On, Texas Moon (1946)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Perrin
Jack is looking for the man that was responsible for the death of his sister after he hired her as a school teacher. When he runs into school teacher Ann who was just hired by Corey, he soon realizes Corey is the man he is after. Lacking proof, he works on Corey's nerves hoping to get a confession from him.

Santa Fe Bound (1936)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Perrin, Dorothy Bauer, Fred Hargreaves
Jack, an outlaw but innocent of the crimes he is being accused of, is running from a posse when he discovers a baby whose parents have been killed by raiders. He takes the baby and tends it even though it means he will be captured. But the sheriff knows something about the baby that Jack doesn't.

Santa Fe Marshall (1940)
Running Time: 68 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Marjorie Rambeau
Marshal Hoppy has been called in to investigate payroll robberies and arrives posing as Marvelo the mind reader. When Lucky arrives Hoppy has him pose as the expected Marshal. Hoppy works his way into the gang led by Ma Burton and sets a trap for them. But once again Lucky slips up revealing the masquerade and Hoppy finds himself a prisoner in a burning building. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Showdown, The (1940)
Running Time: 65 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Britt Wood, Morris Ankrum
Render, posing as an European Baron, arrives at the Colonel's ranch where he plans to steal some of his fine race horses, rename them and then race them. Hoppy arrives at the same time and immediately becomes suspicious of the Baron. Winning money from the Baron at poker, he marks the bills. He is robbed but as suspected, the money reappears and it is the Baron that has it.

Singing Cowgirl (1939)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Dorothy Page, Dave O'Brien, Vince Barnett, Dorothy Short
Tolen is after the Harkins ranch where his men have found gold. After they kill Harkins, Dorothy and Dick step in and discover that the gold actually washes down from Tolen's own ranch. When Harkins' brother arrives to take over they test Tolen by having the brother offer to swap ranches.

Six Gun Man (1946)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Syd Saylor, Jimmy Martin, Jean Carlin
Cattle thieves attack every cattle drive that comes near Hagerstown. If they do not sell their cattle for 50 cents on the dollar, they are all stolen. U.S. Marshal Stormy has been sent to end this reign of terror and to find the stolen cattle. He starts with a patrol of cattleman that blast every attempt of the outlaws to steal the herd.

Six-Gun Trail (1938)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Tim McCoy, Nora Lane, Ben Corbett, Stephen Chase
Chasing jewel thieves, Captain Carson and Magpie head for the border where Carson, posing as a Chinaman, opens a store that buys jewelry. To flush the thieves into the open, Carson wins all their money at poker. They agree to sell him the jewels but plan to kill him and keep both the jewels and the money.

Smokey Smith (1935)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Mary Kornman, Warner Richmond
The parents (

Son Of The Renegade (1953)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Carpenter, Lori Irving, Joan McKellen, Valley Keene
In a throw-back to the worse of the 1930's indie westerns, Red River Johnny gathers his friends (most of whom are called some variation of the name Bill) and returns to claim the heritage of his father who was outlawed many years ago by the sheriff of Red River. The present Sheriff Masters, son of the man Johnny's father shot, is his enemy. Three-Finger Jack stages a series of robberies and stage coach holdups, for which he frames Red River Johnny. The latter learns that Three-Finger plans to rob the town bank, and gathers his men and wipes out Three-Finger and his gang.

South Of Santa Fe (1932)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Janis Elliott, Ed Brady
Stone kills Thorton but only gets one half of the map to Thorton's gold mine. Tom arrives, and trying to help Thorton's daughter Beth, sets out after Stone and the half of the map. Posing as the man Stone is awaiting to register the mine, he tries to join up with the gang. But when the man he was posing as shows up, Tom is made a prisoner. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Spirit Of The West (1932)
Running Time: 62 mins Black & White
Starring: Hoot Gibson, Doris Hill, Hooper Atchley, Al Bridge
Ryder and Fallon have killed Moore, taken over his ranch, and injured Bud Ringo, Moore's replacement. Rodeo champ Johnny Ringo returns to help his brother. Posing as an inept cowhand, he becomes the cook's helper during the day, but at night he goes into action.

Stagecoach Outlaws (1945)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, Frances Gladwin
Kirby sends his henchmen to break killer Matt Brawley out of jail. But Brawley has already broken out and they return with Fuzzy instead. Realizing they think he's Brawley, Fuzzy plays the part. He and Bill plan to round up the gang but Fuzzy is in trouble when the real Brawley shows up to expose the hoax. Written by Maurice VanAuken

Stagecoach War (1940)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Julie Carter, Harvey Stephens
"Hopalong" Cassidy, "Lucky" Jenkins and "Speedy" are driving a herd of Bar-20 mustangs to Bluesky, to be delivered to Jeff Chapman, operator of a stagecoach line. They come upon a stagecoach, which has just been looted of silver bullion by "Smiley" and his singing outlaws. The Bar-20 men give first aid to Jeff, who was shot during the robbery, and "Lucky" drives the stagecoach to town. There, "Lucky" is hard smitten by Jeff's daughter, Shirley, but she is in love with Neal Holt, who also has designs on her father's mail-carrying contract. Holt's foreman, "Twister" Maxwell, secretly works with "Smiley" and his gang, tipping them off on gold and silver shipments. Hold and Cassidy get into an argument over the merits of the Bar-20 mustangs versus Holt's pure-bred Morgans and the end result is a match race, with the stage contract as the stake.

Take Me Back To Oklahoma (1949)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Tex Ritter, Karl Hackett, Bob Wills, Slim Andrews
Storm is out to wreck Ace's stage line. When Tex arrives to help Ace, Storm brings in hired killer Mule Bates. But Tex and Bates know each other and the two devise a plan to fool Storm.

Texas Buddies (1932)
Running Time: 59 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Nancy Drexel, Francis McDonald, Harry Semels
Kincade and Blake cause a mail plane carrying a payroll to make a forced landing in the desert. When they try to get the money, prospectors Ted and Si drive them away. With the pilot shot, Ted takes over as pilot figuring another attempt will be made and this time the Sheriff will be there.

Texas Gunfighter (1932)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Sheila Bromley, Harry Woods
Bill Dane and Banty quit Kell's outlaw gang. When Dane prevents Kell and his men from getting a bullion shipment, he is made Sheriff. Learning Dane is Sheriff, Kell and gang return, force Dane to give them the bullion, and make Dane a prisoner. Escaping, Dane trails the gang and engages them in a gunfight while his horse Tarzan goes for help.

Three Men From Texas (1940)
Black & White
Starring: William Boyd
This 31st entry of the 66 films in the Hopalong Cassidy series marks the first of 35 consecutive appearances, in the remaining films of the series, of Scottish-born comedian Andy Clyde in the role of "California Carlson", although his introduction in this film is as "California Jack" Carlson and his credentials won't bear much scrutiny. The film finds local officers in an outlaw-infested town in California helpless to cope with the situation and a citizens committee comes to Texas and appeals to the Texas Rangers for help in organizing the forces of law and order. Captain Andrews of the Rangers offers the assignment to Hopalong Cassidy and Lucky Jenkins, but Cassidy, whose period of service in the Rangers is almost over, refuses. The as-usual impetuous Lucky takes the job alone. While on patrol duty, Cassidy is following the trail of a large herd of rustled horses and discovers the hide-out of the Bruce Morgan gang..

Tonto Kid (1935)
Black & White

Trail Riders, The (1942)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: John 'Dusty' King, David Sharpe, Max Terhune, Elmer
In the 18th entry of Monogram's 24 "Range Buster" films, the bank of Gila Springs is robbed by Ace Alton and his gang, and Sheriff Frank Hammond, son of Marshal Jim Hammond, is killed. The Marshal sends for the Range Busters, Dusty King, Davy Sharpe and Alibi Terhune, to come and restore order to the town. Ed Cole, head of the local vigilantes, and secretly the head of the outlaws, promptly orders the trio out of town. They visit an old friend, Rancher Mike Rand and his daughter Mary. Mary's brother Jeff has unwittingly become a gang member, and carries out Cole's orders by taking a shot at Davy, but the latter makes him a prisoner during a subsequent fight in the town café. Jeff confesses to Cole's involvement, and the Range Busters, with the help of town banker Harrison, set a trap for Cole and his outlaw vigilantes.

Trigger Finger (1939)
Running Time: Black & White
Starring: Bob Custer, George Field, Margaret Landis
Sergeant Bob Steele (Bob Custer), of the Texas Rangers, is assigned to put an end to the lawlessness of a gang of outlaws led by a mysterious man known as 'The Black Hawk.' Hoping to infiltrate the gang, he poses as an outlaw named "Lightning" Brady. Written by Les Adams

Trigger Men (1941)
Black & White

Trigger Tom (1935)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler, Josephine Hill, Harry Woods
With his father accused of murder, Tom heads after the real murderer who lives in a town of outlaws where no one is allowed in or out. To gain entry he poses as an escaping outlaw with his sidekick Banty posing as the pursuing lawman. This lets Tom join the gang but there is trouble later when Banty gets caught and sentenced to die.

Two Gun Man, The (1931)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Maynard, Tarzan, Lucille Powers
Hired guns threaten ranchers.

Undercover Man (1936)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Mack Brown, Suzanne Kaaren, Ted Adams, Frank Darien
In "Undercover Man", Steve McLain (

Underground Rustlers (1941)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Elmer
Gold stages are being held up in the far west at a time when the U.S. government needs bullion, just before the famed "Black Friday" attempt to corner the gold market. The government sends the Range Busters, Crash Corrigan, Dusty King and Alibi Terhune, to Gold Butte, an important bullion dispensing center, to put an end to the stage robberies.

Wagon Trail (1935)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Harry Carey
The son of Sheriff Clay Hartley, of the frontier town Elder, has gotten into bad company and hangs out with an outlaw gang in which, Collins, owner of the Golden Rule Saloon, is the secret head. Sheriff Hartley suspects him, but has been unable to gather the needed evidence. Collins instructs his gang, including young Hartley, to hold up the stagecoach on its return trip from Missionary Flats and take the cargo of gold dust it is carrying. Sheriff Hartley is notified of the planned holdup by one of his deputies who has been spying on Collins, and organizes a posse. A deputy-sheriff is killed in the ensuing gunfight between the lawmen and the outlaws, but Deputy Joe Larkin, pursues and captures Clay Hartley Jr. The latter is quickly tried and convicted of the killing of the deputy, and sentenced to be hung. Sheriff Hartley has only a few hours to prove his son was not the killer. He enlists the aid of Collins' step-daughter, Joan, who is in love with Hartley's son.

Water Rustlers (1939)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Dorothy Page, Dave O'Brien, Vince Barnett
Shirley Martin finds that Weylan has diverted the water from the valley and her cattle are dying. First she and her foreman Bob Lawson go to court. This fails when Weylan's men keep the ranchers from testifying. But Shirley has a second plan to return water to the valley. Written by Maurice VanAuken

West Of Pinto Basin (1940)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Ray Corrigan, John 'Dusty' King, Max Terhune, Elmer
The Range Busters head for Pinto Basin where a series of stage robberies have occurred. To try and find the gang's boss, Crash sends out a empty money box. The plan backfires when the boss has the Range Busters identified as the robbers. Thinking it is now safe, the bank sends out a big money shipment. Needing to rob the stage, the boss gets the boys out of jail so they can be blamed. But this is just the chance they need to catch the robbers.

Western Justice (1935)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Renee Borden, Julian Rivero, Arthur Loft
Three men, each on their individual quest, meet at a deserted cabin and take the assumed names of Ace, King, and Jack. They then team up to try and bring water to a dried up town.

Western Mail (1942)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Keene, Prince, Frank Yaconelli, LeRoy Mason
Just as Lucky Webster (Fred Kohler Jr). is being questioned about a recent train robbery, Tom Allen (Tom Keene) appears at his ranch and confirms his alibi. Lucky offers Tom a job with the gang he is secretly working for. Lucky's sister, Julie (Jean Trent), doesn't realize he is mixed up with an outlaw gang. Tom, a U.S. Marshal working undercover with Sheriff Big Bill Collins (Glenn Strange), asks the sheriff about respected citizen and bank president Jeff Gordon (LeRoy Mason), whom he suspects of working with the mail robbers. Tom plants a dictophone in Gordon's office and hears him tell gang leader Jim Rivers (Karl Hackett) that the next shipment is $15,000 and gives Rivers information to make the hold-up. Julie, accidently, tips Lucky off to Tom's real identity and Tom is ambushed as he rides back to the gang's hideout.

Where The Trail Divides (1937)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Keene
Tom Allen comes to Rawhide to open a law office. But he becomes the Sheriff instead and goes after Wilson and his outlaw gang hoping his brother Billy is not one of them.

Wild Horse (1931)
Running Time: 77 mins Black & White
Starring: Hoot Gibson, Alberta Vaughn, Stepin Fetchit, Neal Hart
Ben Hall offers $1000 for the wild Devil Horse which Jim Wright and Skeeter capture. While Jim is away, Gil Davis kills Skeeter and takes the horse. The Sheriff then arrests Jim for Skeeter's murder. But unknown to them, an outlaw witnessed the killing.

Wild Horse Rustlers (1943)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Livingston, Al St
The setting is WWII and Hans Beckman has arrived from Germany with a mission of destroying horses before they can be sold to the government. He kidnaps and replaces his twin brother as ranch foreman, but Tom Cameron suspects something is wrong and with sidekick Fuzzy sets out to learn the truth.

Young Blood (1932)
Running Time: 58 mins Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele
Nick is a modern day Robin Hood. But he has to split with his gang and the crooked Sheriff. When the Sheriff kills the Countess he arrests Nick. When they put the rope around his neck Nick reaches for the confession he got from the Sheriff, but it is missing.