Public Domain Movies

A Christmas Accident (1912)
Running Time: 15 mins Black & White
Starring: William Wadsworth, Mrs. William Bechtel, Augustus Phillips
Well-to-do Mr. and Mrs. Gilton live next door to a large family that struggles to make ends meet. Despite their desire to be friendly, Mr. Gilton is frequently irritated by his neighbors, insisting that they stay out of his yard, and blaming them for anything that goes wrong. During the holiday season, the differences between the two families become even clearer. Mrs. Gilton wants to do something to help their neighbors, but Mr. Gilton will take a lot of convincing.

A Little Girl Who Did Not Believe in Santa Claus (1907)
Running Time: 14 mins Black & White
Starring: Gitchner Hartman, Mr. Lehapman, Bessie Schrednecky
A generous boy tries to help a girl who does not believe in Santa Claus because of her family's poverty.

Little Match Girl, The )
Running Time: 0.35 Color
Starring: Castle

Santa Claus (1898)
Running Time: 1 min Black & White
Starring: Laura Bayley, Dorothy Smith, Harold Smith
In this picture you see Santa Claus enter the room from the fireplace and proceed to trim the tree. He then fills the stockings that were previously hung on the mantle by the children. After walking backward and surveying his work, he suddenly darts at the fireplace and disappears up the chimney. This film surprises everyone, and leaves them to wonder how old Kris disappears.

The Adventure of the Wrong Santa Claus (1914)
Running Time: 14 mins Black & White
Starring: Barry O'Moore, Julian Reed, Richard Neill
When a burglar dressed as Santa Claus steals a family's Christmas presents, amateur detective Octavius sets out to recover the loot.

The Christmas Angel (1904)
Running Time: 10 mins Black & White
Starring: Rachel Gillet, Georges Méliès
A family has a sick woman at home. Her girl goes out in the snow to beg.