Public Domain Movies

Blood Song (1981)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Frankie Avalon, Dane Clark, Richard Jaeckel, Donna Wilkes
Avalon makes a unique about-face starring as the hatchet-wielding murder.

Blood Tide (1982)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: James Earl Jones, Jose Ferrer, Martin Kove and Oscar-winner Lila Kedrova
Visitors' curiosity while on a treasure hunt on a Greek island unleashes an ancient creature upon unsuspecting island goers. The monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins.

Blood Tide (1982)
Starring: James Earl Jones
An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins.

Bloodshed (1983)
Running Time: 88 mins Color
Starring: Laslo Papas, Beverly Ross
A psychotic harbors a girl's dead body and systematically kills anyone who discovers his secret.

Bloody Wednesday (1985)
Running Time: 96 mins Color
Starring: Raymond Elmendorf, Pamela Baker, Navarre Perry, Teresa Mae Allen
Harry is unable to hold a job due to his mental illness and lives in an abandoned Hollywood hotel haunted by friendly ghosts of the long dead staff. The lines of his mental illness and reality become extremely blurred as some of his strangest events are indeed witnessed by others. As Harry becomes more frustrated by not being able to distinguish fact from delusion he turns to violence.

Boogeyman, The (1980)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Suzanna Love, Michael Love, John Carradine
Shards of mirror that "witnessed" murder cause horrible deaths.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
Starring: Robert Kerman
A New York anthropologist named Professor Harold Monroe travels to the wild, inhospitable jungles of South America to find out what happened to a documentary film crew that disappeared two months before while filming a documentary about primitive cannibal tribes deep in the rain forest. With the help of two local guides, Professor Monroe encounters two tribes, the Yacumo and the Yanomamo. While under the hospitality of the latter tribe, he finds the remains of the crew and several reels of their undeveloped film. Upon returning to New York City, Professor Monroe views the film in detail, featuring the director Alan Yates, his girlfriend Faye Daniels, and cameramen Jack Anders and Mark Tomaso. After a few days of traveling, the film details how the crew staged all the footage for their documentary by terrorizing and torturing the natives.

Carnage (1984)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Leslie Den Dooven, Michael Chiodo, Deeann Veeder
Hungry house consumes inhabitants.

Carnivore (1984)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Daryl Hannah, Rachel Ward, Adrian Zmed
A group of campers are stalked by a mad killer stalking the forest looking for innocent victims. AKA: THE FINAL TERROR; FOREST PRIMEVAL

Cataclysm (1981)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Marc Lawrence
Faith Clift A sadistic demon spends his time either finding people willing to join him or killing the people who won't. AKA: SATAN'S SUPPER

Children, The (1980)
Starring: Martin Shakar
A nuclear-plant leak turns a bus-load of children into murderous atomic zombies with black fingernails.

Christmas Evil (1980)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Brandon Maggart, Dianne Hull, Scott McKay
A gripping, well-made thriller about a Christmas-hating maniacal killer disguised as Santa Claus, who turns the "season-to-be-jolly" into a bloody nightmare. A sleeper, sure to attain major cult status in due time. AKA: YOU BETTER WATCH OUT.

City of the Living Dead (1980)
Starring: Christopher George
In the small New England town of Dunwich, a priest commits suicide by hanging himself in the church cemetery which somehow opens the gates of hell allowing the dead to rise. Peter, a New York City reporter, teams up with a young psychic, named Mary, to travel to the town where they team up with another couple, psychiatrist Jerry and patient Sandra, to find a way to close the gates before All Saints Day or the dead all over the world will rise up and kill the living.

City Of The Walking Dead (1983)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Mel Ferrer
A nuclear accident creates a mutant race of blood-crazed zombies.

Creepers (Phenonema) (1985)
Running Time: 82 mins Color
Starring: Jennifer Connelly
Dir. Dario Argento. Jennifer Corvino, the daughter of a famous actor, has had trouble with sleepwalking for some time. Her doctor said that it can develop a split personality. She discovers her alternate personality when she stays at a boarding school that was once the home a Richard Wagner. But someone has been killing the students, and it relates only indirectly to the criminal sanitorium nearby. So it's up to "the two greatest detectives the world has ever known, or should I say, unknown"

Curse of Nostradamus )
Running Time: 77 mins Black & White

An aristocratic vampire swears an oath to kill the enemies who killed his father. In order to terrify them even further, he warns each one when he is coming for them.

Daddy's Deadly Darling (1983)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Katherine Ross
A young woman and an evil old man conspire to commit a series of senseless murders.

Dark of the Night (1985)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Margaret Umbers
Meg moves out of her parents' home and buys a beautiful old Jaguar in a bid for independence. She begins to get strange feelings about the car. It seems to have a presence beyond the usual "personality" attributed to eccentric old cars. Slowly she uncovers the shocking history of the car's previous owner, but not before the car exerts some tragic influence in her life.

Dawn Of The Mummy (1982)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Brenda King, Barry Sattels, George Peck
A photographer and a bevy of young fashion models travel to Egypt for a special shoot. They unwittingly stumble upon an ancient tomb, teeming with vengeance minded mummies.

Deadtime Stories (1986)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Michael Mesmer, Brian DePersia, Scott Valentine
Fairy tales "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Goldilocks and the three Bears" are presented like you've never before seen them - horror tales!

Death By Dialogue (1988)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Laura Albert, Ken Sagoes
Teenagers discover on old film script from a project never produced because it was haunted by tragic accidents.

Death by Dialogue (1988)
Starring: Ken Sagoes
A guy and four of his friends visit his crippled uncle, a taxidermist who lives with his housekeeper next to a movie set. Pretty soon people start being killed in the manner they are in the script of the movie being filmed next door.

Death Screams (1982)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Susan Kiger
Teenagers are stalked and murdered by a maniac at a town fair.

Death Warmed Up (1984)
Starring: Michael Hurst
A kid is hypnotized by a scientist to kill his parents and ends in a mental institution. As a grown up he returns to seek revenge over the scientist.

Death Warmed Up (1985)
Running Time: 83 mins Color
Starring: Micahel Hurst, Margaret Umbers, David Letch
A crazed brain surgeon turns ordinary people into bloodthirsty mutants, and a small group of young people travel to his secluded island to stop him.

Delirium (1987)
Starring: Serena Grandi
This spaghetti horror's storyline revolves around a former hooker (Grandi) running a successful men's magazine. An obsessed admirer systematically slaughters her models (occasionally increasing the magazine's output) and supplies the mistress with pictures of their disfigured corpses taken in front of her semi-nude posters visible in the background. Is she going to be the psycho's next victim?

Demon Seed (1982)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: James Caan, Stefanie Powers, Sammy Davis Jr.
A diabolical story of seething lust and demonic possession, involving a sexually starved wife and a lustful demon.

Demonoid (1981)
Running Time: 78 mins Color
Starring: Stuart Whitman, Samantha Eggar
An evil spirit forces its unfortunate victims to commit hideous acts of violence.

Demons (1982)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, Doris Thomas, Karen Field
A woman accused of being a witch vows a curse of death upon her accusers.

Demons 2: The Nightmare Returns (1987)
Running Time: 88 mins Color
Starring: Virginia Bryant
What begins as an ordinary birthday party in a typical urban apartment building soon becomes a nightmare when hellish creatures attack everyone in sight in this scary shocker from Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA, DAWN OF THE DEAD).

Demons of Ludlow (1983)
Starring: Paul von Hausen
A murderous demon lurks inside an antique piano in a picturesque coastal town.

Devil Master, The (1983)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Chris Robbins, Sorrell Brooke, Gene Evans
The Devil Master rules a cult from his secluded woodland castle. Satanically inspired, he psychically exterminates cult members.

Devil Times Five (1982)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Leif Garrett, Sorrell Booke, Gene Evans
Who survives? Who would want to survive? Five children in a freak bus accident are taken in by a caretaker and three vacationing couples. Soon, strange occurances begin and each adult meets a horrible death.

Devil's Gift (1984)
Running Time: 112 mins Color
Starring: Bob Mendlesolin, Vicki Saputo, Steven Robertson
A young boy's toy is possessed by a demon and havoc ensues.

Devonsville Terror (1983)
Starring: Suzanna Love
Dr. Worley investigates a 300-year-old witch's curse in the New England town of Devonsville. Three liberated, assertive women move into town, which angers the bigoted, male-dominated town fathers. One of the women is a reincarnation of the witch, who proceeds to exact revenge on the town males.

Dogs Of Hell (1983)
Starring: Earl Owensby
A pack of Rottweilers, bred and trained by the U.S. military to kill humans, escape to ravage the peaceful mountain resort town of Lake Lure. It is up to the local sheriff to protect his small community.

Dominique AKA Dominique is Dead (1988)
Running Time: 110 mins Color
Starring: Cliff Robertson
A millionaire who has recently lost his wife starts believing that he is being haunted by her spirit.

Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Edmund Purdom, Caroline Munro, Alan Lake
A weirdo murders various Santa Clauses in assorted ways.

Dr. Butcher, M.D. (1980)
Running Time: 81 mins Color
Starring: Ian McCulloch, Alexandra Cole, Peter O'Neal
Mad doctor's deranged dream of creating "perfect people" by taking parts of one person and interchanging them with another backfires as his monstrosities develop strange side effects. AKA: QUEEN OF THE CANNIBALS

Dracula's Last Rites (1980)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Patricia Lee Hammond, Gerald Fielding, Mimi Weddell
Low budget horror film has a conspiracy of vampires in a small town (made up of the local sheriff, mortician, town doctor, and ambulance driver) creating accidents of some sort so they can operate their blood drinking dinner parties unnoticed.

Encounter At Ravens Gate (1988)
Running Time: 94 mins Color

During a drought in Australia, the sky rains dead birds, family pets attack, ghosts appear, and people go crazy. The main star is a punk looking guy living with some of his family. An opera-fanatic cop becomes a killer, and a short nuclear scientist snoops around. The witty, strange script fails to explain anything, but the cinematography is superb. A treat!

Eternal Evil (1985)
Running Time: 84 mins Color
Starring: Winston Rekert
A dissatisfied Montreal director of TV commercials is taught to astrally project himself by a mysterious woman. But soon he finds that he does it against his will when he sleeps, and while he does it, he commits savage acts against those in his life.

Eternal Evil (1987)
Running Time: 84 mins Color
Starring: Karen Black, Lois Maxwell, Winston Rekert
A bored television director is taught how to have out-of-body experiences by his devil-worshipping girlfriend. He eventually realizes when he leaves his body, it runs around killing people.

Fiend (1980)
Starring: Don Dohler
This low budget feature from Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler opens with a spirit entering into a gravesite and reanimating a corpse back to life

Forest, The (1983)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Dean Russell
Spooks and a cannibalistic killer terrorize a group of campers.

Frankenstein Island (1982)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: John Carradine, Steve Brodie and Cameron Mitchell
A scientist-balloonist lands on an island where he encounters pirates and bikini-clad alien women. Jacques Cousteau-like zombies, amazon women warriors in spandex leopard prints, and...a weird, unresolved Frankenstein motif. Constant hilarity.

Funeral Home (1980)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Lesleh Donaldson, Barry Morse, Stephen Miller When guests begin to disappear from her grandmother's house, a teenage girl begins to investigate. AKA: CRIES IN THE NIGHT
A young woman arrives at her grandmother's house, which used to be a funeral home, to help her turn the place into a bed-and-breakfast inn. After they open, however, guests begin disappearing or turning up dead.

Gothic (1986)
Running Time: 60 mins Color
Starring: Boris Karloff
The Shelleys visit Lord Byron and compete to write a horror story.

Great Alligator, The (1980)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Barbara Bach, Mel Ferrer, Richard Johnson
Ancient tribal myths suddenly seem not so absurd for a remote tropical hotel full of European and American guests. They are credited with rousing the ire of a Kuma god who manifests himself as a gigantic alligator.

Great Alligator, The (1981)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: Mel Ferrer, Barbara Bach and Richard Johnson
A resort is terrorized by a giant alligator.

Grim Reaper, The (1980)
Starring: Tisa farrow
A group of tourists become stranded on an uninhabited island where they are stalked by an insane, violent, and grotesque killer that slaughtered the town's former residents.

Horror )

House Of The Dead (1980)
Running Time: 100 mins Color
Starring: John Erickson, Charles Aidman, Ivor Francis
A man is trapped inside a haunted house.

House On The Edge Of The Park (1980)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: David Hess, Annie Belle, Christian Borromeo
Two low-life punks invite themselves to a party at a posh villa and after being taunted by their snobbish hosts, hold everyone hostage and subject them to various forms of torture and mayhem.

Human Gorilla )

Iced (1988)
Running Time: 86 mins Color

Six vacationers check into a posh ski resort where they are systematically slain, apparently in retribution for the accidental death of one of their friends years before. Despite a few inventive death scenes (by icicle, ski pole, snowplow, etc.)

Inn of the Zombies (1988)
Running Time: 90 mins Color

Police inspector at a mountain inn discovers that creatures from another planet have arrived.

Julie Darling (1982)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Anthony Franciosa, Sybil Danning and Isabelle Mejias
A teenage girl whose inaction caused her mother's death arranges a similarly gruesome fate for her stepmother and brother.

Loch Ness Horror, The (1982)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Barry Buchanan, Miki Mckenzie, Sandy Kenyon
The famed monster surfaces and chomps on the local poachers.

Mama Dracula (1980)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Louise Fletcher, Maria Schneider, Jess Hahn
Vampire satire starring Oscar-winner Louise Fletcher.

Mama Dracula (1980)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Louise Fletcher, Maria Schneider, Marc-Henri Wajnberg
A female vampire must bathe in the blood of virgins in order to stay alive. The trouble is that virgins are in short supply nowadays, and she is running into major problems in finding one.

Memorial Valley Massacre (1988)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: John Kerry, Mark Mears, John Caso
Campers on a holiday are terrorized by an axe-wielding maniac.

Mommy's Epitaph (aka Epitaph) (1987)
Starring: Natasha Pavlovich
A family must keep moving from town to town because the mother is a psychotic axe murderer who keeps flipping out and murdering people.

Monster, The )

Neanderthal Man )

Night Nurse (1985)
Running Time: 80 mins Color
Starring: Davina Whitehouse, Kay Taylor
What is the secret of the evil forces surrounding Diva, an aging opera star who is confied to a wheelchair? When a young woman answers an advertisement for emplyoument as Div's night nurse, she discovers the older woman's domineering companion and a dark mystery with a horrifiying conclusion.

Night Train To Terror (1984)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: John Phillip Law, Cameron Mitchell, Mark Lawrence, Charles Moll
The symbolic forces of Good and Evil judge the lives of a trio of train passengers.

Nightmare (1981)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: C.J. Cooke, Mik Cribben, Kathleen Ferguson
Psycho who had a traumatic childhood kills again and again and again...

Nightmare Never Ends, The (aka Cataclysm) (1980)
Starring: Cameron Mitchell
Police detective, Mitchell, investigating the death of a victim of a Nazi concentration camp discovers a nightclubbing playboy who has strange powers over women and is seemingly ageless.


Motorcycle gangwho gets falsely accused of raping a girl and the girl's father seeks revenge.

Oasis Of The Zombies (1982)
Running Time: 74 mins Color
Starring: Manuel Gelin, France Jordan, Jeff Montgomery
European students set out to find buried treasure in Saharan oasis but instead find bevy of hungry Nazis hungry for human flesh.

Offerings (1989)
Running Time: 93 mins Color

In this slasher movie, a bullied youth exacts revenge upon his tormentor. The tale centers on poor traumatized John, a seven-year-old genius who became mute after his father abandoned his family. Because he is so different, he is the perfect patsy for cruel children who constantly torment him. His only friend is young Gretchen. The story then jumps ahead 10 years as John breaks out of the asylum he has been in since he suffered brain trauma at the hands of the bullies. Blood flows and violence ensues as he begins murdering and hacking up his tormentors. As a twisted gesture of friendship, he presents poor Gretchen with grisly souvenirs from each kill.

Oval Portrait, The (1980)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: Gisele Mackenzie, Barry Coe, Wanda Hendrix
Based on the Edgar Allan Poe classic, this story concerns a young girl who becomes obsessed with a portrait of a now deceased relative. Eventually, the spirit of the oval portrait begins to take over the girl's soul.

Panic (1983)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: David Warbeck, Janet Agren
A scientist terrorizes a small town when he becomes hideously deformed by one of his bacteria experiments.

Passenger to Bali, A )

Pieces (1983)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Christopher George, Lynda Day George
George becomes an overcover cop when a chainsaw wielding lunatic roams a college campus in search of human parts.

Planet Of The Dinosaurs (1980)
Running Time: ## mins Color
Starring: James Whitworth
One of the survivors of a ruined spaceship is on an uncharted planet with huge dinosaurs.

Play Dead (1986)
Starring: Yvonne de Carlo
A woman uses her magic powers and a vicious Rotweiller dog to murder her relatives.

Primitives (1980)
Starring: Enny Haryono
Three students, Tommy, Rita, and Robert, and their guides head into the jungle to study primitive tribes separated from civilization. However, the students say the one tribe they visit isn't primitive enough, and they want to find some really savages, and to locate the legendary cannibal tribe supposedly living in the area. The guide reluctantly agrees, and they are all soon separated in a raft accident. Robert and Rita are captured by the cannibals and held prisoner, while Tommy and their guide wander aimlessly through the jungle, looking for their lost companions.

Red Jealous Mirror, The (1986)
Running Time: 48 mins Color
Starring: Ferdinand Mayne
Adult horror movie.

Revenge Of Dr. X (1983)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: John Ashley, Ronald Remy, Angelique Pettyjohn
A man/beast lies watiing for the pretty reporter who seeks her shipwrecked father in the jungles of an uncharted island.

Satan's Black Wedding (1980)
Starring: Greg Braddock
A man travels to another city for his sister's funeral to try to find out why she killed herself. He discovers that she is actually a vampire and returns from the dead to take revenge on her family.

Starring: John Parsonson
A marriedcouple move to the country and a group of savages torture the husband and rape the wife

Scarecrows (1988)
Running Time: 80 mins Color
Starring: Ted Vernon, Michael Simms, Richard Vidan
A gang of paramilitary thieves falls prey to dark forces after parachuting into a haunted cornfield.

Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988)
Running Time: 85 mins Color
Starring: Richard Harrison, Li-Yun Chen, Shou-Ping Tsui
Horror. A snake monster, disguised as a female journalist, is wreaking havoc in Hong Kong and the only thing that can stop it is a magic ring owned

Seven Doors of Death (1982)
Running Time: 81 mins Color
Starring: Katherine MacColl, David Warbeck
Dir. Lucio Fulci. Woman inherits a hotel, not realizing it is one of the seven gateways to Hell. Great special effects.

Spare Parts (1985)
Running Time: 108 mins Color
Starring: Judith Speidel, Wolf Roth
Guests at a remote hotel discover that it is run by black marketeers who kill guests and sell their body parts.

Stepsisters (1985)
Running Time: 74 mins Color
Starring: Hal Fletcher, Sharyn Talbert
Murderous double-crosses occur among a pilot, his wife and her sister.

Strange Behavior (1981)
Running Time: 97 mins Color

A woman's dying words lead investigators to a mysterious professor whose diabolical experiments result in terror and death.

Surrogate, The (1984)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Shannon Tweed, Michael Ironside, Art Hindle, Carole Laure
One couple's intense relationship with a mysterious sex surrogate leads to a series of bizarre murders ending in a chilling and unexpected final confrontation.

Terror In The Haunted House )

The Hearse (1980)
Running Time: 99 mins Color
Starring: Trish Van Devere, Joseph Cotten, David Gautreaux
A girl is haunted by a phantom hearse, which she believes is connected to her departed aunt, a witch with a bad reputation in town.

Unsane (1982)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon
A little seen gem from suspense master Dario Argento. An American novelist visiting Rome becomes a suspect in a series of murders.

Unsane (1982)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon
Directed by Dario Argento An American mystery novelist, while visiting Rome, becomes a prime suspect when a series of murders occur that parallels his latest book. AKA: TENEBRAE

Vengeance Is Mine aka Sunday in the Country (1984)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Ernest Borgnine, Michale J. Pollard, Hollis McLaren
A demented farmer captures three criminals and tortures them in horrifyingly sadistic ways.

Wes Craven's Chiller (1985)
Running Time: 104 mins Color
Starring: Michael Beck, Beatrice Straight, Laura Johnson
Corporate exec Miles Creighton dies, and is cryogenically frozen in the hopes that he can be revived. 10 years later, the procedure is a success, and Miles returns--without his soul.

Zombie Hell House (aka The House by the Cemetery) (1981)
Starring: Catriona MacColl
A deranged killer lives in the basement of an old mansion and pops out occasionally to commit grisly murders that include be-headings, ripped throats, and stabbings with a fireplace poker. The killer needs fresh body parts to rejuvenate his cells. He also has maggots for blood.