Public Domain Movies

13 Frightened Girls (1963)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: Hugh Marlowe, Joyce Taylor, Murray Hamilton
A diplomat's daughter becomes involved in espionage. Kathy Dunn. Wally: Murray Hamilton. Hull: Hugh Marlowe. Soldier: Joyce Taylor. Kang: Khigh Dhiegh. Directed by William Castle.

3 Blondes In His Life (1961)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Jock Mahoney, Greta Thyssen, Jesse White
An insurance investigator goes to Los Angeles to investigate the disappearance of a colleague.

3 Sargeants of Bengal (1964)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: Richard Harrison, Wandisa Guida, Ugo Sasso
This action-packed adventure/jungle film starts out when three British soldiers stationed in Malaysia are sent to Fort Madras to help the commandant fight off an elusive bandit who is terrorizing the countryside.

5 Minutes To Love (1963)
Running Time: 85 mins Color
Starring: Rue McClanahan, King Moody, Will Gregory
Ben, Edna and their baby daughter are headed to California when their car breaks down. Ben ventures off to the junkyard in search of a spare part to fix his car. Coincidentally, Harry (the seedy junkyard owner) has just been accused by the police of selling stolen auto parts, and claims that he gets his cars from someone else. Ben wanders into the junkyard just in time for Harry to frame him and use him as a scapegoat. When Ben doesn't return after quite a while, Edna goes looking for him. She is then chased around the junkyard by Harry's odd, dim-witted friend Blowhard.

7th Commandment (1961)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Jonathan Kidd, Lyn Statten, John Harmon.
Amnesiac falls under the wing of a preacher and becomes a successful evangelist, but falls into a deadly web of blackmail and murder when his greedy girlfriend comes back into his life. Produced by Irvin Berwick.

A Bullet For The General (1967)
Running Time: 113 mins Color
Starring: Gian Maria Volont, Klaus Kinski, Martine Beswick, Lou Castel.
Mexican Revolutionary captures an educated American on a raid and begins to admire him, until he realizes he was sent by the government to kill his General. English dubbed. Dir. Damiano Damiani

A Face In The Rain (1963)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Rory Calhoun, Marina Berti, Niall MacGinnis, Massimo Giuliani, Danny Ryals.
American spy being hidden from the Nazis by an Italian contact, learns that the contact's wife is having an affair with a German officer, and wants the American out of the way. Dir. Irvin Kershner

A Game Of Crime (1963)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: John Drew Barrymore, Luisa Riveili, Lisa Gastoni, Umberto D'Orsi, Jean Claudio, Piero Gerlini.
Man with a weak heart and a large life insurance policy lives fast and dies young -- with a little help from his wife and her lover...but is everything really as it seems? Lots of twists in this obscure mystery; and don't miss the creepy rat-infested finale! English dubbed. Dir. Roy Freemount

A Married Woman (1964)
Running Time: 94 mins Black & White
Starring: Macha Meril, Phillippe LeRoy.
A day in the life of a woman who is cheating on her husband. English subtitles. Dir. Jean-Luc Godard.

A Public Affair (1962)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Ed Binns, Myron McCormick, Judson Pratt, Jacqueline Loughery, Harry Carey Jr, Grace Lee Whitney. Narrated by Paul Frees.
Crusading California senator, enraged at the illegal methods used by collection agencies, starts an investigation, but is immediately attacked by a conniving lobbyist, who begins a mud-slinging campaign against the senator. Interesting, informative look at the process of politics. Written and Produced by Bernard Girard and Robert E. Lewis. Dir. Bernard Girard

Accattone! (1961)
Running Time: 117 mins Black & White
Starring: Franco Citti Roberto Scaringelli
Dir. Passolini. Small time crooks dwelling in the Roman ghetto

Adorable Julia (1964)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Lilli Palmer, Charles Boyer, Jean Sorel.
Palmer and Boyer are a husband and wife acting team who try to juggle marriage, a career, and extra-marital trysts. English dubbed. Dir. Alfred Weidenmann.

Adventures of Sinbad, The (1960)
Running Time: 47 mins Color
Starring: Taiji Yabushita
This Japanese cartoon, based on the old Arabian Nights tale, tells of adventurer/sailor Sinbad. He sets out with his friend Ali to find the legendary Treasure Island, while protecting a beautiful princess from an evil sultan and various nasty creatures.

Aladdin & His Magic Lamp (1968)
Running Time: 84 mins Color
Starring: Boris Briston
A young boy finds a magic lantern that contains a genie, and when he frees the genie he's granted three wishes. He uses the wishes to help the princess of Baghdad and her father fight off an evil sorcerer who's trying to take over the kingdom.

Amorous Mr. Prawn (1962)
Running Time: 89 mins Black & White
Starring: Joan Greenwood, Cecil Parker, Ian Carmichael, Dennis Price, Robert Beatty.
British army general is close to retiring, but is short of funds to buy a retirement cottage, so when he leaves on business, his wife and servants concoct a plan to make the extra money. Dir. John Emerson.

Anatomy of a Pyscho (1961)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Ronnie Burns, Darrell Howe
The crazed brother of a condemned killer sent to the gas chamber swears vengeance on those he holds responsible for his brother's execution.

Andrei Roublev (1965)
Running Time: 185 mins Color
Starring: Anatoll Solonitzine, Ivan Lapikov.
Brilliant historical drama centering on Russian painter who gets involved with a peasant uprising. Second part in COLOR. English subtitles. Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky.

Angelique And The King (1965)
Running Time: 100 mins Color
Starring: Michele Mercier, Robert Hossein.
Romance and political intrigue highlight this tale of a promiscuous French courtesan. FRENCH LANGUAGE only. COLOR.

Angelique And The Sultan (1968)
Running Time: 105 mins Color
Starring: Michele Mercier, Robert Hossein.
Pretty courtesan is sold to a greedy Sultan. FRENCH LANGUAGE only. COLOR.

Angry Breed, The (1969)
Running Time: 100 mins Color
Starring: James Macarthur
A Vietnam veteran tries to sel a screenplay in Hollywood. Captures the essence of the year 1969.

Attack And Retreat (1964)
Running Time: ## mins Black & White
Starring: Arthur Kennedy, Peter Falk
Chronicle of the unheralded and unsuccessful invasion of the Soviet Union by the Italian army during World War II.

Attack of the Normans (1964)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Genevive Grad
Description Coming Soon

Avenger, The (1964)
Running Time: 96 mins Color
Starring: Steve Reeves, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Carla Marlier
Based on Virgil's "The Aeneid", this action packed tale features muscleman Reeves leading the oppressed Trojans against Etruscan slavedrivers. Exciting bull stampede is film's hightlight.

Ballad of Andy Crocker, The (1969)
Running Time: 74 mins Color
Starring: Lee Majors, Joey Heatherton, Jimmy Dean, Bobby Hatfield, Marvin Gaye
When a Vietnam veteran returns home to civilian life in Texas, he finds that things are just not as he remembers. For one thing, his girlfriend is now married and his business partner is a crook. Dealing with these changes are just part of what he has to contend with.

Band Of Outsiders (1964)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Anna Karina, Claude Brasseur, Sami Frey.
Woman hires small-time theives to swindle her aunt. Produced by Jean-Luc Godard. English subtitles. Dir. Jean-Luc Godard.

Bandits Of Orgosolo (1964)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Michele Cossu, Peppeddu Cuccu.
A shepherd must flee to the mountains and join a band of desperados after sheltering them from the police. Written and Photographed by Vittorio De Sica. English dubbed. Dir. Vittorio De Sica.

Battle Of Blood Island (1960)
Running Time: 64 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Devon, Ron Kennedy.
Two American GIs, a Christian and a Jew, are trapped by the Japanese on a small Pacific island. The two must overcome prejudice and work together to get off the island, which is scheduled for an atomic bomb test. Written by Joel Rapp, Produced by Stan Bickman. Dir. Joel Rapp

Battle Of El Alamein (1968)
Running Time: 105 mins Color
Starring: Frederick Stafford, Ettore Manni, Robert Hossein, Michael Rennie, George Hilton, Ira Furstenberg
No relation to the 1953 El Alamein (beyond a common "real life" source), The Battle of El Alamein was a French-Italian coproduction, largely lensed in Spain. Set during the titular desert battle of 1942, the film departs from expectation by concentrating on the Axis point of view. Though they mistrust one another, the German and Italian troops are forced to work shoulder to shoulder to ward off the British. And talk about revisionist history: Rommel (Robert Hossein) is the hero of the piece, and Montgomery (Michael Rennie) is the villain! Battle of El Alamein would make a fascinating triple feature with Five Graves to Cairo (1943) and The Desert Fox (1953). Incidentally, the "Calvin Jackson Padgett" credited with the direction is really Giorgio Ferroni.

Bells Of Death (1968)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Chun Ping, Chao Hsin Yen, Yi Chang, Feng Ku, Hsin Yen Chao, Kau Lam
Fashioning an early entry in the wuxia subgenre of martial arts films - sweeping and graceful action epics with literate subtexts - the legendary Shaw Brothers modeled their 1968 Bells of Death (AKA Duo hun ling) on a traditional spaghetti western. At the story's center is Wei Fu (Chang Yi), a seemingly unremarkable woodcutter. When his family is wiped out by psychotic marauders, Wei undertakes extensive martial arts training at the hands of an expert swordsman (Yeung Chi-hing) and sets out to exact revenge on the evildoers. En route, he encounters a young woman pathetically reduced to prostitution, and whisks her out of the sordid life that ensconces her. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Beyond the Law (1968)
Running Time: 78 mins Color
Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Antonio Sabato Jr. , Lionel Stander
Unlike Clint Eastwood, who in the 1960s was cast as the Man With No Name, Beyond the Law star Lee Van Cleef has a name, and a very functional one. Van Cleef is known to one and all as Bandit Turned Sheriff. Actually, a more appropriate cognomen would be Bandit Turned Sheriff But Still a Bandit, since Van Cleef only pretends to reform so that he can steal a cavalry payroll. Since it's hard to watch Beyond the Law with a straight face to begin with, the producers wisely decided to turn this spaghetti western into a semi-comedy. Released in Italy in 1967 as Al Di La Della Legge, Beyond the Law was distributed in the US in 1971.

Big Bad Wolf, The (1966)
Running Time: ## mins Color

Live action children's tale narrated by Paul Tripp.

Black Abbot (1963)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: Dieter Borsche, Gritt Bottcher, Eva-Ingeborg Scholz
This mystery is based on an Edgar Wallace tale and centers upon an enigmatic, seemingly supernatural abbot who lives in a tower connected to an abandoned old country manse said to contain a fabulous treasure. It is the black-hooded monk's duty to keep thieves at bay. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Black Sun (1967)
Running Time: 88 mins Color
Starring: Michelle Mercier, Daniel Gellin
A rich young Frenchwoman (Michèle Mercier) meets a U.S. pilot (David O'Brien) and finds her long-lost brother (Daniel Gélin) in Africa.

Black Tights (1960)
Running Time: 123 mins Color
Starring: Cyd Charisse, Zizi Jeanmarie, Moira Shearer, Roland Petit, Zizi Jeanmaire
A wondrous celebration of dance, Terence Young's Black Tights is a collection of four lavish musicals staged by Roland Petit's Ballet de Paris and filmed in vibrant Technicolor.

Bloody The Contra (1969)
Running Time: 89 mins Color

A Bolivian rebel-force leader attempts to survive in the mountains as he must escape from governmental military troops.

Boxer And Death (1963)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Stefan Kvietik.
Boxer in concentration camp challenges the boxing-obsessed commandant. English subtitles. Dir. Joseph Kane.

Boy Who Loved Horses, The (1961)
Running Time: 01:11:52:00 Black & White
Young Danish boy, who inherits his father's love of horses, kidnaps spirited Lippizan stallion before the school can return the animal to the dealer to be slaughtered.

Caroline And The Rebels (1962)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Jean-Claude Brialy.
Adult-oriented drama. English dubbed. Color.

Cartouche (Aka Swords Of Blood) (1962)
Running Time: 125 mins Color
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Claudia Cardinale, Jess Hahn, Jean Rochefort, No?l Roquevert, Odile Versois.
In 18th-century France, a bandit meets a beautiful gypsy who convinces him to become a Robin Hood-like do-gooder. Together they steal from the affluent until she's killed and he must seek revenge. Written by Phillipe de Broca. English dubbed. Dir. Phillipe de Broca

Cassandra Cat (Aka When The Cat Comes) (1963)
Running Time: 87 mins Black & White
Starring: Jan Werich, Vlastimil Bordsky, Jiri Sovak.
Small town is disrupted by a cat wearing sunglasses, who shows the townspeople's true natures by turning them into different colors. Needless to say he is not welcomed and it's up to the children to save the cat from a taxidermy-obsessed school principal. English dubbed. COLOR.

Castilian (1963)
Running Time: 128 mins Color

The young leader of the Spanish kingdom of Castile tries to get the various warring kingdoms of Spain to unite and join forces against the invading Moors.

Cavalry Command (1963)
Running Time: 77 mins Color
Starring: John Agar, Alicia Vergel, Richard Arlen, Myron Healey, William Phipps.
Philippine nationalist rebels against American occupation in 1902, but is torn between fighting off the soldiers and allowing them to help his people with food and medicine. Written by Eddie Romero. Dir. Gerardo de Leon , Eddie Romero.

Cemetery Without Crosses (1969)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Guido Lollobrigida
A melancholic, fetishistic gunfighter is drawn into a vengeful and tragic kidnapping plot by his widowed ex-lover.

Cervantes (1967)
Running Time: 111 mins Color
Starring: Horst Buchholz, Gina Lollobrigida, Jose Ferrer, Louis Jourdan, Fernando Rey
Spain's famed novelist and poet leaves his homeland to become a soldier. English dubbed. Dir. Vincent Sherman

Cleopatra era Candida (1964)
Black & White

A widower ladies man courts and marries the coat-check-girl. In the night of their wedding they receive a letter from his daughter in Mexico D.C. with the announcement that the dead wife's sister is coming to marry him.

Cliche Family in Televisionland (1965)
Running Time: 6 mins Black & White
Starring: Betty Garrett, Roger Price
A parody film made in-house by MPO Productions, one of the largest advertising companies of the 1950s and 1960s.

Color Me Dead (Aka D.O.A. Ii) (1969)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: Tom Tryon, Carolyn Jones, Rick Jason, Pat Connolly, Tony Ward, Penny Sugg.
Accountant mistakenly discovers some wrongdoing by a big Research & Development company, and is given a drink with a slow-acting poison in order to get him out of the way. Does he have enough time to find out whodunit and make them pay? Produced by Eddie Davis. Dir. Eddie Davis

Corriganville: The Story Of The Ray Corrigan Ranch (1960)

Crimson Circle (1960)
Running Time: 94 mins Black & White
Starring: Renate Ewart, Klausjürgen Wussow
The telltale red circle on the neck of a guillotine survivor means serious consequences for his family.

Dangerous Charter (1962)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: Chris Warfield, Chick Chandler, Sally Fraser, Peter Foster.
Fishermen take over an abandoned yacht and become involved in a heroin smuggling operation. Color.

Dangerous Charter Mystery (1962)
Running Time: 76 mins Color
Starring: Chris Warfield, Sally Fraser, Richard Foote, Peter Forster, Chick Chandler
After her auto-racing son is killed in a crash, wealthy Leonora wants custody of her grandson. Her daughter-in-law Sabena absolutely refuses, even when Leonora's attorney, Preston Morgan, approaches her with an offer of $500,000. Sabena's twin sister, Dara, wants the money, no matter what. She and her accomplice Jay Flagg scheme to push Sabena's car off a cliff, then collect the half-million dollars for themselves. Their plot is foiled, however, and while Leonora sees the error of her ways, Sabena develops a romantic interest in Morgan.

Dante's Inferno: The Life Of Gabriel Rosetti (1967)
Running Time: ## mins Black & White
Starring: Oliver Reed
A Ken Russell film with Oliver Reed

Deadly Companions, The (1961)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Brian Keith, Chill Wills
Keith is obsessed with huntdown down a Rebel army deserter who tried to scalp him.

Desert Commandos (1968)
Running Time: 96 mins Color
Starring: Ken Clark, Jeanne Valerie
Disguised as U.S. soldiers, a group of Nazi commandos infiltrate Allied Command headquarters in North Africa during World War II with a mission to assassinate all allied generals.

Diary Of A Telephone Operator (1969)
Running Time: 120 mins Color
Starring: Claudia Cardinale, Catherine Spaak
Marta e Nanda sono due amiche, una telefonista e l'altra manicure, che vivono assieme, ma hanno aspirazioni diverse: Marta è alla ricerca del vero amore, quello assoluto; Nanda della sicurezza di un matrimonio. Ma il rapporto tra le due amiche non va troppo bene perchè non appena Marta trova un uomo, subito Nanda cerca di accaparrarselo a scopo matrimonio. Alla fine Marta troverà il tenero Pietro, dolce e gentile. E' il vero amore? L'uomo perfetto con cui vivere la vita? Marta ne è convinta e lo sposa. Ma, come dice il proverbio, non esiste rosa senza spine, e che spine!

Drums of Tabu, The (1966)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: James Philbrook, Seyna Seyn, Paco Morán
The story follows a drunk who discovers a Samoan princess washed up on the shore of a beach.

Duel of the Champions (1961)
Running Time: 106 mins Color

A duel takes place in order to put an end to the long and bloody war between the Romans and the Albans. Three valiant brothers are chosen for each side. The Romans choose three brothers: the Orazi. The Albans are represented by the Curiazi. During the fierce and bloody final duel the Romans defeat their opponents.

Eagles Over London (1969)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: Van Johnson, Frederick Stafford, Francisco Rabal, Evelyn Stewart, Ida Galli, Luigi Pistilli
Based on actual World War II events, La Battaglia d'Inghilterra chronicles the success of a German intelligence group's efforts to infiltrate the British army on the eve of the historic Battle of Britain. Directed by Enzo G. Castellari, the film features Ida Galli, Christian Hay, Van Johnson, Renzo Palmer, and Luigi Pistilli.

Eleanor Roosevelt Story, The (1965)
Running Time: ## mins Black & White

Oscar-winning documentary account of the First Lady. Narrated by Archibald Macleish, Eric Sevareid Francis Cole

Escort for Hire (1960)
Black & White

An unemployed actor hires out as a bodyguard-companion for a woman and finds himself involved in murder.

Eye For An Eye, An (1966)
Starring: Robert Lansing
After the murder of his wife and son, a bounty hunter teams up with a young fellow and they both set ourt to get the men responsible.

Face In The Rain, A (1963)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Rory Calhoun, Niall MacGinnis
Damon's in black-face as blacks take on whites who take on Hispanics in this very entertaining teenage gang war extravaganza. Teenage punks slice and dice each other, turn innocent young girls into sleazy tramps, threaten innocent citizens, get involved i

Fat Spy, The (1965)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Jane Mansfield, Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard, Brian Donlevy
Joseph Cates (Who Killed Teddy Bear?) directed this insipid, widely reviled musical-comedy featuring heavyset comedian Jack E. Leonard in his leaden screen debut as twins Irving and Herman. The plot concerns some teenagers searching for treasure on a tropical island owned by a cosmetics tycoon (Brian Donlevy). His daughter (Jayne Mansfield, a year before her death) heaves her bosom a great deal and sings (badly). The best singing is done by lead teen Jordan Christopher, making his own screen debut with some promising numbers backed by the Wild Ones. There are a number of subplots involving spies, mermaids, and the legendary Fountain of Youth, as well as some amusing interplay between Leonard and Phyllis Diller to keep things interesting.

Feet Of Clay (1960)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Vincent Ball, Angela Douglas, Wendy Williams, Hilda Fenemore.
Lawyer working on a case discovers that a probation officer is the man behind a drug smuggling operation.

Five For Hell (1967)
Running Time: 99 mins Color
Starring: Klaus Kinksi
Noone expects the army's five meanest men to come back alive when they're sent on a suicide mission behind enemy lines to steal the plans for a big German offensive. WWII thriller.

Five Minutes To Live (a.k.a. Door To Door Maniac) (1961)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Cash, Donald Woods, Cay Forester
Country star Johnny Cash stars in this tale of a kidnapper who takes a housewife hostage and demands a ransom from her wealthy husband. Also known as DOOR TO DOOR MANIAC, which is what the film was originally billed as in 1965.

Flight From Singapore (1962)
Running Time: 74 mins Black & White
Starring: Patrick Allen
Two British pilots begin an airline that serves the Singapore-to-Hong Kong route. One of their flights develops problems and crashes in the jungle. What makes matters even worse is that aboard the crashed plane are desperately needed medical supplies.

Flight of the Lost Balloon (1961)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Marshall Thompson, Mala Powers, James Lanphier, Douglas Kennedy, Robert Gillete
In a crumbling fortress on the Nile, a despotic Hindu is holding a British explorer prisoner: Sir Hubert, who has discovered the hidden tomb where Cleopatra's treasure is buried.

Forger Of London (1961)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Karin Dor, Hellmut Lange, Siegfried Lowitz
A ring of counterfeiters is flooding the country with phony money, and suspicion falls upon a wealthy playboy who may--or may not--have amnesia.

Freedom To Die (1962)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Paul Maxwell, Felicity Young, Bruce Seton.
Fugitive tracks down fellow burglar's daughter to get her to unlock a safety deposit box. Dir. Frank O'Connor.

Generale Della Rovere (1960)
Running Time: 139 mins Black & White
Starring: Vittorio DeSica.
Con man impersonates dead general and becomes fascinated with the latter's code of honor. English subtitles.

Running Time: 00:57:39:22 Black & White
World War I,: German soldier meets girld in an occupied Belgian village and despite war they fall in love.

Girl In Lovers Lane (1960)
Running Time: 78 mins Color
Starring: Brett Halsey, Lowell Brown, Joyce Meadows
TV star Brett Halsey is the lead in The Girl in Lover's Lane. While drifting through a small town, Bix (Halsey) becomes involved with local tease Carrie (Joyce Meadows). Shortly afterward, Carrie is murdered, and Bix is held responsible. The actual killer is feeble-minded Jesse (Jack Elam), but the villagers aren't as quick on the uptake as the movie audience. Only the intervention of runaway youngster Danny (Lowell Brown) saves Bix from a lynch mob. Girl in Lover's Lane was directed by another TV habitue, Charles R. Rondeau.

Girl With A Suitcase (1961)
Running Time: 108 mins Color
Starring: Claudia Cardinale, Jacques Perrin, Luciana Angiolillo
When a young Italian boy falls in love with his older brother's ex-girlfriend, she knows there is no future for such a relationship and leaves with a musician, to protect him. A sensitive and compassionate look at young love and the joy and pain it brings.

Green Archer, The (1960)
Running Time: 94 mins Black & White
Starring: Gert Frobe
Klaus Wussow plays a brilliant role as the ordinary "Wallace Scotland Yard Inspector" and also Gert "Goldfinger" Fr?be is showing why he should be regarded as one of the best german actors ever. If you aren't into the german Wallace films.. This one is the best start.

Gregorio and The Angel (1966)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: Broderick Crawford
Bizarre and maudlin fantasy with US star Broderick Crawford as a hopeless alcoholic who undergoes a trial of faith under the guidance of a pixie-ish "Angel". Filmed in Mexico but spoken in broken English by Mexican actors. Jerry Lewis clone Tin Tan plays a great devil in several incarnations. The obnoxious little angel-girl is kidnapped by the devil to become a carnival prophet. You also get to hear a Mexican version of "Love Me With All Your Heart" sung while Gregorio is in Acapulco. A weird flick with funny dialog, and a slick TV-movie exposition that is both overwrought and overwhelming. Crawford, however, is stunning as the heartfelt drunk, in a role reminiscent of Charles Laughton in the haunting THE BEACHCOMBER.

Half Pint, The (1960)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Pat Goldin, Tommy Blackman, Ray Cordell
Light-hearted story that revolves around a hobo, a chimp, and a six-year-old boy.

Hand (1960)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Derek Bond, Brian Coleman, Ray Cooney
In this odd crime film, Scotland Yard begins searching for the one-armed killer behind a series of gruesome murders. The story begins in Burma during WW II with the capture and torture of a British captain and his two men. The soldiers refuse to give the Burmese information, and their interrogators chop off their right hands. The captain relents and tells them all they want to know; thereby, preserving his own hand. The story leaps ahead into the present where a series of murders involving amputations have occurred. The Yard detectives trace the killings to the former captain. He is pursued by the police. He flees across some railroad tracks, falls and has his hand cut off by a passing train.

Harold Lloyd's World Of Comedy (1961)
Running Time: 94 mins Black & White

Hilarious scenes from his silent and sound films as compiled by Lloyd.

Hawks & The Sparrows (1967)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White

On an empty road, an old man is walking with his son. They meet a crow that can speak. They are changed into monks and Saint Francois sent them to preach for hawks and sparrows. A reflexion about idealism.

Hell In Normandy (1968)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Peter Lee Lawrence, Guy Madison.
Group of parachutists must destroy the flame thrower installations on Omaha Beach. Color. Dir. Henry King.

Hollywood Museum (1964)
Running Time: ## mins Color

Released in 1964 describing the proposed museum which never was to be. Narrated by many greats of radio, screen, and TV.

Imperial Venus (1962)
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida
IMPERIAL VENUS (1963) is an elaborate Italian-French co-production which chronicles the exploits of the sister of Napoleon Buonaparte from the time of the dictator's initial conquests to his exile on Elba. As played by Gina Lollobrigida, Paulette (later dubbed Paolina after she marries a Roman prince) is beautiful, willful, impulsive, and not a little promiscuous, yet she remains devoted to her brother through thick and thin, the only family member who doesn't abandon him in his darkest hours. It's well-acted by an international cast and engages our interest because it strips a host of larger-than-life characters down to human scale and invests the drama with passion, emotion and flawed, recognizable behavior.

In Saigon, Some May Live (1966)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: Joseph Cotton, Martha Hyer
A woman who works for American Intelligence headquarters in Saigon relates important military information to her husband, a communist agent.

Inn For Trouble (1960)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Peggy Mount, David Kossoff, Leslie Phillips, A.E. Matthews.
A suburban couple become country publicans. Extension of the popular TV series, "The Larkins". Dir. Vittorio De Sica.

Inn On The River (1962)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Joachim Fuchsberger, Brigitte Grothum, Elisabeth Flickenschildt
A serial killer named The Shark is terrorizing London by killing his victims with a speargun and then, dressed in a scruba-diver's wetsuit, using the city's sewer tunnels to make his getaway. Inspector Wade of Scotland Yard is assigned to the case, and he begins to suspect that the Shark is tied in with a smuggling ring the authorities believe is run out of a dive on the Thames waterfront called The Mekka.

Intruder, The )
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White

The Intruder was not only Roger Corman's most daring and unusual film, but a unique movie in the history of cinema, as one of the few theatrical feature films to deal with school desegregation in the South. William Shatner gives the performance of a lifetime as Adam Cramer, a sly, rabble-rousing racist who travels the South in the wake of the Supreme Court's Brown vs. Board of Education decision, fomenting protests and riots and organizing white citizens groups with himself at their head. By turns quietly soft-spoken and boldly charismatic, Cramer arrives in a small town where the local white high school is about to get its first black students and manipulates the men, women, and students around him, quietly taking control of the debate and the agenda, and turning a tense situation into a riot. He's opposed by Frank Maxwell, playing a local newspaper editor who pays a terrible price for his thoughtful and reasonable nature, Jeanne Cooper as a woman whom he tried to seduce, and Leo V. Gordon (in a rare benevolent role) as her husband, a working man without a lot of patience for rabble-rousers. In the end, after maiming one man and nearly killing another, Cramer is stopped when he is exposed for what he is ? weak and pathetic when confronted directly. The film was shot on-location in the South despite the active opposition of local authorities and threats from members of the Ku Klux Klan, and once finished, Corman discovered that there was hardly a theater anywhere in America that was willing to play it, because the movie's subject was so incendiary. Thus, The Intruder became just about the only movie Corman ever made that lost money, and was much more widely seen in Europe, where it was greeted simply as a bold, unusual, and well-made film.

Iron Angel (1964)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Jim Davis, L.Q. Jones, Donald Red Barry, Margo Woode, R. Wayland Williams.
Special squadron goes on mission to knock out a North Korean mortar that is blocking a crucial road. Written and Produced by Ken Kennedy. Dir. Ken Kennedy

Island, The (1960)
Running Time: 96 mins Black & White
Starring: Nobuko Otowa, Taiji Tonoyomo.
Peasant family struggles to exist on a small island. No dialogue. Dir. Kaneto Shindo.

It Takes A Thief (1960)
Running Time: 101 mins Color
Starring: Jayne Mansfield, Anthony Quayle, Carl Möhner
A gang leader dumps her criminal boyfriend when he is convicted of robbery, but he recovers the stolen loot once he's released. In retaliation, the gang kidnaps his son and demands the money as ransom.

It's Raining Money (Aka As If It Were Raining) (1963)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: Eddie Constantine, Elisa Mont?s, Jos? Nieto, Silvia Solar, Henri Cogan.
Secret agent Lemmy Caution goes to Spain for a needed vacation, but winds up in the middle of an embezzlement plot. English dubbed. Dir. Jose-Luis Monter

Johnny Nobody (1961)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Nigel Patric, Aldo Ray, William Bendix
Dir. Nigel Patrick. An Irish priest suspects muder when a drunken author is killed. Neat, well-made thriller.

Judex (1963)
Black & White

Vigilante hero Judex (Channing Pollack) goes after Favraux (Michel Vitold), a crooked banker who defrauded scores of unwitting lenders. To make him pay for his crime, Judex slips the swindler a potion at the engagement party of his daughter Jacqueline (Édith Scob). Favraux appears to drop dead; one grave-digging expedition later, Judex has revived the big shot to administer justice! But the avenger will still have to keep one eye on Favraux's scheming governess, Diana Monti (Francine Bergé).

Judex (1964)
Running Time: 103 mins Black & White
Starring: Channing Pollock, Francine Berge.
Cloaked avenger battles against criminal gangs. English subtitles.

Kindar the Invulnerable (1965)

An evil desert bandit kidnaps the son of a sultan and raises him as his own. It turns out that the son has magic powers and is invincible. Years later, as a young man, he falls in love with a woman and is preparing to raid a village--when he finds out that the woman is actually his brother's fiance and the village belongs to his real father.

Lakhon Mein Eik (1967)

Las Hijas Del Cid (1962)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Chantal Deberg, Roland Carey, Sandro Moretti
Film based on the homonymous poem and other documents from the epoque.

Last Year At Marienbad (1961)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: Delphine Seyrig, Giorgio Albetazzi.
Beautiful cinematography highlights this story of a young man trying to convince a mysterious woman to run away with him. English subtitles. Dir. Roger Corman.

L'Avventura (1960)
Running Time: 143 mins Black & White
Starring: Monica Vitti Gabriel Ferzetti
Dir. Antonioni.

Les Bonnes Femmes (The Good Girls) (1960)
Running Time: 105 mins Black & White
Starring: Bernadette Lafont, Lucile Saint Simon.
Interesting portrayal of four working girls and their efforts to find love. English subtitles. Dir. Phil Rosen.

Life Is A Circus (1962)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: The Crazy Gang, Shirley Eaton.
The Gang's first film appearance has them as sweepers for a circus.

Little Nuns (1965)
Running Time: 100 mins Black & White
Starring: Catherine Spaak, Sylva Koscina, Amedeo Nazzari.
Two nuns from a remote Italian village go to Rome to persuade an airline to reroute their jets which are disturbing their convent. English dubbed.

Lola (Aka London Affair) (1969)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Charles Bronson, Susan George, Trevor Howard, Robert Morley, Honor Blackman, Orson Bean.
Romance between a forty-year-old American writer and a 16 year old girl. Color.

London Affair (1969)
Running Time: 77 mins Color
Starring: Charles Bronson
It's an erratic but funny, sincere flick about a pulp writer who falls in love with a much-younger schoolgirl. Early directorial effort by Richard Donner has expressive eyes and ears. Very well edited, with appealing scenes, lots of energy. Fine acting, especially by Bronson.

Look In Any Window (1961)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Paul Anka, Ruth Roman, Alex Nicol
Teen idol Paul Anka plays Craig Fowler, the troubled son of dysfunctional parents Jackie and Jay Fowler (Ruth Roman and Alex Nicol). When Jay loses his job as a aircraft mechanic, he goes on a drinking binge to end all, passing out on the floor in front of his bored and disappointed wife. Meanwhile, across the back fence, Betty Lowell (Carole Mathews) confronts her philandering playboy husband Gareth (Jack Cassidy) about his extracurricular activities at work - activities which she has conveniently rationalized, as his success has made them the envy of their neighbors. While the parents fight, Craig and Betty's daughter Eileen (Gigi Perreau) indulge in a growing interest in each other - but what role models do they have for "normal" behavior? And how long can Craig hide his dark secret: a compulsion which drives him to prowl the neighborhood's quiet streets at night and peep in windows? Cast members Jack Cassidy and George Dolenz both were fathers of future rock star sons, David Cassidy ("The Partridge Family") and Micky Dolenz ("The Monkees").

Love On A Pillow (1962)
Running Time: 102 mins Color
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Robert Hossein, Jean-Marc Bory
A young girl rescues a man from a suicide attempt. He turns out to be a sociopath, who begins to take over her life, abusing her both verbally and emotionally, yet she can't seem to tear herself away from him.

Running Time: 01:12:23:00 Black & White
Military men try to pick up these three girls in a small town.

Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1960)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Lurene Tuttle, Tris Coffin, Paul Dubov, Tristram Coffin, Vic Lundin, Eric Sinclair
The story of America's most notorious gangster mother is chronicled in this crime drama. The tale starts in Oklahoma during the Depression. Ma Barker and her outlaw progeny go on the lam until the police finally corner her in her richly appointed Florida hideout. A bloody shoot-out ensues.

Ma Barker's Killer Brood (1960)
Black & White

Ma Barker and her four sons terrorize the 1930s South and Midwest with a string of kidnappings, robberies and murders, and even get to work with such famous criminals as John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson.

Madigan's Millions (1967)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Elsa Martinelli, Cesar Romero
In his first movie role, Hoffman plays an inept Treasury agent sent to Italy to recover a fortune stolen from a murdered gangster.

Madigan's Millions (1967)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Caesar Romero
A treasury agent is sent to Italy to recover stolen taxes.

Make Like A Thief (1966)
Running Time: 79 mins Color
Starring: Richard Long, Ake Lindman, Pirkko Mannola
Long takes the blame for a financial swindle and jumps bail.

March on Rome (1960)
Running Time: 91 mins Black & White
Starring: Vittorio Gassman, Roger Hanin
Description Coming Soon

Married Woman, A (1965)
Black & White
24 hours in a woman's life in which she has sexual realations with both her husband and her lover.

Matter Of WHO (1961)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Terry-Thomas, Sonja Ziemann, Alex Nicol
Terry-Thomas, Alex Nicol, Honor Blackman. A man's death of smallpox at London airport sends officials into a panic as they conduct a frantic search for the carrier. Nice performances and a good script. 35mm.

Monk, The (1969)
Running Time: 73 mins Color
Starring: George Maharis, Janet Leigh and Jack Albertson
Maharis is a modern day private eye framed into an embarrassing situation that leads to murder. Characters created by Blake Edwards. Also starring Edward G. Robinson and Joe Besser.

Monocle, The (1964)
Running Time: 97 mins Black & White
Starring: Barbara Stele, Marcel Dalio, Paul Meurisse
Suspenseful espionage tale about a Hong Kong secret agent who races against time in pursuit of a ruthless Asiatic group determined to destroy an American nuclear aircraft carrier.

Mozambique (1966)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Steve Cochran, Hildegarde Neff
Description Coming Soon

Murder At 45 R.P.M. (1965)
Running Time: 98 mins Black & White
Starring: Danielle Darrieux, Michel Auclair, Jean Servais, Henri Guisol, Jacqueline Danno.
Lovers suspect each other of murder after the woman's husband is mysteriously killed in a car accident. English dubbed. Dir. ?tienne P?rier

Murder In Mississippi (1965)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: San Stewart, Sheila Britton
White dilettante Carol Lee Byrd and her two friends are arrested by mean racist Sheriff Engstrom in the deep south for trying to encourage local browbeaten black citizens to become registered voters. After her friends are both killed, Byrd gets abducted by two sleazy rednecks who keep her in a secluded cabin so they can use her as their own personal sex slave.

Night Of Evil (1962)
Running Time: 88 mins Color
Starring: Lisa Gaye, William Campbell, Lynette Bernay
The story of a young girl who goes from being a high school cheerleader to a stripper who commits an armed robbery.

Night They Killed Rasputin (1960)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Edmund Purdom, Gianna Maria Canale, John Drew Barrymore
Rasputin was a lusty steppes peasant, a god revealed, a cunning patriot, all that, or a mystifier? An intriguing biography.

Night Tide (1963)
Running Time: 01:25:00:15 Black & White
Side show mermaid, believing she is descendant of the Sea People who are compelled to kill when moon is full, falls in love with young sailor...chooses death rather than destruction.

Not Tonite, Henry! (1960)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Hank Henry, Joni Day, Babe McDonnell
One of the early color near-nudie films and was re-shown often by, mostly, drive-in theatre owners in need of a quick cash fix. They would hang out the "Adults Only" sign, thereby ensuring that every high school and junior high boy (and more than a few dads) within an hour's drive would storm the gate, and turn on the pop corn machine and then hot-foot it to the night-deposit at the bank. "Not Tonight, Henry" (the actual title and not an alternate title as some seem to think) was a large step up in quality for director W. Merle Connell in that it was in color and also not just a static-camera filming of a burlesque show inside of one of L. A.'s smoky, grind house burlesques. The girls were still out of burlesque, as were Hank Henry and Little Jack Little: Hank Henry is more than a little frustrated at the "lack of attention" he is getting at home from his wife and starts dreaming up amorous escapades with sirens from the past... Cleopatra, Josephine, Delilah and others. Most end in some old burlesque skit or blackout gag, but Henry makes the history rounds. While he is dreaming, his wife is reading a book about the great lovers of history. When he "returns" the wife tells him he doesn't have to sleep on the couch any more... and amends that to---"at least, not tonight, Henry."

Notorious Landlady (1962)
Running Time: 123 mins Black & White
Starring: Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon, Fred Astaire
An American junior diplomat in London rents a house from, and falls in love with, a woman suspected of murder.

Nun And Sergeant, The (1962)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Webber, Anna Sten, Leo V. Gordon, Harry Rhodes, Robert Easton.
During the Korean War, a tough GI leads a group of misfit recruits on an impossible mission. Dir. Franklin Adreon

Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge, An (1962)
Running Time: 28 mins Black & White

Cannes 1962 Festival Winner. Based on short story by Ambrose Bierce.

Once Before I Die (1965)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: Ursula Andress, John Derek, Ron Ely, Rod Lauren, Richard Jaeckel, Vance Skarstedt
A WWII drama, this is the story of a small band of soldiers in the Philippines, under attack by the Japanese. They decide to try to escape by fleeing through the jungle, taking with them John Derek's fiancee (Ursula Andress), whose presence causes the complications one would expect. A war-time tragedy, it got its name from the fact that Andress has sex with a virgin soldier.

Once Upon A Coffee House (1965)
Black & White

A coffeehouse singer is the object of a young man's fancy...he pursues her endlessly in this 60s beatnik comedy.

One Plus One: Exploring The Kinsey Reports (1961)
Running Time: 114 mins Black & White
Starring: Leo G. Carroll, Hildy Brooks, William Traylor
Professor Logan (Leo G. Carroll) is involved in an adult panel discussion of five sex-related issues dramatized in five separate but integrated sequences: "Honeymoon" (pre-marital relations), "Homecoming'(extra-marital relations), "The Divorcee" (promiscuity among divorcees), "Average Man" (problems of the average man in sexual relations) and "Baby" (a story of abortion).

Operation Gold Ingot (1960)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Alberto Lionello, Felix Marten.
Ex-secret agent thwarts a gang of crooks. English dubbed. Dir. Roberto Rossellini.

Opium Connection (1966)
Running Time: 100 mins Color
Starring: Stephen Boyd, E.G. Marshall, Eli Wallach, Yul Brynner, Rita Hayworth
Impressive cast in an anti-drug drama produced by the United Nations from a story by James Bond creator Ian Fleming. Filmed on location in Iran, Monaco and Italy, the film explains how poppies are converted in heroin and brought into the United States.

Over The Hill Gang, The (1969)
Running Time: 74 mins Color
Starring: Walter Brennan, Pat O'Brien
Several elderly ex-Texas Rangers reunite to stem off corruption in a crooked Texas town. A cast of memorable TV old-timers.

Overcoat, The (1962)
Black & White
Tragic story of a poor man and his overcoat. Russian film with English subtitles

Panic Button (1963)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Maurice Chevalier, Eleanor Parker
Description Coming Soon

Panic In The City (1968)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Nehemiah Persoff, Anne Jeffreys, Howard Duff, Dennis Hopper, Linda Cristal, Stephen McNally, Oscar Beregi Jr.
Intelligence agent must stop two Communist scientists' plot to start World War III by detonating their home-made atom bomb in California. Dir. Eddie Davis

Papa's Delicate Condition (1963)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Jackie Gleason, Glynis Johns, Charles Ruggles
If Jack Griffith's wife doesn't like the color of a neighbor's house, he'll arrange for it to be a house of a different color. If the owner of the ice cream parlor doesn't believe in selling triple banana splits for a penny, Jack will buy the establishment. And if Jack's little girl wants the pony in the circus parade, why not buy the entire circus! This last prank sends Amberlyn Griffith back to Texarkana c. 1900, where her father is running for his third term as mayor. Jack follows, bringing the entire circus.

Paranoia (1969)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Carroll Baker, Lou Costell
Description Coming Soon

Pattern For Plunder (1963)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Keenan Wynn, Mai Zetterling
A trio of World War 2 vets band together to search for a lost Nazi fortune.

Persona (1966)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Bibi Andersson, Liv Ullman.
Bergman's masterpiece about an actress who suddenly stops speaking, and who's personality begins to merge with that of the nurse who is assigned to care for her. Produced and Written by Ingmar Bergman. English subtitles.

Phantom Of Soho (1967)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Dieter Borsche, Barbara R?tting, Hans S?hnker, Peter Vogel, Helga Sommerfeld.
Detective investigates murders of prominent businessmen and gets mixed up with a mystery writer who claims she knows the killer's identity. Written by Edgar Wallace's son Bryan. English dubbed. Dir. Franz Josef Gottlieb

Pistols and Petticoats (1966)
Starring: Ann Sheridan
The Hankses lived in the town of Wretched, Colorado, in the year 1870, where at that time, the sprawling Old West was being occupied by outlaws. It was up to the Hankses to clean up the town, which made them more popular with the citizens than with the town sheriff, Harold Sikes, who did not like having the spotlight shine on the Hankses. The Hankses also had adversaries with rival Buss Courtney and members of a nearby Indian tribe, led by Chief Eagle Shadow, and his assistants, Grey Hawk and Little Bear.

Promise, The (1969)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Ian McKellan, Susan MacReady
During the siege of Leningrad Marat goes to the partly wrecked home of his parents and there finds Lika, a sixteen year old girl who has sought shelter there. they become friendly and fall in love but are later joined by leonidik who is starving. they care for him and shortly afterwards Marak joins the army promising Lika that he will return. At the end of the war Lika hasn't heard from Marat except for a telegram on her birthday and she now believes that he's died but he turns up suddenly. The situation becomes somewhat impossible and Marat leaves. Leonidik and Lika marry and thirteen years later Marat again calls on them. Following a dramatic confrontation Leonidik realises that Loka's real love is foe Marat and he gallantly walks out of their lives

Promises! Promises! (1963)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Jayne Mansfield, Marie McDonald, Tommy Noonan
After a drunken spree on a cruise ship, two women discover that they're pregnant, and set out to find who the fathers are.

Queen Of The Nile (1964)
Running Time: 97 mins Color
Starring: Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price, Edmund Purdom
In this Italian costume epic chronicles the exploits of an innocent maiden who lives near Thebes. She is in love with a sculptor but cannot marry him when a high-ranking reveals that he is her father and that she was betrothed at birth to a mentally ill prince slated to soon take over the country. The father then hands down a death sentence for the sculptor, but fortunately he escapes to find the prince, who happens to be a friend of his. There he asks for and is granted a pardon. Time passes and the prince becomes king; meanwhile, the maiden undergoes a ritual purification and changes her name to "Nefertiti." The sculptor is now with a gypsy. Unfortunately, he is again imprisoned by Nefertiti's father who threatens to kill him unless his unwilling daughter marries the new king. After the wedding, the sculptor does a bust of his beloved, and she tells him that while she still loves him, she fears for her husband's mind if she leaves. Her manipulative father is well aware of the king's instability and is hoping that eventually he will have all the power. To get closer, he kills the king's best friend, a rival priest, which pushes the king to suicide. Suddenly Nefertiti becomes queen. With the sculptor's help, she rallies the army and wins her power. In the end, the jilted gypsy gets her revenge by killing Nefertiti's father.

Raising The Wind (1962)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips, Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Jennifer Jayne.
Carry-On type comedy as a group of competitive young musicians share a house. Color.

Rands Of A Strangler (1961)
Running Time: ## mins Black & White
Starring: Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee and Mel Ferrer star in this classic tale of a pianist whose hands are ruined in a plane crash. The hands of a condemned murderer are grafted onto his and he becomes obsessed and feels they will murder again. Basil Sydney and Donald Wolfit co-star. (Aka The Hands of Orlac)

Ravagers, The (1965)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: John Saxon, Fernando Poe Jr, Bronwyn Fitzsimmons, Michael Parsons, Robert Arevalo.
A group of Filipino guerrillas attempt to repel the last remnants of Japanese forces on their islands. Written by Eddie Romero, Produced by Kane W. Lynn & Eddie Romero. Dir. Eddie Romero

Return Of Dr. Mabuse (1961)
Running Time: 88 mins Black & White
Starring: Part of a series of movies, this is another tale of the wicked Dr. Mabuse whose plans to dominate the world this time involve sending his drones to attack a nuclear power plant. Barker, the FBI man, and Frobe, the inspector, are teamed up to keep him from succeeding.
Part of a series of movies, this is another tale of the wicked Dr. Mabuse whose plans to dominate the world this time involve sending his drones to attack a nuclear power plant. Barker, the FBI man, and Frobe, the inspector, are teamed up to keep him from succeeding.

Ride the High Wind (1966)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Darren McGavin, Maria Perschy, Albert Lieven
The sky lights up and the desert comes alive on this desperate search for hidden millions.

Ring of Terror (1962)
Black & White
Starring: George E. Mather
Med student Lewis Moffitt harbours a secret fear of the dark stemming from a traumatic childhood incident involving a corpse. Nonetheless, he pretends to be unaffected during the first autopsy witnessed by his class, and generally affects an attitude of fearlessness. This, however, inspires his would-be frat brothers to conceive a particularly morbid initiation ritual -- one which will, inevitably, go horribly awry.

Rise Of Louis Xiv (1966)
Running Time: 100 mins Black & White
Starring: Jean-Marie Patte as King Louis XIV, Raymond Jourdan.
Documentary-like look at the young sun-king. English subtitles. COLOR. Dir. Roberto Rossellini.

Risk (1960)
Running Time: 81 mins Color
Starring: Tony Britton, Virginia Maskell, Ian Bannen
UK scientists find a cure for plague but their government, fearing its military-biological potential, keeps the discovery secret until a scientist is duped into giving it to a foreign power.

River Of Evil (1964)
Running Time: 120 mins Black & White
Starring: Barbara Rutting, Harald Leipnitz, Cyl Farney, Oswaldo Loureiro.
Young girl takes trip through jungle to discover the secret of her father's death. English dubbed. Dir. Franz Eichhorn

Rocco And His Brothers (1961)
Running Time: 175 mins Black & White
Starring: Alain Delon, Renato Salvatori, Annie Girardot.
Story focuses mainly on two brothers who fight over the affections of a prostitute. Written by Luchino Visconti. English subtitles. Dir. William Beaudine.

Run Man Run (1968)
Starring: Tomas Milian
Several competing groups and mavericks (including the lead character Cuchillo) are hunting a gold treasure of $3,000,000. The gold was reserved for the Mexican revolution.

S.O.S. Pacific (1960)
Running Time: 91 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Pier Angeli
Five passengers on a seaplane find that a crash has stranded them on an island used for nuclear testing in this disaster movie. Just to get to the island, they had to endure many hardships including a hurricane, a gun-battle, shark-infested seas, and a fire on the plane. Panic ensues when the diverse group learns that in five hours, another bomb will be tested there. While the story is action-based, most of the time is spent looking at the individual characters and the way they cope. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Samar (1962)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: George Montgomery, Gilbert Roland
George Montgomery plays a cynical doctor that is taken to prison at Samar island because his political opinions. The commander (Gilbert Roland) is waiting for his own doctor, that is supposed to work with him in moving the population to the interior.

Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Lane Nakano, Tamiko Aya, Tony Russel, Tatsuo Saitô, Roland Ray, Joe Yue, Miyako Morita, Keiko Doi
A Nisei officer (Lane Nakano) on a Dutch freighter falls in love with a nightclub hostess (Tamiko Aya) in Tokyo.

Secret File Hollywood (1961)
Running Time: 85 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Clarke, Francine York.
Private eye working for scandal sheet finds himself in a blackmail plot planned by his editor. Dir. William Nigh.

Seduced And Abandoned (1964)
Running Time: 118 mins Black & White
Starring: Saro Urzi, Stefania Sandrelli.
Comedic look at the complications that arise when a man seduces and makes pregnant the young sister of his finacee. English subtitles. An Italian father tries to find men for her daughter to marry. Italian film with English subtitles

Seven Times Seven (1968)
Running Time: 92 mins Color
Starring: Terry-Thomas, Lionel Stander
A gang of prison inmates escapes and robs the Royal Mint.

Seventh Commandment, The (1961)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Jonathan Kidd, Lyn Statten, John Carpenter
A man and his girlfriend driving in their car have an accident. The man gets amnesia and wanders away from the accident. He is taken in by a traveling preacher, and several years later returns to his hometown as the Rev. Tad Morgan, still unaware of his previous life there. His girlfriend, who was injured in the accident and is now an ex-convict living with her crook boyfriend in a sleazy apartment, decides to take her revenge on the now-respectable preacher.

Sherlock Holmes And The Deadly Necklace (1962)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Christopher Lee, Senta Berger, Thorley Walters, Hans S?hnker, Hans Nielsen, Ivan Desny.
Necklace is stolen from Cleopatra's tomb and Holmes must go up against Moriarty to get it back. Trouble is, Scotland Yard not only doesn't consider Moriarty a suspect, they ask his advice on catching the thief! English dubbed. Written by Curt Siodmak, from the novel "The Valley of Fear" by Arthur Conan Doyle. Dir. Terence Fisher, Frank Winterstein

Shoot The Piano Player (1962)
Running Time: 84 mins Black & White
Starring: Charles Aznavour.
Former concert pianist plays a seedy Paris cafe incognito and soon becomes involved with gangsters. English subtitles.

Shotgun Wedding (1963)
Running Time: 64 mins Color
Starring: J. Pat O'Malley, Jenny Maxwell, Valerie Allen
Melanie tries to come up with a way to get her boss to marry her after she becomes pregnant.

Simon Of The Desert (1965)
Running Time: 43 mins Black & White

Hilarious, irreverant comedy about a gorgeous devil who tempts an monk. English subtitles.

Black & White
Starring: Claudio Brooke
A Holy man following the example of St Simeon Stylites is tempted by the devil in the form of a woman.

Running Time: 00:56:06:00 Color
the story of a single woman searching for love told through the eyes of her landlord.

Ski Troop Attack (1960)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Richard Sinatra, Wally Campo, Sheila Carol, Roger Corman.
During WWII an American ski patrol, led by a tough sergeant and a wet-behind-the-ears lieutenant, is sent behind enemy lines. Produced by Roger Corman. Dir. Roger Corman

Snow White (1965)
Running Time: 76 mins Color

Dir. Paul Tripp. Live action version of the classic fairy tale. Award winner.

Sound Of Laughter (1962)
Running Time: 74 mins Black & White

Compilation of shorts with Harry Langdon, Buster Keaton, Bob Hope, Ed Wynn and more.

Spy Squad (1962)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Richard Jordahl, Dick O'Neil, Richard Miller
Secret agents set out in hot pursuit of enemy spies who are determined to keep tabs on a space capsule.

Squeaker (1963)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: Heinz Drache, Barbara Rütting, Günter Pfitzmann
Scotland Yard investigates a mystery man whose victims are found with traces of snake poison in their systems.

Stakeout (1962)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Bing Russell, Billy Hughes, Bill Hale.
Released convict is prevented from leading a normal life when his past keeps him from finding legitimate work. Written by James Landis.

Stark Fear (1962)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Beverly Garland, Skip Homeier, Kenneth Tobey
A sadistic husband mentally tortures his wife, while eventually planning to murder her. Although no one believes her, she gets help from an unexpected source.

Steel Claw, The (1961)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: George Montgomery, Charito Luna, Ben Perez, Mario Barri, Paul Sorenson, Amelia De La Rama
This WW II-era actioner, shot on location in the Philippines, tells the story of a former American fighter who single-handedly (literally--as he was honorably discharged after losing a hand in battle) organizes a crack team of guerrilla fighters and fights the invading Japanese.

Stop Train 349 (1963)
Running Time: 95 mins Color
Starring: José Ferrer, Sean Flynn, Nicole Courcel
At the height of the Cold War, an East German refugee slips aboard an American military duty train leaving West Berlin, deep inside East Germany. The Russian and East German authorities stop the train and demand that the "criminal" be handed over to them. The young American officer in charge of the train doesn't want to do it, but fears that he may have no choice in the matter. The movie is based on a true incident.

Strangers In The City (1962)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Gentile, Camilo Delgado, Rosita de Triana.
Puerto Rican family struggles in a Manhattan ghetto. Dir. Robert Rossellini.

Strike Me Deadly (1963)
Running Time: 81 mins Color
Starring: Gary Clarke, Jeannine Riley, Steve Quinn, Brian Patrick Clarke
A wild fire heightens the suspense of this exciting drama in which a ranger and his wife are pursued by a murderer after they witness a killing.

Subterfuge (1969)
Running Time: 89 mins Color
Starring: Joan Collins
A young wife is becoming very distraught over the fact that her husband, a secret service "spy" for England, has changed his mind about transferring away so that he can spend more time with her and their young son. He has grown cold and distant towards her; she thinks it 's because of the secretiveness of his work. Meanwhile, an American spy comes to England and is induced to help the British "team" with an undercover spy ring. When this spy ring is over turned the "bugs" that crawl out from under its rock shocks everyone!

Suicide Club (1960)
Running Time: 60 mins Color
Starring: Vincent Price, Cesar Romero, Everett Sloane
In deep depression, Prince Florizel discovers an organization which helps people to commit suicide. The thing is, they don't like these people to change their minds.

Sullivan's Marauders (1968)
Running Time: 82 mins (as Sullivan's Marauders) Color
Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Jack Kelly, Giampiero Albertini
During WW2, an Italian-American commando outfit, disguised as an Italian Army unit, is parachuted behind Axis lines in North Africa.

Sundays And Cybele (1962)
Running Time: 110 mins Black & White
Starring: Hardy Kruger, Nicole Courcel.
Townspeople frown upon the alliance of a war veteran and an orphaned girl. English subtitles.

Suspect (1960)
Running Time: 81 mins Color
Starring: Peter Cushing, Tony Britton
A government team researching cures for plague find their results put on the Official Secrets list. One of their number is so incensed by this that he lets the maimed and jealous companion of a female colleague draw him into what, technically, could be a treasonable act.

Sweet And Bitter (1965)
Running Time: 86 mins Black & White
Starring: Yoko Tani, Paul Richards, Torin Thatcher, Jane Mallett, Ishimoto.
Mysterious Japanese woman travels to Canada seeking revenge against the man who destroyed her family during the war. Complications arise when she falls in love with the man's son. Written and Produced by best-selling author James Clavell. Dir. James Clavell

Sweetbeat (1962)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Julie Amber, Sheldon Lawrence.
Young woman gets the chance to be a singer when she ends up in the finals of a British beauty contest.

Target Gold Seven (1968)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Tony Russel, Erika Blanc, Conrado San Mart?n, Fernando Cebri?n.
FBI agent looking for load of uranium in Lisbon is captured and scheduled to be used as a guinea pig for secret experiments. Dir. Alfonso Brescia

Terror Of The Blood Hunters (1962)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Clarke, Dorothy Haney, Robert Christopher
An escaped prisoner flees to the South American jungle, where he must survive not only wild animals and disease, but a ferocious Indian tribe.

The Dream of Kings (1960's)

A Chicago Greek-American (Anthony Quinn) gambles as he tries to scrape up cash to take his dying son to Greece.

The Nasty Rabbit (1964)

Spies mingle at a dude ranch where a Soviet (Mischa Terr) plans to let loose a disease-carrying rabbit.

The War Devils (1969)

A German Captain and American Captain help each other survive the North African desert during WWII. They meet again a year later during combat operations in France.

They Stole The Bomb (1960)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: Lurie Darie, Eugenia Balaure.
Unsung film relates the attempts of bumbling gangsters to steal an atom-bomb in a semi-futuristic east-European setting. Very little dialog. Don't Miss This One! One of the most obscure films we offer.

This Rebel Breed (1960)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Rita Moreno, Mark Damon, Gerald Mohr
Damon's in black-face as blacks take on whites who take on Hispanics in this very entertaining teenage gang war extravaganza. Teenage punks slice and dice each other, turn innocent young girls into sleazy tramps, threaten innocent citizens, get involved in interracial romance, and sell drugs to local citizens. Whew! That's a lotta trashy behavior for one movie.

Three Blondes In His Life (1961)
Running Time: 86 mins Color
Starring: Jock Mahoney, Greta Thyssen, Jesse White
An insurance investigator goes to Los Angeles to investigate the disappearance of a colleague.

Three Sisters (1965)
Running Time: 112 mins Black & White
Starring: Sandy Dennis, Shelley Winters, Kim Stanley
This drama is adapted from Chekhov's famous play and chronicles the dreary lives of a late Russian colonel's three daughters as they struggle to survive during the early 1900s.

Three Swords of Zorro (1963)

Guy Stockwell (brother of Dean) portrays the title character, orphaned son of the original Zorro (Dad's been rotting in jail for the last 15 years, and doesn't know that his abandoned son has taken up the mantle of "Defender of the oppressed"). Zorro defends the local peasantry from the evil governor's oppression, re-discovers his real father is jail and frees him and sends the corrupt Governor and his cronies to the hoosegow in the film's brief running time. He get's the girl, too!

Three's A Crowd (1969)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Larry Hagman, Jessica Walter, E.J. Peaker
An airline pilot tries to balance two wives he has in two separate cities.

Time Bomb (1961)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Curt Jurgens, Mylene Demongeot, Alain Saury.
Money problems force freighter captain to consider destroying his ship to collect insurance. English dubbed.

To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)
Running Time: 129 mins Black & White
Starring: Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Phillip Alford, John Megna, Brock Peters, Paul Fix, Robert Duvall, William Windom.
Poignant story of a small-town southern lawyer who defends a black man accused of raping a white woman. Duvall made his film debut as Boo Radley! Nominated for 8 Academy Awards, winner of three. Often considered one of the best movies of all time.

Trauma (1962)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: John Conte, Lynn Bari, Lorrie Richards
Psychological drama dealing with Richards returning to the site of her murdered aunt.

Treasure of San Gennaro (1968)
Running Time: 102 mins Color
Starring: Harry Guardino, Senta Berger
Guardino and a company plan to height a treasure belonging to Naples patron saint. But they run into the local Mafia don, who may or may not have religious scruples.

Trial, The (1963)
Running Time: 118 mins Black & White
Starring: Orson Welles, Anthony Perkins, Arnoldo Fo?, Jeanne Moreau, Jess Hahn, Madeleine Robinson.
An innocent man is accused, tried, and convicted of an unknown crime; the more he investigates the accusations, the farther he falls into a pit of bureaucratic red tape. Screenplay by Orson Welles, from the novel by Franz Kafka. Dir. Orson Welles

Trojan Horse, The (1962)
Running Time: 105 mins Color
Starring: Steve Reeves and John Drew Barrymore
Greek warriors build a Trojan horse for battle after a warrior's pregnant wife is kidnapped by the opposing leadership.

Two Women (1961)
Running Time: 99 mins Color
Starring: Sophia Loren, Jean-Paul Belmondo , Eleonora Brown
Normally, an actor or actress in a foreign-language film was not the ideal candidate for an Academy Award, inasmuch as his or her English-language "performance" was often dubbed in by an anonymous third party. Such was not the case of Sophia Loren in Two Women (La Ciociara), who did her own English dubbing. Adapted by director Vittorio De Sica and Cesare Zavattini from the novel by Alberto Moravia, Two Women is the semi-neorealist account of widow Cesira (Loren) and her teenaged daughter, Rosetta (Eleanora Brown), as they struggle to survive in war-ravaged Italy. A conventional romantic triangle between mother, daughter, and Michele (Jean-Paul Belmondo), is barely under way when the war rears its ugly head once more. Seeking shelter in a bombed-out church, Cesira and Rosetta are attacked and raped -- a horrifying sequence, capped by a freeze-frame close-up of Rosetta, her face a taut mask of terror (this image was enough to prompt a virulent "anti-smut" editorial in The Saturday Evening Post). Once they've recovered from this appalling experience, mother and daughter are offered a ride back to Rome by friendly truck driver Florindo (Renato Salvatori). Though Cesira had hoped to keep her daughter from compromising herself as a means of survival, she is crushed to discover that Rosetta has given herself to the truck driver in exchange for a pair of stockings. When Cesira and Rosetta finally reconcile, it is a grievous occasion, mourning the death of their mutual love, Michele. A last-minute replacement for Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren brought hitherto untapped depths of emotion to her performance in Two Women; she later stated that she was utilizing "sensory recall," dredging up memories of her own wartime experiences.

Undertaker and His Pals, The (1966)
Black & White
Starring: Ray Dannis
An undertaker and his two friends, who are restaurant owners, drum up business by going out on the town and killing people; the restaurant owners use parts of the bodies for their menu, and the undertaker gets paid by the families to bury the remainder. Their racket goes awry when 2 detectives suspect that something isn't quite kosher.

Unfaithfuls (Aka Le Infedeli) (1960)
Running Time: 89 mins Black & White
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida, May Britt, Anna Maria Ferrero.
Vile blackmailer makes his living off of adulterous couples, but when a servant is falsely accused, it leads to a tragic downward spiral of suicide and murder. Produced by Dino De Laurentiis. English dubbed.

Unstoppable Man (1960)
Running Time: 68 mins Black & White
Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Marius Goring, Lois Maxwell, Denis Gilmore.
Son of an American businessman is kidnapped while in London, and dad decides against paying the ransom, opting instead to pursue the kidnappers.

Viridiana (1961)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Silvia Pinal, Francisco Rabal.
Innocent young girl, about to become a nun, is sent to visit her uncle, who corrupts her. English subtitles. Dir. Luis Bunuel.

Wake Me When The War Is Over (1969)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Ken Berry, Eva Gabor
During the latter days of WW2 an American Lieutenant (Berry), accidentally falls out of an airplane that he was on and falls into German territory. He is taken in by a Baroness (Gabor). She is taken with him and doesn't want him to leave, so she doesn't tell him that the war has ended. So, for nearly five years he thinks that the war is still going on, and so when he leaves her estate he thinks that he has to do what he can to defeat the Germans, cause he can't find anyone who speaks English or is willing to tell him that the war is over.

Warlord (1965)
Running Time: 123 mins Color
Starring: Charlton Heston, Richard Boone, Rosemary Forsyth
A knight in the service of a duke goes to a coastal villiage where an earlier attempt to build a defensive castle has failed. He begins to rebuild the duke's authority in the face of the barbarians at the border and is making progress until he falls in love with one of the local women.

Wastrel, The (1963)
Running Time: 01:22:31:00 Black & White
Starring: VAN HEFLIN
Father & son are shipwrecked and floating on a piece of debris. The father reflects on his life.

When The Girls Take Over (1962)
Running Time: 80 mins Black & White
Starring: Robert Lowery, Marvin Miller, Jackie Coogan
A comic Cuba after Castro regime take over.

Whiskey And Sofa (Aka Operation Moonlight) (1961)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Maria Schell
Determined to win first prize in competition, a beautiful architect contrives a plan to stop her rival. English dubbed. Color.

White Commanche (1968)
Starring: William Shatner, Joseph Cotton
Half-breed twin sons of a white man and an Indian woman struggle against each other. Dir. Gilbert Kay

White Spider (1963)
Running Time: 103 mins Color
Starring: Joachim Fuchsberger, Karin Dor, Horst Frank
(1963) Karin Dor, Joachim Fuchsberger. When gamblers who recently increased their life insurance begin dying, Scotland Yard.gets involved. When their chief inspector is murdered, they bring in a mysterious detective to solve the case.

White Warrior, The (1961)
Running Time: 91 mins Color
Starring: Steve Reeves, Giorgia Moll, Scilla Gabel
The story of Hadji Murad, a 19th-century Chechen chieftain who led his warriors in a fight against the invading forces of the Russian Czar.

Wild Ones On Wheels (1962)
Running Time: 92 mins Black & White
Starring: Francine York, Edmund Tontini, Robert Blair
In this campy action-adventure, a crazy gang of hot-rodding teens are racing about the Mojave when they encounter an ex-con who has come to the desert to bring back the nearly quarter of a million dollars in loot that he has hidden there. The kids learn about his search and in trying to get him to talk, accidentally kill him. Desperate to own the goods, they then abduct the dead con's wife and try to persuade her to tell them where he stashed the money. Unbeknownst to them, their ranks have been infiltrated by an insurance investigator who sees that justice is finally done.

Witch's Mirror (El Esperjo De La Bruje) (1962)
Running Time: 75 mins Color
Starring: Rosita Arenas, Armando Calvo, Isabela Corona
A witch vows to avenge the death of her goddaughter in this atmospheric horror film from director Chano Urueta. Sara works as a housekeeper in the mansion occupied by her goddaughter Elena (Dina de Marco) and her husband Eduardo (Armando Calvo), a talented surgeon. When dark forces reveal to Sara that Elena will soon perish at Eduardo's hands, the pain of not being able to prevent the tragedy from talking place causes unimaginable torment. After the premonition comes to pass, Eduardo remarries and returns to the mansion with his new wife Deborah (Rosita Arenas. When Elena attempts to exact supernatural vengeance, Deborah is horribly disfigured in a fire. Little does Eduardo realize that his nightmare is only beginning. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Woman In The Dunes (1964)
Running Time: 123 mins
Starring: Fiji Okada.
Entomologist finds a man and a woman living in a shack at the bottom of an isolated pit in the Japanese sand dunes. English subtitles.

Woman Of Straw (1964)
Running Time: 115 mins Color
Starring: Gina Lollobrigida, Sean Connery, Ralph Richardson, Alexander Knox, Johnny Sekka, George Curzon, Andr? Morell.
Anthony Richmond is cut out of his rich uncle?s massive inheritance, and hires a pretty young nurse to care for the ailing tycoon, hoping she will marry the old man and convince him to change the will. Trouble ensues when the uncle dies under mysterious circumstances and the nurse is the prime suspect. Dir. Basil Dearden

Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow (1963)
Running Time: 119 mins Color
Starring: Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Tina Pica
An original comedy that casts Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren in three different stories set throughout Italy. Witty and unforgettable, this gem from master filmmaker Vittorio de Sica was the 1964 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film.

Your Turn Darling (1963)
Running Time: 93 mins Color
Starring: Eddie Constantine, Gaia Germani, Christiane Minazzoli
In this suspenseful espionage adventure, Yankee super-sleuth Lemmy Caution must investigate the murder of a female agent and the disappearance of an important scientist. Caution's search leads him to Europe where he learns that the scientist was not kidnapped. He is instead the secret leader of a spy ring.