Public Domain Movies

Destination Saturn (1939)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Buster Crabbe, Jackie Moran, Constance Moore, C. Montague Shaw, Jack Mulhall, Lane Chandler, Kenne Duncan.
Buck Rogers and Buddy are frozen in suspended animation by a strange gas. They awaken 500 years into the future, just in time to battle Killer Kane & his supergangsters. Feature version of Serial. Dir. Ford Beebe

Ghost Patrol (1936)
Running Time: 60 mins Color
Starring: Tim McCoy, Claudia Dell, Walter Miller
A professor invents a radium tube that makes internal combustion engines stop running. He and his invention are captured by a gang of robbers. A federal agent is sent to rescue him.

Life Returns (1935)
Running Time: 63 mins Color
Starring: Onslow Stevens, George P. Breakston, Lois Wilson
A doctor who has spent his career working on ways to revive the dead sees his chance to prove his theory by performing his procedures on a recently deceased dog.

Black & White
The earth is plagued by the evil Ming. Strange and exciting adventures with Princess Azura.

Things To Come (1937)
Running Time: 87 mins Black & White
Starring: Raymond Massey, Edward Chapman, Ralph Richardson, Margaretta Scott, Cedric Hardwicke.
Global war breaks out which lasts for decades, plunging civilization into the dark ages and breaking up mankind into small barbaric villages. Portrays the bombing of a London-like metropolis years before the actual London Blitz! Produced by Alexander Korda. Dir. William Cameron Menzies

Trapped by Television (1936)
Running Time: 64 mins Color
Starring: Mary Astor, Lyle Talbot, Nat Pendleton
An inventor looking for backing for his television invention gets involved with a crooked businessman and gangsters who try to steal his invention.