Public Domain Movies

Butter Fingers (1925)
Running Time: 16 mins Black and White
Starring: Butter Fingers
Billy's the star pitcher of the Bees baseball team, and in love with the team owner's daughter. When an important series comes up against their rivals, big gambling money is involved, and a device that Billy's been cheating with is exposed.

Casey at the Bat (1922)
Running Time: 6 mins Black and White
Starring: DeWolf Hopper
Famous actor DeWolf Hopper (Sr.) recites the poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer in an early sound film produced in the DeForest Phonofilm sound-on-film process.

Casey at the Bat or The Fate of a "Rotten" Umpire (1899)
Running Time: 1 mins Black and White
Starring: Ernest Lawrence Thayer
The umpire makes a decision that Casey doesn't like, and an argument follows, during which Casey deftly trips him up, and continues the argument on the ground. The other players run from the bench and join in the rumpus. The fielders come running in and the pile on the home plate looks like a foot ball scrimmage. A solemn warning to all rotten umpires.

Felix Saves the Day (1922)
Running Time: 7 mins Black and White
Starring: Felix the Cat
Boys playing back alley baseball improbably hold their afternoon game at the Polo Grounds. Felix the Cat takes action when his favored team seems poised to lose.

Happy Days (1926)
Running Time: 14 mins Black and White
Starring: Ethelyn Gibson, Billy Butts, James Berry |
While Winnie Winkle works, her kid brother Perry leads a rag-tag baseball team.

Headin' Home (1920)
Running Time: 73 mins Black and White
Starring: Babe Ruth, Ruth Taylor, William Sheer
The "true story" of baseball great Babe Ruth; Ruth plays himself.

Hearts and Diamonds (1914)
Running Time: 33 mins Black and White
Starring: John Bunny, Flora Finch, Ethel Lloyd
Tupper meets the wealthy Miss Whipple at a baseball game. When she declares that she just adores baseball players, Tupper starts up a team.

His Last Game (1909)
Running Time: 12 mins Black and White
Starring: Bill Going
The pitcher for the Choctaw baseball team, Bill Going, is confronted by crooks regarding an upcoming game. The crooks try bribing Bill with money and drink to get him to throw the game, but he spurns their offers. One of the crooks pulls out a pistol and Bill wrests it away from him, accidentally killing him. The sheriff arrests Bill. Bill is next seen standing near a freshly-dug grave, while a firing squad is readied. The tribe's chief convinces the sheriff to allow him to stand in for Bill so that Bill can pitch in the big game. The sheriff writes a plea for a reprieve and sends it with a rider in hopes that mercy will be granted Bill due to the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Bill goes to the game and leads the Choctaws to victory and then returns to his position before the firing squad while the sheriff waits for a last minute reprieve

How the Office Boy Saw the Ball Game (1906)
Running Time: 5 mins Black and White
Starring: Christy Mathewson
In order to attend a baseball game he desperately wants to see, an office worker tells his boss a phony story about a family emergency in order to get the day off. However, things don't work out quite the way he planned.

Kinogram (1920)
Running Time: 1 mins Black and White
Starring: Babe Ruth

One Touch of Nature (1917)
Running Time: 50 mins Black and White
Starring: John McGraw
A hot young rookie pitcher on the New York Giants baseball team is having personal problems that are affecting his game. His father disapproves of both his career choice and the woman he recently married and has basically disowned him.

The Ball Player and the Bandit (1912)
Running Time: 12 mins Black and White
Starring: Harold Lockwood
An Easterner wins his battles in the West by using his fists.

The Busher (1919)
Running Time: 55 mins Black and White
Starring: Charles Ray, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert
A young baseball pitcher in the bush leagues is discovered by a big-league manager and given his chance in the major leagues. But will he be up to the challenge?