Actors Fund Field Day (1916)
Running Time: 5 mins Black and White
Starring: George Bickel, Emma Carus, George M. Cohan
It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Regular village "cut-ups" are those actor chaps and actresses. They don't keep still a minute when they get loose on the village green at the Polo Grounds. The band begins to play and the procession starts from Madison Square in "buzz wagons" and keeps moving until they get to the grounds where every actress, actor and actorman in town passes in review before the grandstand of political and social celebrities there assembled. Here they come now: Eddie Foy, Bert Williams, Marie Dressler, Lew Fields, Marshall P. Wilder. George M. Cohan, Victor Moore. Jim Corbett, Tim Sullivan, Joe Humphreys, Emma Carus, Louis Mann, Terry McGovern, Annie Oakley, Irene Franklin and, well, just watch them as they pass by and you can pick them all out. This show takes in every show in Manhattan and the suburbs. There goes the wild men of Borneo in a Salome war dance. The phonie band is a close second. You can't hear them play any music because they don't. Annie Oakley gives an exhibition of fancy shooting and she does it. Burt Williams and Billy Reeves in a sparring exhibition would make an owl laugh, and the "greased pig chase," just before the pie-eating contest; one was as funny as the other, and then yon couldn't stop laughing. The chorus girls played the actormen, and they played them good and plenty, and there were many high balls caught on the fly by the girls in bloomers. Well, to tell you the truth, there were so many things pulled off I couldn't describe them all. Just get a look at this picture and you will get acquainted with the "profesh" and their doings.

Capturing Chicago (1916)
Running Time: 10 mins Black and White

Running Time: 10 mins Black and White
Starring: Chaplin cartoon
Just before he hit it big with Felix the Cat, Pat Sullivan did a handful of Charley Chaplin cartoons for Universal Pictures. In this one, as you might guess, the Tramp gets a job on a farm.

Going Up (1916)
Running Time: 12 mins Black and White
Starring: George Ovey, George George, Louis Fitzroy
Jerry decides he will discontinue the companionship of Slim and shoulder life's burden single handed. While the latter slumbers Jerry packs the combined wardrobe of the "firm" and attempts to make his exit by way of the window by means of a rope. But Slim is awakened by the noise. For a moment Slim watches the progress of Jerry and then decides to call him back. Halfway down the rope, Jerry is interrupted by his slender companion, who demands that Jerry return. The latter, showing no such desire. Slim cuts the rope and sends Jerry sprawling on the ground. Jerry, however, runs off. But Slim is soon after him. Jerry's flight is interrupted by a policeman, who becomes suspicious of him. Jerry is arguing with the cop when Slim arrives and soon the policeman is the target for a volley of blows directed at Jerry by Slim, Jerry neatly ducking each blow to finally run off, leaving the other two in a brawl. Jerry secludes himself in a nearby barn. He has scarcely hid himself when Zowie and Blouie, two "black hand" artists, enter the barn, one carrying a huge bundle of money and the other a suitcase. They spread the bills about and count it, while Jerry looks on. As Blouie and Zowie are about to place the money in the suitcase, Slim opens the door, sees what is going on and gets in unnoticed. The "money men" make their exit, thereby causing Jerry and Slim to come face to face once more. Another clash between the two is the outcome of the meeting, Slim coming out on top to hurry after the men with the money. Jerry soon falls in line behind the trio, this being unknown to Slim, Zowie or Blouie. The journey brings the four to a wood, where Jerry hides from view, as does Slim, while the two plant their suitcase of money. A moment later a powerful explosive is placed in the suitcase and the money removed by the mysterious Bill and Jim, dealers in explosives, unseen by Jerry or Slim, who are backing up to get the money. Jerry arrives first, replaces the suitcase containing the explosive with his own and hurries off, believing that he has made an easy fortune. Slim at last detects the suitcase that Jerry left, and, thinking it is the one left by Zowie and Blouie, is delighted as he walks off with it. Slim sights a restaurant and decides to treat himself to a royal dinner. Satisfying his desire, Slim opens the suitcase to pay for the food and is knocked speechless when, instead of money, he finds an old shirt and collar and two bricks. He is thrown out. Jerry arrives upon the scene in time to see Slim have the finishing touches administered. He is about to enter the food shop when Slim spies him and, believing Jerry has the suitcase with the money, he starts after him. The two race with Jerry leading easily until they finally come to the water's edge. Seeing no escape other than the water or on board of a liner which is about to depart, Jerry rushes up the gang-plank, bowls over the members of the crew who attempt to stop him and hides. Slim is a moment too late to make the ship, so he hails a couple of men in a small boat, tells the story of the suitcase of money and induces them to follow the liner. Jerry, seeing them coming, makes fruitless efforts to open the suitcase, and as Slim and the others come up a rope ladder on the side of the ship, Jerry plunges overboard and reaches the shore in safety, just as Slim and the others open the suitcase, causing an explosion which sends the liner to the bottom

The Fixer (1916)
Running Time: 33 mins Black and White
Starring: George Bickel, Harry Watson, Ben Taggart |

Running Time: 9 mins Black and White
Starring: Wallace Lupino
A man rises to a day in which everything seems to go wrong. He handles it all in good humor, but does he have a breaking point?

Wanted, A Nurse (1915)
Running Time: 2 mins Black and White
Starring: Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew
After witnessing a minor accident, a wealthy man falls in love with the nurse who treats the injured person. He cooks up a scheme in which he pretends to be sick in order to see her again.