Public Domain Movies

A Lust To Kill (1957)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Jim Davis, Allison Hayes, Don Megowan, Claire Carleton, Tom Hubbard.
Allowed out of prison to attend his brother's funeral, a notorious bad man escapes from his jailors and sets out to avenge his brother's death. Dir. Oliver Drake

Adventures Of The Texas Kid: Border Ambush (1954)
Running Time:
Starring: Hugh Hooker, John Laurenz, Pamela Blake

Badman's Gold (1951)
Running Time: 56 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Carpenter, Alyn Lockwood, Clarke Stevens
Unable to cope with a series of raids on stagecoaches hauling gold to the U. S. Mint, Sheriff Masters appeals to the U. S. Marshal's office for help. The Marshal assigns his best man, Johnny, to the job of discovering the hiding place of the stolen gold and bringing the outlaws to justice. Johnny enlists the aid of Bess Benson and her brother Bob. Bess insists on taking her pack dog, Daisy. The foursome then goes to the territory controlled by Sheriff Masters.

Battles of Chief Pontiac (1952)
Starring: Lex Barker
Officer brokers peach deal with Indians in early America.

Battles Of Chief Pontiac (1953)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Lon Chaney Jr., Lex Barker, Berry Kroeger, Helen Westcott, Roy Roberts.
White scout attempts to garner a peace treaty between English Colonials and the Ottawa tribe, led by Chief Pontiac. Dir. Felix E. Feist

Border Outlaws (1950)
Running Time: 57 mins Black & White
Starring: Spade Cooley, Maria Hart, Bill Edwards, Bill Kennedy.
Masked smugglers and rustlers are taught a lesson by Special Investigator Edwards, while Cooley holds down the fort and plays western swing music. Produced by Richard Talmadge. Dir. Richard Talmadge

Born To The Saddle (1953)
Running Time: 73 mins Black & White
Starring: Chuck Courtney, Dolores Prest, Leif Erickson, Donald Woods, Karen Morley, Glenn Strange, Milt Kibbee.
Horse trainer goes to work for the man who may have killed his father, hoping to exact revenge, but is disturbed to find himself becoming friends with the man instead. Karen Young's last film, before being Blacklisted. Based on the novel "Quarter Horse" by Gordon Young. Dir. William Beaudine

Buckskin Lady (1957)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Patricia Medina, Richard Denning, Gerald Mohr, Hank Worden, Henry Hull.
Lady gambler supports her drunken father with her winnings and dallies with a gunman until she falls for the new doctor in town. Written by Carl Hittleman. Dir. Carl Hittleman

Bushwackers (1952)
Running Time: 70 mins Black & White
Starring: John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Wayne Morris, Lon Chaney, Lawrence Tierney, Jack Elam, Myrna Dell, Frank Marlowe.
Civil War veteran turns his back on his violent past, but is forced to reconsider when he comes to a small town run by bad guys Tierney, Chaney and Morris. Written by Rodney Amateau. Dir. Rodney Amateau

Colorado Sundown (1952)
Black & White
Starring: Rex Allen
The Hurley's own a lumber mill and want to harvest all the timber in the valley. They kill the Forester and substitute their brother Dusty in his place. Dusty then says all the trees are infected and must be cut down. But Rex Allen is suspicious and writes to the Forestry Department.

Cowboy And The Prizefighter, The (1950)
Running Time: 58 mins Color
Starring: Jim Bannon, Forest Taylor, Don Haggerty
In the fourth and last Red Ryder (following "Ride, Rider, Ride", "Roll, Thunder, Roll" and "The Fighting Redhead" in that order) of the Equity Pictures for Eagle-Lion distribution, filmed in Cinecolor, Red Ryder takes Steve Stevenson, who has saved Red's life, to his ranch and gives him a job. Red's aunt, the Duchess, knew Steve's father, who supposedly committed suicide after losing his ranch betting on a prizefight. Steve refuses to believe that his father took his own life and the Duchess backs him up. On the way to town, Red, Steve, ranch hand Buckshot Blodgett and Red's young Indian pal, Little Beaver, break up an attempted stagecoach robbery. Mark Palmer, the gambler who caused the death of Steve's father, is a passenger. In town, Steve meets Sue Evans, who is going to work for saloon owner Bart Osborne. Palmer and Osborne are working together and want Ryder's ranch, and they develop a plan to have Red fight Palmer's pugilist, Bull Massoon. Steve, a boxer in college, takes Red's..

Daniel Boone, Trailblazer (1956)
Running Time: 76 mins Color
Starring: Bruce Bennett, Lon Chaney, Faron Young
Story of the famous frontiersman and his skirmishes with Indians.

Drums In The Deep South (1951)
Starring: Guy Madison, James Craig, Craig Stevens
Best friends Clay Clayburn and Will Denning graduate from West Point only to soon find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War. When the two men meet each other in combat, neither knows it as each is in an artillery position hundreds of yards from the other. However, the love of Clay's life, Kathy Summers, does know and tries desperately to save her two good friends from killing each other.

Fighting Stallion (1950)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Bill Edwards, Doris Merrick, Forrest Taylor, Gene Alsace, John Carpenter, Maria Hart.
Ex-GI, slowly losing his eyesight, begins training a "seeing-eye horse" to help him get around. First, he must prove the animal can be trained, as its slated for destruction because of its wild nature. Produced by Robert Emmett Tansey. Dir. Robert Emmett Tansey

Flesh And The Spur (1956)
Running Time: 78 mins Black & White
Starring: John Agar, Mike Connors (Mannix), Raymond Hatton, Maria English, Joyce Meadows, Kenne Duncan.
Man teams up with a gunslinger looking for revenge and sets out to find the murderer of his twin brother. Dir. Edward L. Cahn

Groom Wore Spurs (1951)
Running Time: 81 mins Black & White
Starring: Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Joan Davis.
Female attorney is hired to keep a supposedly tough cowboy star out of trouble, but ends up falling in love with him. Dir. Richard Whorf.

Guns Of Justice (Aka Colorado Ranger) (1950)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: James Ellison, Julie Adams, John L. Cason, Russell Hayden, Raymond Hatton, Fuzzy Knight, Tom Tyler, Dennis Moore, I. Stanford Jolley.
Greedy land baron is driving homesteaders off of their land, and it's up to Ellison, Hayden and Hatton to put a stop to it. Dir. Thomas Carr

Gunslinger (1956)
Running Time: 83 mins Color
Starring: Beverly Garland, Allison Hayes, John Ireland, Jonathan Haze, Chris Alcaide.
After the sheriff is gunned down, his wife Garland pins on the badge, forcing bad girl Hayes to hire a gunslinger to kill her off. But hired killer Ireland faces a moral dilemma when he falls in love with the woman he's to kill. Dir. Roger Corman

Hidden Guns (1955)
Running Time: 66 mins Black & White
Starring: Bruce Bennett (Herman Brix), Richard Arlen, John Carradine, Angie Dickenson, Faron Young, Guinn Big Boy Williams.
Father and son lawman team set out to better a town by doing away with a well-connected hustler who's murdering those in his way. "Greek chorus" adds an odd twist to this unique western. Dir. Albert C. Gannaway

I Killed Wild Bill Hickok (1956)
Running Time: 63 mins Black & White
Starring: Johnny Carpenter, Denver Pyle, Virginia Gibson, Tom Brown, Helen Westcott, I. Stanford Jolley.
Revisionist version of the events leading up to the murder of Wild Bill. Written by Johnny Carpenter. Dir. Richard Talmadge

Jesse james' Women (1954)
Starring: Don 'Red' Barry
Jesse James leaves Missouri for Mississippi, and immediately charms all the women in Mississippi out of their bloomers and garters. His first conquest is the banker's daughter who helps him loot the bank in exchange for a promise of marriage; he wanders over to the saloon and runs the crooked partner of the proprietress out of town, takes all of his-and-her money and leaves her, between kisses, hounding him for her share; the third one, the saloon singer, actually makes a mark out of him as she cons him into a boxing match against a professional fighter and he loses the fight and his money, but he holds the singer and the fighter up as they leave town and gets his money back; and then he romances and swindles Cattle Kate, a replay of what he had done somewhere before to Kate and the "gotcha-again" Kate even ends up behind bars. But no film that contains a cat-fight between Peggie Castle and Lita Baron can be called a complete waste of time.

Kansas Pacific (1953)
Running Time: 73 mins Color
Starring: Sterling Hayden, Eve Miller, Barton MacLane, Reed Hadley, Douglas Fowley, Clayton Moore.
In the 1860s just prior to the Civil War, a group of Confederate sympathizers try to stop the Kansas Pacific Railroad before it reaches the West Coast. Dir. Ray Nazarro

Kansas Pacific (1953)
Running Time: 73 mins Color

In this well made western, the builders of the railroad have a problem: the civil war will start at any moment, and the sympathizers of the south will do everything they can to sabotage it. After many incidents they go to Washington to ask for the army to help them, but as the war had not started, they send only one man:Sterling Hayden, and he sure knows how to deal with it. Very entertaining, worth seeing for anybody who likes westerns

Kentucky Rifle (1955)
Running Time: 85 mins Color
Starring: Chill Wills, Sterling Holloway
A wagon train is left behind and must make it along through dangerous Indian territory.

Kentucky Rifle (1956)
Running Time: 82 mins Color
Starring: Chill Wills, Lance Fuller, Cathy Downs, Jeanne Cagney, Sterling Holloway, Jess Barker.
Stranded pioneers become the targets of a hostile Indian group, who will let them through their territory only if they give them their wagonload of Kentucky Rifles. Dir. Carl Hittleman

Lone Ranger, The (1955)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Jack Rube Clifford, Tristram Coffin, George J. Lewis
Anniversary show filmed for the 22nd anniversary of the lone ranger.

Lust To Kill (1957)
Running Time: 74 mins Black & White
Starring: Jim Davis, Don Megowan, Allison Hayes, Gerald Milton
A cowboy escapes from jail with the help of his girlfriend, and goes after the men he believes are responsible for his brother being shot down by lawmen.

Marshal Of Cedar Rock (1953)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Allan Rocky Lane, Eddy Waller, Phyllis Coates, Roy Barcroft, William Henry.
Someone is buying up land cheap to make a profit when the railroad comes through town, but Lane arrives just in time on his mighty horse Black Jack and saves the day. Dir. Harry Keller

Marshal of Cedar Rock (1953)
Black & White
Starring: Allan Lane
Banker Mason is after the ranchers land so he can resell it to the railroad for a profit. He has the railroad agent killed and replaces him with his stooge who then offers even less than Mason. But Rocky eventually suspects Mason and when Bill Anderson informs him the agent is a fake, they head out after Mason

Marshall's Daughter , The (1953)
Running Time: 71 mins Black & White
Starring: Ken Murray, Laurie Anders
Produced by Ken Murray strictly as a vehicle for Laurie Anders, his curvy protégé from his television show and billed above the title and first billed in the cast as Laurie

Missourians (1950)
Running Time: 60 mins Black & White
Starring: Monte Hale, Paul Hurst, Roy Barcroft, Lyn Thomas, Howard Negley, Sarah Padden, Robert Neil.
Small town sheriff helps a Polish rancher overcome prejudice when the rancher's outlaw relative shows up and starts causing trouble. Dir. George Blair

Mohawk (1956)
Running Time: 80 mins Color
Starring: Scott Brady (Shotgun Slade), Rita Gam, Neville Brand, Lori Nelson, Allison Hayes, John Hoyt.
Artist sent to paint portraits of the Mohawk tribe finds himself embroiled in a battle between settlers and Natives, egged on by a greedy land baron. Dir. Kurt Neumann

My Outlaw Brother (1951)
Running Time: 82 mins Black & White
Starring: Mickey Rooney, Wanda Hendrix, Robert Preston, Robert Stack, Carlos M?zquiz.
While travelling to visit his outlaw brother in Mexico, a man unknowingly begins travelling with a Texas Ranger who is after his brother. From the novel "South of the Rio Grande" by Max Brand. Dir. Elliott Nugent

Naked Hills (1956)
Running Time: 72 mins Color
Starring: David Wayne, Keenan Wynn, Marcia Henderson, Jim Backus, James Barton, Denver Pyle, Myrna Dell, Fuzzy Knight.
A young man heads to the California hills during the 1849 gold rush eager to cash in, which begins a 40-year search for the precious metal. Written by Josef Shaftel. Dir. Josef Shaftel

New Mexico (1951)
Running Time: 76 mins Black & White
Starring: Lew Ayres, Jack Briggs, Andy Devine, Raymond Burr, Hans Conried, Marilyn Maxwell, Robert Hutton, Ted De Corsia.
Captain in the U.S. Cavalry tries to promote peace between Natives and white men, but when a chief's son is accidentally killed, the tribe goes on the warpath. Dir. Irving G. Reis

Outlaw Women (1952)
Running Time: 76 mins Color
Starring: Marie Windsor, Richard Rober, Jackie Coogan
This rather unusual 50s western is set in a town where men may not enter. The town is controlled by a woman gambler who eventually succumbs to the allure of a handsome and persistent cowboy.

Pancho Villa (1957)
Running Time: 92 mins Color
Starring: Telly Savalas, Clint Walker
A double-cross in an arms deal prompts Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa to raid a US Army weapons depot in Columbus, New Mexico.

Pancho Villa Returns (1951)
Running Time: 95 mins Black & White
Starring: Leo Carrillo, Esther Fernandez, Jeanette Comber, Rodolpho Acosta, Eduardo Pliego.
When President Madera is assassinated, his general, Pancho Villa leads his men against those who betrayed the revolution. Written and Produced by Miguel Contreras Torres. Dir. Miguel Contreras Torres

Proud Rebel (1958)
Starring: Alan Ladd
Searching for a doctor who can help him get his son to speak again--the boy hadn't uttered a word since he saw his mother die in the fire that burned down the family home--a Confederate veteran finds himself facing a 30-day jail sentence when he's unfairly accused of starting a brawl in a small town. A local woman pays his fine, providing that he works it off on her ranch. He soon finds himself involved in the woman's struggle to keep her ranch from a local landowner who wants it--and whose sons were responsible for the man being framed for the fight.

Rage At Dawn (1955)
Running Time: 87 mins Color
Starring: Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Mala Powers, J. Carrol Naish, Edgar Buchanan, Ray Teal, Denver Pyle.
Vicious Reno gang is tracked by a dauntless special agent who's not afraid to bend the rules to bring his prey to justice. Dir. Tim Whelan

Raiders Of Old California (1957)
Running Time: 72 mins Black & White
Starring: Jim Davis, Arleen Whelan, Marty Robbins, Lee Van Cleef, Faron Young, Douglas Fowley.
Heroic pioneer helps fight off an evil cavalry officer who's trying to force a Spanish rancher to sign over his land. Dir. Albert C. Gannaway

Roll Thunder Roll (1950)
Running Time: 55 mins Color
Starring: Jim Bannon
In the second of the four Cinecolor "Red Ryder" films PRODUCED by Equity Pictures and released and DISTRIBUTED by Eagle Lion Films (USA), Red Ryder finds two silver conchas, the trademark of bandit El Conejo, at a raided ranch. He reports the raid to Marshal Bill Faugh but tells him that he suspects that El Conejo, a Robin hood type character, is being framed. El Conejo shows up at the saloon and accuses Ace Hanlon, the owner, of framing him. Red prevents El Conejo from killing Hanlon, and says he will deliver him to the Marshal. On the way, El Conejo's men captures Red and is about to be executed, but the bandit, ever the sport, gives Red a chance to defend himself. Red beats El Conejo to the draw, without shooting him, and then, since he is innocent, convinces him he will be better off in jail. Red, his friends Buckskin Blodgett and Little Beaver, his aunt, the Duchess and the Marshal's fiancé, Carole Loomis are guarding El Conejo in jail, figuring that Hanlon's gang will try to .

Seventh Cavalry (1956)
Running Time: 75 mins Black & White
Starring: Randolph Scott
An officer accused of cowardice volunteers to bring back General Custers's body after Little Big Horn.

Silver Bandit (1950)
Running Time: 54 mins Black & White
Starring: Spade Cooley, Bob Gilbert
Tycoon Van Fleet Stooglehammer, owner of the Green Valley silver mine, sends his mild-mannered, milquetoast bookkeeper, Spade Cooley, out to investigate the robberies of his silver-wagons being pulled off by a masked-man, riding a golden palomino, known as the Silver Bandit. Spade, who can't ride or fight and can barely sing, still makes an impression on Molly Doren, sister of Frank Doren, superintendent of the mine, and makes an enemy of Sam Morrell, the mine manager. Spade suspects either Frank of Sam as being the Silver Bandit, but the sheriff, figuring nobody could be as inept as Spade, has his eye on Spade...especially after he nabs Spade riding...uh...trying to ride the bandit's horse and wearing his costume.

Sitting Bull (1954)
Running Time: 105 mins Color
Starring: Dale Robertson, J. Carrol Naish, Mary Murphy, Iron Eyes Cody, John Litel.
General Custer forces the Sioux tribe to react with violence to his Indian-hating policies, and when a major objects to this treatment Custer has him court-martialed. Written by Sidney Salkow. Dir. Sidney Salkow

Sitting Bull (1954)
Starring: Dale Robertson
Chief Sitting Bull of the Sioux tribe is forced by the Indian-hating General Custer to react with violence, resulting in the famous Last Stand at Little Bighorn. Parrish, a friend to the Sioux, tries to prevent the bloodshed, but is court- martialed for "collaborating" with the enemy. Sitting Bull, however, manages to intercede with President Grant on Parrish's behalf.

Sky King (1951)
Black & White
Starring: Kirby Grant
From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Sky King" was the familiar opening to television's premier aviation program. Operating from his Flying Crown Ranch in Arizona, Sky King, his niece Penny and their Cessna 310 airplane "Songbird" were constantly involved in one adventure after another. Viewed by many children in the 1950's, this program was responsible for inspiring many later aviation careers.

Stranger On Horseback (1955)
Running Time: 66 mins
Starring: Joel McCrea, Miroslava, Kevin McCarthy, John McIntire
A circuit judge in the old west attempts to bring a suspected killer to justice. The judge runs afoul of the killer's rich cattle baron father in the process.

Sundowners, The (1950s)
Running Time: 83 mins Black & White

Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of fueding ranchers in the old west.

Sundowners, The (Aka Thunder In Dust) (1950)
Running Time: 83 mins Color
Starring: Robert Preston, Robert Sterling, Chill Wills, Cathy Downs, Jack Elam, John Drew Barrymore, Don Haggerty.
The story of three brothers, the eldest a desperado, the middle brother who is trying to run a ranch while raising their kid brother (played by Barrymore) who wishes to emulate them both. Dir. George Templeton

Sunset In The West (1950)
Running Time: 55 mins Black & White
Starring: Tom Tyler
A dying Marshal gives his identification papers to Tom. After Tom arrives in town, the papers drop and are found during a fight so Tom decides to assume the Marshal's identity. Mason, the chief, now sends Rattler, the killer of the Marshal, to also kill Tom. But when he overhears Tom is a fake, they change their plans and now go to arrest Tom for the murder of the Marshal.

Surrender (1950)
Running Time: 90 mins Black & White
Starring: Vera Ralston, John Carroll, Walter Brennan, William Ching, Maria Palmer, Jane Darwell.
Wanted woman ends up in a border town near Mexico where she marries a newspaperman in an attempt to get the law off her trail. But what happens when her other husband shows up? Dir. Allan Dwan

Tall Texan (1953)
Running Time: 64 mins
Starring: Victor Jory
Cowhand Ladd dances with cantina girl Estrella and has a part in shooting Sheriff Tyler.

Twenty-six Men (1957)
Black & White
Starring: Tris Coffin
True stories of the Arizona rangers around 1900.

Vengeance Valley (1951)
Running Time: 82 mins Color
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru, Sally Forrest, John Ireland, Hugh O'Brien, Carleton Carpenter, Ray Collins.
Ranch foreman is treated like a son by the kind owner, a fact which galls the old man's real, no-account son. From the novel by Luke Short. Dir. Richard Thorpe

Wrangler's Roost (1957)
Running Time: 41 mins Black & White
Starring: Roy Corrigan, John King
The notorious outlaw Black Bart has reappeared and the Range Busters are sent to investigate. When they find that Black Bart is now a respectable citizen and that someone is impersonating him, they set a trap for the robber.

Young Land, The (1959)
Starring: Dennis Hopper, Patrick Wayne
An American gunslinger kills a Mexican man in California immediately after the Mexican-American war. The killer is arrested and put on trial for murder with the Hispanic population waiting to learn of American justice.