Public Domain Movies

Bad Man's River (1972)
Running Time: 93 mins Black & White
Starring: James Mason
Robber Roy King loses his wife, Alicia, to revolutionary Montero. Despite their rivalry they collaborate in an attempt to rob the Mexican government of one million dollars.

Ben And Charlie (1978)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Giuliano Gemma, George Eastman, Marisa Mell, Vittorio Congia.
Two hustlers on the run from the law settle down in a small town. English dubbed. Dir. Michele Lupo

Blindman (1971)
Starring: Ringo Starr
A blind, but deadly, gunman, is hired to escort fifty mail order brides to their miner husbands. His business partners double cross him, selling the women to bandit Domingo. Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit

Charlie One Eye (1973)
Starring: Richard Roundtree
An Indian and a deserted African American Soldier meet in a desert and are both trying to start a new life. They become friends and decide to start a farm together. When the Indian goes to a nearby town to buy some chickens. In his absence the deserted soldier is attacked and the farm destroyed by some racist neighbors. It's time for some payback!

Cotter (1973)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Don Murray, Rip Torn, Carol Lynley
Cotter is a Sioux Indian whose life takes a tragic turn when his drinking causes him to fail in his job as a rodeo clown and save a rider from an enraged bull. Returning to his birthplace, seeking an old friend, Cotter finds himself faced with despair and depression. Events take a grim turn when a rancher is found dead and the hostile townspeople blame the 'drunken Indian'. As a lynch mob searches for him, and he tries to get help from his friends, the hunted Cotter learns a grim lesson in regards to his fellow humans. Written by alfiehitchie

Dead Men Don't Make Shadows (1970)

Dead Men Don't Make Shadows, aka Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse is a 1970 spaghetti western directed by Demofilo Fidani

Deadly Companions )
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith
One of director Sam Peckinpah's fist films. A motly group of frontier misfits band together to fend off an Apache rampage.

Four Rode Out (1970)
Starring: Pernell Roberts
A U.S. marshal sets out to bring in a Mexican bandit accused of killing his girlfriend's father, but it turns out that there's more to the story than there first appears to be.

Gone With The West (Aka Little Moon & Jud Mcgraw) (1972)
Running Time: 94 mins Color
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Johnny Cash, Karen Black
A reporter traveling through the desert stops at a ghost-town and is thrust back in time to when the town was destroyed by killers and desperadoes.

Gunfight, A (1971)
Running Time: 86 mins Color

A powerful struggle develops between two former gunfighters who stage a life and death shootout for hard cash at the urging of a town's bloodthirsty people.

I am Sartana (1970)
Starring: George Hilton
Sartana, bounty hunter and gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his way into town where he meets with a lot of suspicious stares from the locals. He also meets with Samuel Spencer, who seems to own the company in this company town. The gold shipments are being stolen, so Spencer agrees to hire Sartana to protect the next gold shipment. Numerous dull-witted villains make attempts on Sartana's life, but he survives. Eventually, Sartana's nemesis Sabbath (he of the white coat and parasol) rides into town. With a showdown inevitable, Sartana and Sabbath square off

La Caza Del Oro aka They Believed He Was No Saint (1972)

A bunch of outlaws awaits the release from prison of an old goldminer, believed to have hidden 28 sacks of gold 20 years before... They all want the old man to speak, but only one of them will fulfill his dream.

Law Rides Again, The )
Running Time: ## mins Black & White

Description Coming Soon

Man's Best Friend )
Black & White

Molly & Lawless John (1982)
Running Time: 90 mins Color
Starring: Sam Elliott, Vera Miles
A small-town sheriff's wife is flattered into helping a young prisoner escape the gallows. Their flight is complicated by an orphaned Indian baby and the young man's waning interest in her.

Molly And Lawless John (1972)
Running Time: 98 mins Color
Starring: Sam Elliot, Vera Miles
Bad-boy Sam Elliott sweet-talks the sheriff's unappreciated wife into helping him escape from jail. The resulting chase across desert country is no more than routine, but Vera Miles as the wife gives the film a touch of depth as an older woman who -- unloved at home -- falls for the manipulations of a younger man. A small town sheriff's repressed, fortyish wife is flattered into helping a young prisoner escape the gallows. Their flight is complicated by an orphaned Indian baby and the young man's waning interest in his accomplish. Western with a feminist touch.

Rainbow Over Texas )
Running Time: ## mins Black & White

Description Coming Soon

Range Busters: Tonto Basin Outlaw )
Black & White

Savage Guns (aka His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen) (1971)
Starring: Robert Woods
A cruel and ruthless bandit kills a tavern owner who had ratted him out to the authorities. Sam Wallbush witnesses the murder, as well as the murder of his brother who happens to get in the way of the bandit. Sam swears revenge and sets out for blood.

She Came to the Valley (1979)
Starring: Ronee Blakley
Based on the book by Cleo Dawson, this film follows the struggle of a female settler as she becomes involved in a political conflict during the Spanish-American War. ~ Iotis Erlewine, Rovi

Shooting, The )
Running Time: 82 mins Color
Starring: Millie Perkins, Jack Nicholson, Will Hutchins, Warren Oates
An ex- bounty hunter turned miner returns to his mine dig to find one of his partners dead, how brother has run away and the remaining partner is slightly simple and unclear as to what happened. warren is enlisted by a mysterious women to take her across the desert. The woman is strange and keeps changing her story about what she wants and why. On the journey they pick up a gunslinger the woman has hired. The party ends up tracking a rider who is ahead of them. Warren figures out that the trip is really to track down the rider. It's along hot trip across the desert with a purposeful woman,a homicidal gunslinger, the former bounty hunter and his simple sidekick and the unknown quarry.

Silver Bandit )
Running Time: ## mins Black & White
Starring: Spade Cooley, Bob Gilbert
Description Coming Soon

Susanna Pass )
Running Time: ## mins Black & White

Description Coming Soon

Texas Rambler )
Black & White
Starring: Bob Steele, Syd Saylor, I. Stanford Jolley

Wackiest Wagon Train in the West (1976)
Starring: Sherwood Schwartz
Four episodes of "Dusty's Trail" (1973) coupled together into a feature film. In a similar situation to "Gilligan's Island" (1964) and even starring Bob Denver again, Dusty is a bumbling assistant to Wagonmaster Callahan. Thanks to Dusty's bungling, they are soon separated from the wagon train and lost in the wilderness. The characters parallel those of Gilligan's show.