Public Domain Movies

Laurel And Hardy: Stolen Jools (1931)
Running Time: :20 mins Black & White
Starring: :Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Joan Crawford
Star-packed promotional short subject intended to raise funds for the National Variety Artists tuberculosis sanetarium, produced in association with a cigarette company! The plot involves the Los Angeles police station reporting that Norma Shear's pearls have been stolen. A detective has been sent to the actress's home to interrogate party guests, most of whom are famous Hollywood stars. The detective ends up chasing leads all over town, ending up at a movie studio, where he learns the truth about the slippery pearls. Nice effort, considering it was for charity.

Love Em and Weep (1927)
Running Time: 18 mins Black & White
Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Mae Busch
Confronted and blackmailed by former flame Busch, recently wed businessman Finlayson is forced to cover up when his suspicious new bride visits the office. He enlists one of his business associates, Laurel, to keep his ex away from his home and the society party he planned for that night. Busch ultimately crashes the party and Laurel immediately introduces her as his wife. The two men's scheme crumbles as Laurel's real wife shows up.

Stan Laurel Home Movies (1920)
Black & White
Starring: Stan :aurel
A collection of Stan Laurel short subjects

Stan Laurel: Just Ramblin Along (1918)
Running Time: 18 mins Black & White
Starring: Stan Laurel, Bud Jamison, Noah Young, James Parrot
Laurel is surprisingly low key in this one-reeler, which he made for Hal Roach's company, Rolin. His quiet demeanor here makes him a likable hero. Penniless, Laurel suddenly stumbles upon a wallet. He believes he has struck it rich. Unfortunately, a little boy sees it too. Both struggle for it until the boy's father, a cop, comes along. Still poor, he is lured into a cafe by a woman. He is quickly kicked out. He gets a dime from a kid and returns to the cafe for a meal. He sits next to the woman, who switches checks on him and leaves. Unable to afford her meal, the chef kicks him out, landing on the policeman.

Stan Laurel: Mud & Sand (1922)
Running Time: 18 mins Black & White
Starring: Stan Laurel, Leona Anderson, Wheeler Dryden
Rhubarb Vaselino lives in a small village. He and his friend, Sapo, enter a bullfighting contest. Sapo is killed and Rhubarb kills three bulls, becoming a local hero earning money. Two years later, in Madrid, he has become a national hero. He is then involved with Filet de Sol. His lover finds out and must fight the deadliest in Spain, in the last bullfight of the season. Eighty years old and still great.

Stan Laurel: Oranges And Lemons (1923)
Running Time: 18 mins Black & White
Starring: Stan Laurel, Katherine Grant, Eddie Baker
A must see! Involves Laurel as a laborer who spends more time flirting with a pretty girl instead of working, and constantly annoys the foreman. His character is known as Sunkist and of course works in a citrus grove. The foreman, fed up with Sunkist's behavior, chases him into the packing plant, where much mayhem ensues. There is some funny business on a conveyer belt before Sunkist traps his antagonists and breaks for lunch.

Two Tars (1929)
Running Time: 20 mins Black & White
Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Laurel and Hardy
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