Public Domain Movies

Three Stooges Brideless Groom (1947)
Running Time: 20 mins Black & White
Starring: Shemp Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Dee Green
Shemp, a singing instructor, realizes that he will have to get married within 10 hours to claim $500,000 from his uncle. Shemp calls all the girls in his black book, but nobody wants to marry him, except for Shemp?s star student who is more than ready to wehim, and (to Shemp's dismay), they start to perpare for him to marry her. However, on the way to the judge, all the women Shemp called find out about the money, and swarm to him, each demanding that he marry her. A all out fight ensues betweem the women, the boys, and each other.

Three Stooges Disorder In The Court (1936)
Running Time: 16 mins Black & White
Starring: Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Nick Baskovitch
The Stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. The stooges manage to disrupt the proceedings but save the day when they discover the real murderer's identity. Courtroom drama at its best! Absolutely hilarious!

Three Stooges Malice In The Palace (1949)
Running Time: 20 mins Black & White
Starring: Shemp Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, George J. Lewis
The boys run a small restaurant in the Middle East, but have very few customers. When a few shady characters enter the place, they become aware of the theft of the "King Rootin' Tootin's Diamond", stolen from the king's tomb. They divise a plan to steal it back from the robber in order to return it for a reward. The Stooges then dress up like Santas to fool the guards.

Three Stooges Sing A Song Of Six Pants (1947)
Running Time: 17 mins Black & White
Starring: Shemp Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Virginia Hunter
The boys run a tailor and dry cleaning operation called the Pip Boys Cleaners. But they aren't doing too well, and Skin & Flint Finance Corp. wants their rental money. So the boys are in trouble, until a fugitive bank robber hides in their store and loses his suit. The boys find his money in the suit, as well as a combination to a safe. When the robber and his hoods come back for the combination, mad cap action insues, ending with all the crooks on the floor.

Three Stooges: Jerk of All Trades (1949)
Running Time: 21 mins Black & White
Starring: Three Stooges,Moe, Larry, Shemp
Television pilot for a Three Stooges sitcom, where the Stooges are painters and paperhangers and completely wredk a hapless couples home.