Love Your Neighbor (1930)
Running Time: 19 mins Black and White
Starring: Charlotte Greenwood, Wilfred Lucas, Dot Farley
After a woman experiences what happens to her when she joins the "Do a Good Deed a Day" Club, she feels like murdering the president of the organization

On the yard to go (1930)
Running Time: 21 mins Black and White
Starring: Marjorie Beebe, Frank Eastman, Cyril Chadwick

Windy Riley Goes Hollywood (1931)
Running Time: 18 mins Black and White
Starring: Louise Brooks, Jack Shutta, William B. Davidson
Arrogant driver Windy Riley is crossing from New York to San Francisco in his car. However a wrong traffic plate in the desert misguides him and her goes to Hollywood instead. Windy loses his car to the bank since he has not paid the last installment, but the Repo Man runs into the car of a Hollywood executive and falsely blames Windy for the accident. The man sends Windy to work in the Publicity Department to pay for the damages in his car. Meanwhile, actress Betty Gray is in trouble with the studio due to bad publicity and the studio will call off her contract if she gets in trouble again. When Windy Riley arrives in the department, he believes that he is expert in publicity and he kidnaps film director Joseph Ross expecting to promote the film and Betty Gray. But snoopy reporter Lane finds that the director is missing and Windy needs to bring the director back in the studio otherwise Betty Gray will be fired.