African Paradise 1941

This film includes footage of a mid-1920s trip to Africa taken by Martin and Osa Johnson and filmed over the years 1923-1927. Traveling by boat, train, oxcart and camel, the Johnsons, together with their African bearers and servants, make their way across Kenya to a forest near a volcanic crater on the Ethiopian border where they will live for four years. Some of the terrain is so rough that trucks containing their supplies must be pulled by men with ropes. On the way, the travelers encounter and photograph native tribes and a performance of a native dance. In addition to supplies and guns, the Johnsons carry twenty cameras–ten motion picture cameras and ten still cameras. The documentary contains footage of Mt. Kenya and of wild game, including elephants, antelope, monkeys, cheetas, birds, giraffe and zebra taken during several journeys across the Kaisoot Desert. Shots of the African animal migration of 1925 are shown. Also included are scenes of daily life at the Johnson camp and footage of the photographic studio and the surrounding countryside.

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Genre: Documentaries Africa
Year: 1941
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Pubic Domain Documentaries
Decade: 1940s
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