An Arcadian Maid 1910

Priscilla, after a long and weary search, secures work at a farmhouse. She is at once ordered to do the washing, and is just ensconced at the tubs by the well when a young Italian peddler appears and is directed by her to the mistress. His wares appeal to the farm wife and he succeeds in disposing of quite a bill of goods. Leaving the mistress, the peddler passes on to Priscilla to thank her for bringing him to her mistress and to show his gratitude presents her with a cheap finger ring, at the same time bestowing upon her words of flattery. The poor innocent little girl is quite overwhelmed and believes every word he utters, treasuring the ring highly, which was not worth more than a nickel. The peddler’s principal weakness is gambling, and he not only loses his money, but becomes involved in debt. His creditors press him for payment and he is at a loss as to how to raise the necessary sum, when the thought of the little country maid occurs to him. He knows he has gained her confidence, and that she loves him, hence he considers his plan easy. She, of course, has no money of her own, but she knows her master keeps his money in a sock under his pillow. The peddler persuades her to secure this money pretending that he will take her away with him and marry her. This suggestion fairly hypnotizes her and so she commits the theft. The peddler pockets the money and promises to meet her at their usual trysting-place by the roadside. Here she repairs only to learn that the scoundrel has just left on the night train. Wildly she dashes towards the railroad only to see the train on its way. Crushed in spirit she wanders off, but the reckoning is inevitable. Fate now takes a hand and on the train the peddler engages in a brawl, during which he tumbles from the flying train. Struggling to his feet he drags himself to the woods. Here the maid meets him, and he in a burst of rage attempts to strike her, but injured more seriously than he realizes, he falls dead at the foot of a tree. With this comes a vivid realization of her deed and, securing the money she had taken from the farmer she hastens to make reparation by putting the money back from where she took it, the master being none the wiser. The affair has taught her a powerful lesson.

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Genre: Short Films Silent
Starring: Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, George Nichols
Year: 1910
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: D.W. Griffith
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1910s
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