Assassin of Youth -AKA- Marihuana 1936

Dir. Dwayne Vesper. See the truth about the smoke from hell! Weird orgies! Wild parties! Unleashed passions! Naive teenagers smoke marihuana, attend a beach party and take off their clothes. Naturally tragedy ensues; one girl drowns, another finds herself with child. Fine moral lesson for the whole family. Journalist goes undercover to expose a group of pot-smoking teenagers who lead nice young girls down the road to ruin. Written by Elmer Clifton. Dir. Elmer Clifton.

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Genre: Camp Classics Drugs
Starring: Harley Wood,Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Dorothy Short, Earl Dwire.
Year: 1936
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1930s
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