Bayonet Training 1938

TRAINING FILM: Execution of thrusts, butt strokes, and parries. Pt.1: (R.1) Guard, rest, high point, whirl exercises. (R.2) Short guard,hight point, rest, whirl exercises. (R.3) Long thrust and withdrawaldemonstration. Pt.2: (R.4) Withdrawal from long thrust exercises. Pt.3:(R.5) Short thrust withdrawal exercise. Pt.4: (R.6) Parry right and leftexercises. Pt.5: (R.7) Verticle, slash, horizontal butt strokes. Pt.6: (R.8)Methods of disarming opponent armed with knife or rifle. Pt.7: (R.9)Qualification course and battlefield demonstrations.”

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Genre: Documentaries Army
Year: 1938
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Documentaries
Decade: 1930s
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