Bells Of Coronado 1949

A criminally unheard-of William Witney has always been underappreciated by western genre fans. Just as influential as John Ford, if not more so, Witney made some of the best early westerns out there creating the modernized, choreographed Western fight scenes we still see today. Witney kept the landscapes in the back where they belong and focused on the pure joy. This film, The Bells of Coronado, was one of Witney’s last collaborations with Roy Rogers and Trigger but it is still worth checking out. A little adventure, a little action, a little music. It’s all here. For Western genre fans who have never seen a William Witney film, do yourself a favor and check one out. If you liked this one, also check these early greats: On the Old Spanish Trail and Adventures of Red Ryder. While I’m a big fan of John Ford, Anthony Mann and Sergei Leone and appreciate what each of them has brought to the western genre over the years, Witney is still my favorite Western filmmaker. Because there’s just a pure unadulterated joy to his pictures you can’t find somewhere else. Pictures with no cynicism, a welcome watch in today’s cynical world.

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Genre: Western Movies Roy Rogers
Starring: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Grant Withers
Year: 1949
Color/BW: Color
Movie Type: Public Domain Westerns
Decade: 1940s
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