Border Cop 1979

In late 1970s California U.S.Border Patrol agent Frank Cooper is trying hard to be fair.He is keeping a fine balance between honestly doing his duty and empathizing with many of the illegal Mexican border jumpers who cross his path.Cooper personally knows some of the repeat offenders and empathizes with them.He knows that many poor Mexican border jumpers come to the USA to work for small wages to help their families left behind in Mexico.Cooper bears no grudge against these helpless unfortunates but he also knows that he took an oath and must do his duty with honor.He tries to help some of the illegals without breaking the law.But Cooper faces two major obstacles in the person of his boss Moffat who’s corrupt and that of the local human smuggler Suarez who is prepared to kill anyone interfering with his activities.

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Genre: Color Action Movies
Starring: Telly Savalas, Eddie Albert, Danny DeLa Paz, Michael Gazzo, Cecilia Camacho
Year: 1979
Color/BW: Color
Movie Type: Movies
Decade: 1980s
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