D.W. Griffith Shorts - A Blind Love 1912

In a little village there lived two families who were almost lifetime neighbors and friends. In the one family there was a boy, in the other, a girl. These two had been sweethearts from childhood and each found happiness in the other’s company. All was sunshine for Dave, the boy, until the day of the church lawn party, when the nephew of the minister arrived from college. His easy manners and good clothes make an impression on the unsophisticated girl, and it is with slight persuasion she consents to elope with him that evening. The result is the inevitable, for the man proves to be a scapegrace. Meanwhile, the girl, through pride, pretends in her letters home to be doing well. Dave, however, has his misgivings and decides to pay them a visit. The result of this visit is a startling revelation. Later the girl is made to realize faithful Dave’s true worth.

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Genre: Short Films Griffith
Starring: Blanche Sweet, Harry Hyde, Edward Dillon
Year: 1912
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: D.W. Griffith
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1910s
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