D.W. Griffith Shorts - Politician's Love Story 1909

Boss Tim Crogan starts out to perforate the person of one cartoonist “Peters.” who had grossly insulted him by drawing and publishing what he considered scurrilous cartoons of him during the campaign. These caricatures have been growing more and more odious to him until his suppressed rage bursts forth and he seizes a pistol and makes his way to the newspaper office to transform the aforesaid cartoonist into a human sieve, with the gentle hut decisive percolation of bullets, but, as Hamlet says, “enterprises of great pith and moment their currents turn awry, and lose the name of action.” So it was with Crogan, who rushes, gun in hand, into the editorial sanctum of the “Daily Bugle.” throwing the editor and reporters into a tumultuous panic, in his search for the offending “Peters.” Reaching the art department, he espies a screen with a placard reading “Peters’ Corner.” With an invective he hurls the screen aside, and, well, there was simply nothing to it, for there sat “Peters” herself, calmly working on another “Crogan” for the morning edition. The lion is now the lamb and Crogan is stung by the love microbe. He is, of course, repulsed and leaves the place with a bleeding cardiacal organ. Lovelorn, he goes into the park, and, seated on a bench, the frigid atmosphere and ice-covered landscape having not the slightest effect on his burning passion, he is greatly annoyed by the persistent presence of the loving couples, it being Lovers’ Promenade, until finally Miss Peters passes. He approaches her, but is gently, but firmly, repulsed. Following at a distance, fate favors him, for the lady is accosted by an insulting masher, and Crogan comes to her rescue and knocks the vile wretch down. That settles it. What woman can resist the charms of a hero? And we next see The Hon. Timothy Crogan and Mrs. Crogan née Peters enjoying a moonlight stroll along Lovers’ Promenade.

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Genre: Short Films Griffith
Starring: Mack Sennett, Kathlyn Williams, Lee Dougherty
Year: 1909
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: D.W. Griffith
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1900s
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