D.W. Griffith Shorts - The Cardinal's Conspiracy 1909

Princess Angela’s father, the King, had been so indiscreet as to select for her a husband in the person of a Prince of the neighboring domain, which alliance the King ardently wished, as it meant relief in his present impecuniosity. Well, it was the old story, the arrangement was, of course, repugnant, inasmuch as she desires to make her own choice, hence she will not even deign to look at the Prince, and no amount of persuasion or threats will induce her to change her mien. The condition is most discouraging to the King, whose affairs would have been immeasurably improved by the match. The Cardinal, however, understanding the whims and foibles of womankind, hits upon a scheme to bring about a successful issue in spite of the Princess’ stubbornness. He induces the Prince, with the aid of his barber, to change his facial appearance, although it was hardly necessary, as the Princess had not even glanced at his face. He is then disguised as a guard, and enlists the services of three cut-throats that he may play the hero in this wise: while the Princess is strolling in the gardens, the thugs seize her with the ostensible intention of carrying her off, but the disguised Prince rushes to her rescue, and pretends to slay them all, thereby making himself a gallant hero in her eyes. She is at once smitten with the brave guard, and allows him to escort her to the palace, where he is at once seized and thrown into prison for presuming to accompany her Royal Highness. And so it goes, the more they forbid her associating with her hero lover, the more she is determined, until at length she dons the garb of a maid to elope with her simple swain. This move is thwarted by the Cardinal, who is carefully watching the working out of his plot. The recalcitrant Princess with her lover is brought before the King, where she defiantly avows she will marry her hero, when the identity of the guard is announced. He is a Prince, yet she had her way. The subject is, as you perceive, along high class comedy lines, beautifully acted, with setting seldom, if ever, equaled.

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Genre: Short Films Griffith
Starring: Frank Powell, Florence Lawrence, Linda Arvidson
Year: 1909
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: D.W. Griffith
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1900s
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