Destination Earth 1956

The American Petroleum Institute presents “Destination Earth”… The cartoon begins by establishing the planet Mars, ruled by a dictator named Ogg. The Martians are small green guys with big noses and space helmets. The poor guys are herded by soldiers into a space-age coliseum where Ogg forces them to applaud as they hear his criticisms of problems with martian ground transportation – no good fuel and too much friction. A single Martian is sent to Earth to find a solution. The intrepid Martian crashes his saucer into a farm, sets forth into the city, learns about the glorious benefits of petroleum AND capitalist competition, steals a few library books, and heads back to Mars. He excitedly reveals the truths he’s learned to the crowd in the coliseum. The crowd is fueled by the spirit of capitalism and the dictatorship breaks down instantly, to be replaced by the Oil Pioneers, the Oil Explorers, and new management. And we learn that a future with oil and competition is Destination Unlimited.

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Genre: Cartoons John Sutherland
Starring: Marvin Miller, Edmon Ryan
Year: 1956
Color/BW: Color
Director: Carl Urbano
Movie Type: Public Domain Cartoons
Decade: 1950's
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