Explorers of the World 1931

A compilation film, produced by the American Museum of Natural History, with footage from six major expeditions of the 20th-Century; the Stoll-McCracken Siberian Artic expedition, for the American Museum of Natural History, on the schooner “Morrissery.”; the exploration of Borneo and Bali by Gene Lamb; an African expedition by James L. Clark, vice-director of the American Museum of Natural History; the Imperial-Trans-Atlantic Expedition under the guidance of Lieutenant Commander J. R. Stenhouse that made it to the Ross Sea; footage from the Byrd Antartic Expedition, shot by Dr. Laurence E. Gould, geologist and second-in- command; and footage from the Tarlano Ethnological Expedition of the Amazon River by Harold Noice.

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Genre: High Definition Documentaries
Starring: Richard E. Byrd, Harold McCracken, Gene Lamb
Year: 1931
Color/BW: Black & White
Decade: 1930s
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