Good-Time Girl 1948

Good Time Girl, directed by David MacDonald and based on a story by Arthur La Bern (It Always Rains On Sunday) starts off unpromisingly, as juvenile justice official Flora Robson tries to keep a would-be female felon on the straight-and-narrow, telling the cautionary tale of Gwen Rawlings (Jean Kent). A victim of an unhappy home and her own stupidity, Rawlings leaves home and, with help from her sleazy new neighbor Jimmy Rosso (Peter Glenville, the future director), gets a job as a hat-check girl at a club run by Max Vine (Herbert Lom). But Jimmy’s jealousy soon gets him fired, and leaves him aiming for revenge on Max and Gwen. Despite the best efforts of Michael Farrell (Dennis Price), the one truly decent man she’s ever met, Jimmy achieves his goal and Gwen is sent to a reformatory. It is there that she’s truly corrupted by being locked up with more seasoned juvenile (and not so juvenile) felons, who know how to game the system — whem she escapes, she’s a professional criminal, and, taking on a new alias, falls in with a pair of loose-living gents. She manages to commit a vehicular homicide, and then falls in with a pair of American military deserters (Bonar Colleano, Hugh McDermott) who aren’t above committing pre-meditated murder.

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Genre: Camp Classics Rebel Youth
Starring: Jean Kent, Dennis Price
Year: 1948
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Documentaries
Decade: 1940s
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