Karamoja 1955

This 60-minute documentary was distributed by legendary entrepreneur Kroger Babb. Hardly a subject worth exploiting in the time-honored Babb tradition, Karamoja was nonetheless promoted as a “shocking” glimpse at the “last lost tribe” of Africa. In truth, it was a fairly sedate filmed record of the isolated Karamoja tribe of the Belgian Congo. Dr. William B. Truetle and his wife managed to earn the confidence of the primitive tribesmen, and were thus allowed to film their customs and habits. And, oh yes, the women of the tribe wear very little, a fact not ignored in Babb’s publicity campaign. Karamoja was released on a double bill with another documentary, Half-Way to Hell.

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Genre: Documentaries African Tribes
Starring: William B. Treutle
Year: 1955
Color/BW: Color
Movie Type: Pubic Domain Documentaries
Decade: 1950s
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