Master of the Flying Guillotine 1975

A blind man disguised as a priest has vowed to kill a one-armed boxer (director Wang Yu) who runs a martial arts school. He devises a weapon he calls the Flying Guillotine ? which looks like a felt hat on a long chain but has a circular saw blade inside ? that he uses to decapitate his enemies (and a few chickens, when he gets hungry). The one-armed boxer is stalked by a vengeful flying guillotine expert, after his disciples were killed in the first ‘One-Armed Boxer’ film. But as the flying guillotine master is blind, he starts his quest by becoming a serial killer of one-armed men. Meanwhile, the one-armed boxer is running a martial arts school, where he teaches his pupils to control their breath so they can run up walls and along ceilings. And there’s an Indian fakir whose arms can extend ten feet. Epic martial arts battles and ludicrously inspired moments galore.

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Genre: High Definition Action
Starring: Jimmy Wang, Kam Kang
Year: 1975
Color/BW: Color
Movie Type: Public Domain Martial Arts Movies
Decade: 1970s
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