Matchmaking Mama 1929

Mrs. McNitt is a social climber, intent on her daughter Phyllis marrying Larry Lodge, a handsome rich kid. She’s engaged a drama teacher, the punctilious Clifford Figfield, to cast Phyllis and Larry in a kissing scene. Her second husband, McNitt, gets a visit from his modest daughter, Sally, whom Mrs. McNitt wants out of sight. Larry meets Sally, she stands in during the kissing rehearsal, and Larry is now in love. It’s a rocky courtship when, Larry thinks she’s a maid who’s Mr. McNitt’s fluff on the side and when Mrs. McNitt tells Sally that Larry is a flirt engaged to Phyllis. Can it all be straightened out by the next day’s dress rehearsal? And what of Figfield?

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Genre: Short Films
Year: 1929
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1920s
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