Snow Maiden 1911

Snowdrop, lured by the emerald plains, plans to desert January, her father, and the snowy surroundings of her abode. January places her in charge of Silvano, the god of the woods, who orders his gnomes to watch her. She eludes their vigilance, however, and flies to the plains, where she meets a gentle shepherd called Sprinblossom, and the two fall in love. Her icy kiss chills him to the marrow, and he rushes home to his fireside. Snowdrop follows, and the warmth of the hut turns her into a heap of melting snow, from which she emerges a beautiful fairy. Being Snowdrop in the form of the newly born spring. Snowdrop in the form of the newly born spring. Snowdrop and Springblossom are then turned into two large butterflies, whose golden wings reflect the sunshine of a perfect May day.

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Genre: Features for Children
Starring: Paolo Azzurri, Oreste Grandi, Norina Rasero
Year: 1911
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: Giovanni Vitrotti
Movie Type: Public Domain Children's Films
Decade: 1910s
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