Stan Laurel: Just Ramblin Along 1918

Laurel is surprisingly low key in this one-reeler, which he made for Hal Roach’s company, Rolin. His quiet demeanor here makes him a likable hero. Penniless, Laurel suddenly stumbles upon a wallet. He believes he has struck it rich. Unfortunately, a little boy sees it too. Both struggle for it until the boy’s father, a cop, comes along. Still poor, he is lured into a cafe by a woman. He is quickly kicked out. He gets a dime from a kid and returns to the cafe for a meal. He sits next to the woman, who switches checks on him and leaves. Unable to afford her meal, the chef kicks him out, landing on the policeman.

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Genre: Short Films Laurel Hardy
Starring: Stan Laurel, Bud Jamison, Noah Young, James Parrot
Year: 1918
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Short Films
Decade: 1910s
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