Sweet Memories  1911

Edward Jackson brings Polly Riblett to his mother for her blessing, who takes the girl in her arms. The lovers walk away to plan for the future and the venerable woman is lost in thought; her mind reverts to her youth, which is very interesting, and constitutes the greater part of this drama. Mrs. Jackson awakens from her reverie, saddened by the memories. Her face is tear-stained and her body convulsed with sobs. Edward and Polly approach and she turns to them joyfully. She again takes the young girl in her arms and clings to her, admonishing Edward to cherish and protect her. Edward is embraced and extolled as a dutiful son. The young people receive the blessings of the parent.

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Genre: Short Films Mary Pickford
Starring: Mary Pickford, King Baggot, Owen Moore
Year: 1911
Color/BW: Black & White
Director: Thomas H. Ince
Movie Type: Public Domain Short Films
Decade: 1910s
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