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Tom Sawyer 1960

Young Tom Sawyer’s mischievous ways greatly troubled his Aunt Polly.Late one night, Tom and his friend Bill Harper played “river pirate.” While on Jackson’s Island, they saw Injun Joe and another man arguing over a large black box. Joe stabbed the fellow and planted his knife on a third man who was asleep by the fire. At the court trial, Tom exposed the real killer and Joe escaped by smashing through a window.After several weeks had passed with Injun Joe nowhere to be found, Tom and Bill returned to the island in search of the black box. Joe appeared almost as soon as they located the treasure-filled box, and they had to abandon it to save themselves.Later, Tom and Becky Thatcher took a day cruise to Jackson’s Island. They explored a cave where Tom thought Joe may have rehidden the box. They found it but got temporarily lost in the cave. After Tom brought news of the box back home, the townspeople set up a guard at the cave to await Joe’s return. He was eventually captured, and Tom received a portion of the treasure as a reward.

Genre: Cartoons Mellotoons
Starring: Pat McGeehan, Ralph Camargo, Ed Herlihy
Year: 1960
Color/BW: Color
Director: Roger Corman
Movie Type: Public Domain Cartoons
Decade: 1960's
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