Tomorrow's Children 1934

Melodrama warns against the threat of forced female sterilization. Watch for Writer/Director Wilbur as “Father O’Brien”. Dir. Crane Wilbur.

Townspeople want to sterilize a woman because her family is regarded as a bunch of derelicts and it is feared that her children will be the same.
100% hysterical! This ancient cry for the end of forced sterilisation will have you bewildered, and laughing. The Board of Health wishes to streilise a family of nitwits. The parents are lazy boozehounds well past 70 years old, yet they have infant children! Their oldest daughter is up for the operation, but she’s normal wants to marry some nice guy, and have kids. Highlights include a courtroom scene where a judge decides if an insane young man is to be sterilised.

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Genre: High Definition Camp
Starring: Diane Sinclair, Don Douglas, Sterling Holloway, Hiram Hoover.
Year: 1934
Color/BW: Black & White
Movie Type: Public Domain Films
Decade: 1930s
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