Virus 1982

A virus has been developed that gets loose and starts to destroy humanity on a grand scale. The only people who are remotely safe are a group of eight hundred men and eight women on Antarctica. Since the President of the United States warns them by radio communications not to accept anyone into their area who has been contaminated, the men and women are somewhat prepared. That does not mean they are ready to handle the crew of a Russian submarine that seeks refuge with them. The second disaster is nuclear, and part of the suspense lies in whether or not it will be ultimately averted ? and who, if any, will survive all this.

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Genre: Science Fiction Movies
Starring: George Kennedy, Chuck Connors, Glenn Ford, Sonny Chiba, Olivia Hussey, Henry Silva
Year: 1982
Color/BW: Color
Movie Type: Movies
Decade: 1980s
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