Wild Wild World of Jayne Mansfield 1968

Jayne takes us on a review of her last world tour. She takes us through Rome, shares a fantasy about Roman athletes, and then is off to Cannes. She takes a trip to the nudist colony on the Isle of Levant, where she almost kind of joins in. Then it’s off to Paris, where she gets a beauty treatment from Fernand Aubrey, and attends some racy dance revues. In New York and Los Angeles, she visits some topless clubs and listens to a topless all-girl pop band. The film wraps up with some posthumous footage of her family in mourning.

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Genre: High Definition Documentaries
Starring: Jayne Mansfield, Robert Jason, Rocky Roberts and The Airdales
Year: 1968
Color/BW: Color
Decade: 1960s
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