Nude Short Films and Peep Show Short Films

A calvalcade of vintage erotic short films ...

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Shorts Column 1

The RetroFilm Vault. Step a Step Back.

A Fine Pair 1950s-1960s Color
Leopard-Print Love 1950s-1960s Color
Let's See About This Tan 1950s-1960s Color
Nature Girl 1950s-1960s Color
Artist's Models 1950s-1960s Color
Glass Half-Full 1950s-1960s Color
Eighth Wonder Of The World 1950s-1960s Color
Bare On A Beach Blanket 1950s-1960s Color
Vicky's Vacation 1950s-1960s Color
I Seem To Have Misplaced Something 1950s-1960s Color
Leopard-Print Panties 1950s-1960s Color
My Hair's Not Ready...But I Am 1950s-1960s Color
Bumping, Grinding, & Sighing 1950s-1960s Color
Pink Lace On Parade 1950s-1960s Color
So Round, So Smooth, So Firmly Packed In A G-String 1950s-1960s Color
Nights In White Satin Panties 1950s-1960s Color
My, What Big Nipples You Have 1950s-1960s Color
Two Too Divine 1950s-1960s Color
A Relaxing Week's End 1950s-1960s Color
Step Right Up And Win A Prize 1950s-1960s Color
Tastes Good 1950s-1960s Color
Red Tights 1950s-1960s Color
Nudist Camp Cuties 1950s-1960s Black & White
Blanket For Two 1950s-1960s Black & White
Got A Light, Sailor? 1950s-1960s Black & White
Malibu Mermaid 1950s-1960s Black & White
Pammy's Picnic (Clothing Optional) 1950s-1960s Black & White
Stretch 1950s-1960s Black & White
Betty Blue In Peeping Tom's Paradise 1950s-1960s Black & White
Two Bells For "Virginia" 1950s-1960s Black & White
Stream Of Lusciousness 1950s-1960s Black & White
And Not A Stitch To Wear 1950s-1960s Black & White
Let's Just Stay In Tonight 1950s-1960s Black & White
Oh My Stars And Garters 1950s-1960s Black & White
Shaking And Stirring 1950s-1960s Black & White
Throw Another Log On The Fire For Me 1950s-1960s Black & White
Dangerous Curves Ahead 1950s-1960s Black & White
Red Is The Color 1950s-1960s Black & White
Rosa Bares All 1950s-1960s Black & White
Chelsea's Mod Bod 1950s-1960s Black & White
Lynn Loses Her Negligee 1950s-1960s Black & White
All Natural At The Beach 1950s-1960s Black & White
Betty's Bottom 1950s-1960s Black & White
Telephone Tease 1950s-1960s Black & White
Sexy on The Sofa 1950s-1960s Black & White
Lana's Lingerie 1950s-1960s Black & White
Terry's Peep-Show 1950s-1960s Black & White
Dale's Delights 1950s-1960s Black & White
A Feline Femme 1950s-1960s Black & White
Venus, Not In Furs 1950s-1960s
I Bet You Say That To All The Girls 1950s-1960s
Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me? 1950s-1960s
Pull The Blinds 1950s-1960s
Ebony & Savory 1950s-1960s
In Great Shape 1950s-1960s
Night Of The 1,000 Veils 1950s-1960s
Spare The Body, Spoil The Garter Belt 1950s-1960s
Fun & Fancy Tease 1950s-1960s
You Missed A Spot 1950s-1960s
Hollywood Cutie Mary Miles
Marge Key-Hole Peex
Donna Watkins
Hollywood Beauties Barbara Lyles & Thelma Montgomery
Coy Cuties
How to Acquire Beauty
Peggy Key-Hole Peex
Strip Poker
Siren's Song
Two on My Pillow
Beehives & Bottoms
Sharon Strips On The Sofa
Naked At The Lake
Flower Gate Strip Tease
Blazes' Panty Dance
Long Tall Sally
Swingin' Nude
Greta's Garters
Lana's Got Legs
Red Head On The Bed
Nancy Au Natural
Irene Undresses
Tanning By The Pool
Flora Disrobes
Delores' Dressing Table
Reading Naked
Carla Cools Off On The Couch
Hard To Beat
Up Connie's Dress
Ready For Bed
Smokin' Hot
Lady Lolligag
Kittenish Capers
Room 313
The Golden Girl
Laughing Girl
Every Saturday Night
Beautiful Dawn
Ecstasy in Platinum
Red-Headed Riot
Betty Rowland: Burlesque's Ball Of Fire
Frisky Feathers
Miss Mystery
Starlets Model Unusual Hosiery
Stockings of Tomorrow
How Females (and Males) Win Beauty Contests
Strange Tale
The Excitable Redhead
More Fun Than A Picnic
Mermaid Catches A Man
The Hitch Hiker
Screen Test Of Bunny Spencer
Oop See Daisy
Cheeky Surprise
Sheer Witchery
Corseted Coquette
It Won't Fit
Madame X
Whoever You Want Me To Be
Hollywood Calling
Voluptuous Vamp
Devil with Flowered Panties
You've Got The Wrong Girl
How To Throw A Wild Party
Looking For Me?
Cozy & Warming
I Surrender Dear
Ms. Torso
Shimmy and Shake
On the Carpet
More Than A Handful
Waiting For The Telephone To Ring
The Intellectual Type
Minding The Maid
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Blow You A Kiss
Thigh High Heaven
Doctor's Exam
Suspenders and Straps
Sheer Paradise
Step In and Have A Seat
Sunbathing Indoors
Seen Her In The Funny Pages
Ole Rockin' Chair
Dimples of Venus
Hourglass By The Hour
Ripe For Squeezing
Doe Eyes
Key Party
The Radio On, And Not Much Else
Private Session
Poolside Pretty
Chocolate Honey
Silk Tights
All Smiles
Mesh Bodysuit
Secret Heart
No Time For Modesty
Garter Belt Baby
Needles, and Pins, and Pins
Hula Honey
Legs On The March
Torpedo Bra Baby
White Panty Pleasure
She Can Dance
Not In That Dress
Pasties and a G-String
Fun With a Rubber Hose
A Game of Pool
On The Beach
Let's Run Away Together
Ms. 45
Smokin' Sally
Garter Belt Gertie
Halter Topless
Ole Rockin Chair
She's Getting Even
The Pits and the Pendulous
Breathe In
A Kind of Friend
Her Favorite Toy
Heart-Shaped Panties
A Dark and Stormy Nightie
On The Rocks
Trimmed and Burning
Lick Your Lips
Nylon Fantasy
On The Cover of a Magazine
At The Sink
Behind the Curtain
Girl In a Towel
Ole Rockin Chair
She's Getting Even
The Pits and the Pendulous
Breathe In
A Kind of Friend
Her Favorite Toy
Heart-Shaped Panties
A Dark and Stormy Nightie
On The Rocks
Trimmed and Burning
Lick Your Lips
Nylon Fantasy
On The Cover of a Magazine
At The Sink
Behind the Curtain
Girl In a Towel
Relaxing' With A Magazine
Tabitha's Teddy
It's A Dream (Parts 1-5)
Sassy Enough To Put In Chains
Librarian Lust
White Panty Passion
She Stole My Balloon
Black Dynamite
Steady Betty's Ironing Board
A Certain Squeeze
Mirror in the Bathroom
Like the Gals on the Movie Screen
A Darker Eve
Blonde Bombshell
Babes In The Woods
Under Her Umbrella
If You Could See Her Now
Black Velvet Couch
Miss XO
Ever Ready Legs
Your Hollywood Pin-Up Girl No. 163
The Girl With The Golden Garter
The Harder You Fall
She Slept in Chanel No. 5
Round The Campfire
Pool Party
All-Natural Elle
The World's Best Bottom
Halt Her Top
Little Lace Panties
Read My Hips
Night on Butte Mountain
Mother Nature's Only Daughter
Sombrero Señorita
Cute Coleen
Bright Youth
Looking A Look
The Artist's Model
Her Bows & Arrows
Bedroom Art Today
Good Girl Gone Wrong
Slim Trim
The Girl Next Door Out of Doors

Shorts Column 2

The Ultimate Film Archive

Polka-Dots But No Bikini
Angora Sweater Sweetie
Sheila of the Jungle
Lust in Her Eyes
All Babes are Wolves
Right Out of the Harem
Tan Body, White Sheets
Devil in White Panties
Smoke If You Got Her
What Price Black Silk Stockings
3-Inch Heels
Jiggling the Night Away
Just Her Reflection
Sunday Papers
G-String Kitten
No Secret
Bare By The Fire
That Kind of Girl
Cup of Love
Red-Light Babe
Negligent Nymph
The Gal With The Perfect Posterior
Silk Stocking Siren
Wasp-Waisted Venus
Kat Girl
How To Sell A Blonde
Everybody Loves a Surprise
Lady Killer
Queen of Hearts
She’s Bad, And That’s Good
Bachelor Girl
With Interest
A Whistle For Her Work
You Can’t Change A Woman
Stripper’s Auction
Alice in Slumberland
Giggles & Wiggles
Easy on the Eyes
Stripped Poker
Half Woman, Half Lioness
Sinner in Silk
Shapely, Seductive, & Shameless
Under Lock & Key
Secrets of a Lingerie Photographer
Fun After Midnight
Lost Inhibitions
The Body Beautiful
Happy Nude Year
Boudoir Secrets
From Head to Toe
Kisses Cause Trouble
Body For Hire
Eye Dealm
Dance of Love
Cuddle Up with Irma
Honey Keeps Warm
Who's Got the Soapsuds?
Lusty & Robust
Betty "The Body"
Bedtime Secrets of a Stripper
Sighful Eyeful
Her Last Button
The Bare Facts
Buff in the Rough
A Well-Rounded Home Body
Sheer Inspiration
The Bed and The Beautiful
The Calves Have It
Testing the Water
Her Treasure Chest
The Mane of a Pussycat
The Girl in The Glass House
Nightcap in the Nude
Requiem For a Garter Belt
Nature's Mistress
No, No, Nymphette
A Girl With Cheek
All-American Bounce
Satan's Angel
The Latest Import From Paris
A Torrid Sight
None More So Torso
The Perfect Secretary
Miss Anatomy
Gal With The $50,000 Body
Okay Toots
Glamour Goes To Bed
The Farmer's Naughty Daughter
After Hours With An Artist's Model
Private Party
Beach Reading
Cheesecake A La Mode
Lady With A Fan
Whistle Stop
Nudie Cuties 236
Ankles Aweigh
Heat Wave
The Big Strip
Model Folio
Marcia Jordon
Black Nylons
One of a Pair
Pin-Up Pretties 152
Betty's Recipe
The Nude Sunbathers
Fast Curves
Hollywood Cutie #616
The Bridal Dance
A Stripper Is Born
The Promiscuous Girl
Miss Yum-Yum
Nature Was Good To Her (Where It Counts)
Scantie Panties
Fill My Empty Bed
Love Below The Knees
The-Do-It-Yourself Type
Naked On An Island
Insatiable Gwen
The Outdoors Girl
Night of Lust
Southern Exposure
1940s 1940s
Black Magic 1940s
Screen Test 109 1940s
Red Hot: Parts One & Two 1940s
Mitzi Topless 1940s
Janet's Lingerie Party 1940s
Polly Peels 1940s
Lola's Umbrella Dance 1940s
Sinthia In Stockings 1940s
Belle's Bed Time 1940s
Sheree: How To Be An Exotic Dancer 1940s
Beachcombing Belle 1940s-1950s Black & White
Naked In The Pool 1940s-1950s Black & White
Brunette Nude On The Sofa 1940s-1950s Black & White
Bodacious Bombshell 1940s-1950s Black & White
Exotic Dark Beauty Bares All 1940s-1950s Black & White
Ocean Beach Siren 1940s-1950s Black & White
Blonde Siren 1940s-1950s Black & White
Pin-Up Vanities 1940s-1950s Black & White
Bubble Bath 1940s-1950s Black & White
Gorgeous Brunette 1940s-1950s Black & White
Belly Dancer 1940s-1950s Black & White
Elegant 1940s-1950s Black & White
The Web and the Butterfly 1940s-1950s Black & White
Betrayed 1940s-1950s Black & White
Dreamy Eyes 1940s-1950s Black & White
Dreamy Hips 1940s-1950s Black & White
Dreamy 1940s-1950s Black & White
Five Color Portrait Studies 1940s-1950s Black & White
Dancing Topless 1940s-1950s Black & White
Lingerie Boogie-Woogie 1940s-1950s Black & White
Completely Nude 1940s-1950s Black & White
Beach Party 1940s-1950s Black & White
She Went Wild Out West 1940s-1950s Black & White
Bullet Bra Baby 1950s
Polka Dot Peek-A-Boo 1950s
Gams in Garters 1950s
Strapless Striptease 1950s
Jungle Jiggle 1950s
Sarong Song 1950s
Lady Torso 1950s
Nightie Night 1950s
Smokes If She's Got 'Em 1950s
A Windy Day For Kitty 1950s
Sleepytime Sally 1950s
Sunday Funnies 1950s
Roughing It 1950s
Keep Your Lamplight Burning 1950s
Quite A Pair 1950s
Grinding On the Sofa 1950s
For Lovers Only 1950s-1960s
Dance of Lust 1950s-1960s
Private Party 1950s-1960s
For Tired Businessmen 1950s-1960s
The Girl Who Made Good Being Bad 1950s-1960s
Veiled Threat 1950s-1960s
A Stripper's Day Off 1950s-1960s
Peeled Peach 1950s-1960s
Look At Her Now 1950s-1960s
Up In Cleo's Room 1950s-1960s
She's Sweet, Too 1950s-1960s
Eve Au Naturel 1950s-1960s
Nature in the Raw 1950s-1960s
Exposed At Last 1950s-1960s
A "Bosom" Friend 1950s-1960s
Blazing Bachelorette 1950s-1960s
1950's and early 1960s 1950s-1960s
Nancy Goes Native 1950s-1960s
Curly Haired Angel 1950s-1960s
Those Endearing Young Charms 1950s-1960s
I'll Be Right With You, Sir 1950s-1960s
She Aims To Please 1950s-1960s
Yours Until Tomorrow 1950s-1960s
How To Love A Mattress 1950s-1960s
On Your Bedpost, Overnight 1950s-1960s
Let's Not Tell The Neighbors 1950s-1960s
No Peeking 1950s-1960s
Lust By the Fireplace 1950s-1960s
Lily's Luscious Legs 1950s-1960s
Tiffany and Her Teddy 1950s-1960s
Beautiful, Bountiful & Blonde 1950s-1960s
Some Sunblock Required 1950s-1960s
Sally on the Sofa 1950s-1960s
Gayle's Garters 1950s-1960s
Late 1950s 1950s
Bonnie Needs to Shake It 1950s
Adrienne's T&A Dance 1950s
Mary Measures Up 1950s
Helen Can Handle Herself 1950s
Red Hot Red Head 1950s
Lois In the Loo 1950s
Angel's Auto-Love 1950s
Sheree Simmers 1950s
Sally Shaker-Maker 1950s
Delilah's Dance Of Love 1950s
A Girl Revue Black & White
Betty's Bath Black & White
Buried Treasure Black & White
Dutch / Egyptian Black & White
Hollywood Sand Witches Black & White
Hula Hula / Mexican Black & White
Sailor / Soldier Black & White
The Artist's Dream Model Black & White
Cowboy / Indian Black & White
The Living Picture Black & White
Uncle Si And The Sirens Black & White
Why Girls Walk Home Black & White

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