Card Party - Lumiere Brothers (1896)
Running Time: 1 min Black & White
Starring: Octavie Huvier, Gaston Méliès, Georges Méliès
In what is considered to be the first remake in the history of cinema, the grand French director, Georges Méliès, directs his very first short film, influenced by the Lumière Brothers' original story in "Partie d'écarté (1896)".

Lumiere Premiere Program (1895-1897)
Black & White

Lumiere: Leaving the Lumiere Factory (1895)
Running Time: 1 min Black & White
Starring: Uncredited
A man opens the big gates to the Lumière factory. Through the gateway and a smaller doorway beside it, workers are streaming out, turning either left or right. Most of them are women in long dresses and big hats, but some are men. Suddenly a man with a long apron rushes out through the crowd, followed by a big dog. At last some men on bikes leave the gateway. When all workers have left the factory, the doorkeeper starts closing the gates again.

The Lumiere Brothers' First Films (1996)
Running Time: 61 mins Black & White
Starring: Mrs. Auguste Lumiere, Antoine Lumière, Auguste Lumière
A collection of short films made by the Lumiere brothers, a team of pioneering filmmakers in turn-of-the-century France.